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Have you ever been MILFed? I guess that’s kind of a loaded question. The fat single moms chain-smoking at the local watering hole with their bellies hanging out may do it for you, but I usually aim my dick at the ones whose tits don’t reach their navels yet. Some folks appreciate tarted-up soccer moms, others the Casey Anthony type, but I think we can all agree the MILFs at are a totally different class of Mothers I’d Love to Fuck.


What makes them different? Well, for starters, these mature sluts and their younger costars are top-shelf pornstars. As if sexy, experienced women ain’t enough, these guys have gone and hired the most talented, most practiced, most beautiful and well-known older whores in the world. They call themselves The World’s #1 MILF Site, which is a bold statement, but they have been in business for nearly a decade now. Maybe there’s something to it. I guess the only way to find out is to open this gallon of personal lube the Amazon guy just dropped off.


Legit Legends of MILF Porno

When I say is full of top-shelf pornstars, I ain’t bullshitting. Some sites have a bunch of second-rate girls you may have seen once or twice on Pornhub; others are full of unknowns and an occasional true pornstar. I’m not saying that to knock the amateurs and newbies in the business, but sometimes you want to see the top starlets in the game.



There’s a reason both Hollywood and the porn industry pull out the big guns when they can afford them. Stardom ain’t some random shit; there’s some luck involved, but beauty and talent play a huge part. With porn sluts, that talent translates to superhuman sexual skills that make for some exquisitely ball-draining fap fodder.


The appeal of the famous video whore may be even more important when we’re talking about getting MILFed. MILFs, in general, are sexy not just because they’ve aged like fine with a couple Viagra dissolved in it, but because they’ve got years, sometimes decades of experience fucking on camera and off. These babes know how to deepthroat dicks, munch a carpet clean, and ride cowgirl like rodeo queens.


So who’s got on their roster? A rotating banner on the landing page features world-famous porn whores like Alexis Fawx, Dana DeArmond, Silvia Sage and Jacklyn Taylor. They’ve got experienced, gorgeous babes like Dana Vespoli and Brandi Love, and certified classic MILFs like Nina Hartley and Julia Ann.


It’s not just older porn whores, either, because naturally, these women have a lot of skills to impart to the younger generation. To that end, they’re getting it on in videos with younger starlets like Kenzie Reeves and Kenna James. The illustrious Riley Reid has worked with them, as has personal favorite Abella Danger.


Start Your Own Cougar Farm – Cheap!

I recently watched Tiger King and I made a few observations. One, owning a bunch of exotic cats is a good way to start a sex cult full of eager young animal-loving women. Two, Carol Baskin murdered her husband and fed him to big cats. Three, tiger cubs are cheaper than I expected at a couple grand a pop.



Adopting a wild animal is a big fucking commitment, though, and would totally cut into my productive masturbatory hours. It’s also way more expensive than just dropping the thirty bucks a month it costs to get into’s library of nearly 1200 explicit cougar movies. These cougars are largely domesticated, though they often have issues related to spraying their musk all over the goddamn house and ruining the furniture. Cougars in heat, you can’t control them…


Longer MILFed memberships break down to lower rates, with the yearly coming in at a cool ten bones a month. I wish I could tell you that earns you ten MILF-bonings a month, but their release schedule ain’t nearly as regular as most premium sites. I like paysites with at least one update a week, and these guys ain’t cutting it, at least not this month.


I was ready to blame the wonky release rate on COVID-19. They had 6 releases in April, one in May, and they haven’t yet added a clip for June by the 23rd (today). Going back, it looks like their updates were random as hell even before people were hoarding toilet paper and burning down Target. February and March got one each, in January there were two, and subscribers got the shaft in December with no updates. Merry fucking Christmas, assholes.


A few years ago, a site with such scattered releases would be a good candidate for an occasional quick membership where you download all the movies to your hard drive. This is 2024, though, so like a lot of other paysites, MILFed gives a big middle finger to the very idea of saving files. In essence, all you’re really paying for with a membership is streaming access to over 1,000 top-shelf MILF porn flicks.


It’s worth noting that not all of’s content is exclusive to the site. They’ve got a grand selection of Viral Videos featuring movies from sites like SweetheartVideo. I get the feeling they added these to pad their numbers when the site was new and they were still working on filling the catalog, because they uploaded the last one back in 2012.


Wild Cougars in Heat, Caught on Camera

One thing I really like about MILFed is that they’ve got videos of slutty cougars get into all kinds of kinky shit. The MILF Porn Categories page has a couple of dozen thumbnailed subgenres of smut, all starring the famous mature sluts you’ve been fapping to for years.



Jerk off to moms getting Gangbanged and Creampied. See them going Lesbian and Cum Swapping. Watch Interracial cougar hookups, Asian MILFs and Ebony housewives. Not only do they have Anal, they have Double Anal!


I wasn’t sure whether to start in the Rimming section, the Threesome aisle or the Blowbang department. Fortunately for me, the newest movie on the site is tagged with such wholesome activities as Titty Fucking, Pussy Licking, Big Tits Worship, Face Sitting and Cum Shot. That alone is a recipe for a world-class jerk-a-thon, but the whole package is topped off with Alexis Fawx working her magic on a younger dude.


There’s no 4K option yet, but the movie streamed perfectly in 1080p. The film opens with a buffering-free montage of Alexis in the kitchen making lemonade wearing almost nothing, licking the sliced lemon like it’s a big cock. She invites the pool boy in, who’s got a huge smile on his face already. Can you blame the little guy?


I skipped ahead just a couple minutes to find Alexis topless, the dude’s face buried between her massive, luscious tits. The shots have that clean, white porn brightness that helps our heroes stand out in stark contrast to the set. Camerawork is fairly simple but polished, handheld, but steady as opposed to the gonzo style. Instead of cutting from shot to shot, we get nice, lingering looks and slow pans that take in the whole thing as Alexis whips out the pool boy’s cock and goes down.


High-Quality Smut for True MILF Fans

One thing is clear watching any of the MILFed flicks: these pornos are made with really fucking high production values. Every element is professional as hell, from the world-class video whores to the sets to the camerawork.



The fucked-up release rate combined with the absence of downloads are going to be a dealbreaker for a lot of you out there. To put it plainly, these are some suck-ass drawbacks, and not in the fun sense of sucking ass. It makes the value a little harder to see, but MILFed’s true asset is quality. You’re missing out on a couple of standard paysite perks, but in exchange, you’re getting some of the best premium cougar porn in the world.


It’s going to be a much easier sell if you don’t care much about downloads, and you don’t need the regularly scheduled fap sessions you get with consistent releases. In that case, the 1200 high-quality movies are going to be all you need.


Despite a couple of major flaws, is going to appeal in a big way to fans of mature, experienced whores and well-made pornography. It’s a massive collection of full-length movies starring some of the world’s sexiest and most popular MILF pornstars engaging in all your favorite depraved sex acts. I mean, shit, that pretty much sells itself, doesn’t it?

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