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Sen Sex! I’ve been thinking about SenSex all day, wondering what that Sen stands for. The Sex part of the equation is self-evident, as with any good porn site, but Sen could be short for any number of things. I could write a sensible sentence about it, or get sentimental about sensations with senile seniors, but that’s senseless. I did spot some sexy señoritas inside, but as a betting man, I’d wager that title is hinting at something deeply sensual for sale.




That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: these sensual smut peddlers are selling porno. is stocked with premium dirty movies starring some of the sexiest babes in the business. I haven’t heard much about these guys yet, so I figured I’d lube myself up really well and have a look around the site. If it’s as hot as the name suggests, I’ll have to be careful not to get sperm on another laptop. Hopefully I don’t get kicked out of Starbucks either.





Sexy Women in Sensual Situations

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something sensual about the tone of SenSex, right from the moment I hit the tour page. Maybe it’s the classy, futuristic logo or understated color scheme of the web design. The soft color palettes and lighting in the auto-playing montage also lend to the vibe, infusing the whole production with an arty, sophisticated tone.





Which ain’t to say this is the softcore stuff you find on erotica sites like MetArt. Sepia filters aside, SenSex exists strictly in the world of hardcore pornography. These chicks are getting nasty in all kinds of explicit ways. I hadn’t left the front page before I saw girls sucking cock, getting their pussies eaten, fucked from various angles and even doing threesomes. They’ve got lesbians and interracial, and I’m eager to see what kind of perversion they’ll drop next. I’ve got my fingers crossed for some anal action.




I do wish there was a Tags page so you could see the full list of depraved acts being committed within the archives. This ain’t just a problem with the tour page, as I didn’t find any tagging at all in the Member’s area. The site still has a small collection, so it isn’t a huge issue. As the site grows, however, the lack of tagging is going to make it hard to search or browse for content in your preferred sexual niches.




I really like what I see so far, especially considering who’s doing all those dirty deeds. shoots with some of the sexiest, most talented pornstars in the business. They’ve made movies with Vanna Bardot, Jewelz Blu, and Emma Hix, just to name a few. I even spotted some girls I’ve known in a Biblical sense on the PornDudeCasting couch, including Ella Reese, Kay Lovely, Aiden Ashley and Kate Dalia. I love seeing my friends on video, especially when it’s dirty!




The Models index confused me for a few minutes, because a lot of the women included don’t have any videos on the site. Eventually I realized the ones without videos do have galleries available. They add a bit more X-rated content to the library, though it might be frustrating for fans browsing the pornstar selection in hopes of a movie. I hope this means there are videos of these babes forthcoming, but if not, at least you’ve got a bunch of nice nudie pics to shake your dick at.





Breaking It Down by the Numbers

If you want to sample the goods at, you’ll have to sign up for a paid account. I was hoping for some free previews, but all the “Play” buttons on the tour page brought me to the signup page instead. The irony is that they do have trailers for some of their movies, but you have to be a member before you can even see them. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?





They’ve got a 3-day trial available for a few bucks, but keep in mind that it automatically rebills at thirty bones a month once the trial is up. Thirty is what you’d pay for most paysites, but in this case, it also includes a laziness tax tacked on. The regular price is a few bucks cheaper than most premium porn sites at just $25 a month, with discounts on longer memberships.




It’s a good price, but there are a couple small catches. For one thing, SenSex still has a small catalog. As of this writing, they’ve got 17 movies in the stash. Runtimes are decent, typically clocking in between 30 and 40 minutes. I couldn’t find any release dates listed anywhere, though, so I can’t even guess how fast they’re growing or when the next update will be.




The other minor issue is that there’s no Download button. If you’re a little bit tech savvy, you can view the page source and grab the mp4 link. Otherwise, you’ll just have to stop beating off to these videos once your membership runs out. Some people say the best pornos are the ones that play in your head, but I don’t know. I think I prefer seeing boobies on my big-ass 4K screen.





Sensual Sex the SenSex Way

SenSex has some decent photo galleries, but speaking as kind of a jaded masturbator, I really prefer moving pictures with sound. Even with just 17 videos to choose from, though, I wasn’t sure exactly where to begin my official fap test. Mina Luxx looked smoking hot in the thumbnail for The Perfect Stride, as did the blondes sharing a human hot dog in the preview pic for Surf Riders. Honestly, the whole spread made my dick twitch a little.





Ultimately, I couldn’t resist the allure of Aiden Ashley and Jewelz Blu in a little something called Circ De Sol. Jewelz is blindfolded in the thumbnail while Aiden licks her neck, which was enough to get my cock throbbing. It’s a half-hour flick, giving me ample time to work up a rich, creamy lather.




The film opens cinematically, with Aiden doing acrobatics in aerial silks, telling us in a voiceover about wanting to join the circus. She introduces us to Jewelz, riding a camel in fishnets in the first shot we see of her. The camerawork and editing feel professional as fuck, so polished you might forget it’s a porno until the girls start talking. It’s not that it’s dirty talk, but it’s the kind of dialog and delivery you expect in a porno.




The action starts about five minutes in. Jewelz is blindfolded on a bed while Aiden licks her neck and then kisses her. Clothes come off, nipples get sucked and pussies get eaten, with a little SenSex logo in the corner so you don’t forget where you are. Aiden gets so excited about the cunnilingus she holds her whole body in the air, squealing, as Jewelz goes to town. This is followed by some insanely sexy scissoring. If I wasn’t a professional masturbator, I probably would have popped my cork right then and there.




The girls are gorgeous, the cinematography is top shelf, and the chemistry is absolutely fucking beautiful. These chicks are loud and enthusiastic, downright electric. When the strap-on comes out halfway through the film, things heat up even more.




I checked out a few more of SenSex’s other offerings, and they’re consistent in tone and quality. Reality porn has been such a dominant format in the online smut industry for decades, but these guys are doing porno movies the classic way—like real movies!




The setups are quick but set the tone, at which point you’re met with a barrage of well-shot hardcore sex for the remainder of the film. This shit is fun and sexy as hell.




The high quality of the material is’s biggest asset, as it makes you feel like a classy and sophisticated gentleman as you’re jacking off. The sex is as raw and dirty as you want out of a good porno, but shot and framed with more elegance than your average paysite. It looks expensive, making that low ticket price even more of a deal.

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