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I spent all morning at Adult Prime, eating my bowl of breakfast Viagra while perusing their collection of dirty movies. It was definitely a good way to start the day, and frankly, a damn decent way to while away the afternoon hours before jerking off to it as a nightcap. Some of you might think, well, a guy who legally changed his name to ThePornDude is just naturally going to be masturbating to the stuff all day and night. The thing is, it’s a rare site that can keep me occupied this long without a break to fap to something else.


So, what’s the big secret here? To sum it up quickly in a few words, is a vast network of premium porn sites available for just one entry ticket. It’s a winning formula I’ve documented here before, and puts the joint in the same category as well-rounded porn packages like Team Skeet, BangBros, and the similarly named AdultTime. AdultPrime is the new bloke on the block, though, so they don’t yet have the brand awareness of the other guys. The real question, then, is how well their offerings stack up against all those well-known alternatives.


The Prime Way I’m Getting Off This Morning

Pull up the front page of Adult Prime and it looks a lot like any other premium site. There’s some hot young redhead licking a big, hard cock in a big image at the top of the screen, followed by smaller screencaps of hot nude sunbathers, threesomes, blowjobs, interracial hookups and French maids. The layout is a little loud with all the text on the screen, but it’s definitely got a modern 21st-century vibe.



Then you look a little bit closer and realize maybe this isn’t your typical paysite. In between the cocksucking hotties and muff-diving lesbians are some offerings you don’t see everywhere. I’m talking about grandmas sampling sperm, BDSM scenes with artistically dark lighting, and vintage scenes that may well have been shot before you were born. That’s a much deeper mix than you find almost anywhere else, or at least on any singular paysite.


You want to know why? It’s because includes 77 premium sites instead of the usual one-off. This is one of those networks that grows so fucking fast; they have difficulty keeping the numbers straight out on the tour page, so don’t be surprised if you check it out and they’ve got even more than that. The signup area mentions “50+ studios”, as if they just gave up counting.


One of the big advantages of a setup like this is that you end up with a really fucking wide variety of pornography. There’s the girl-on-girl action of A Girl Knows, the butt-fucking excitement of Analized, the intergenerational tomfoolery of Beauty and the Senior, and the horny 18+ teen beauties of Club Sweethearts. You can watch virgins get their cherries popped at Defloration, witness humiliating cheating at Cuckoldest, or get kinky as hell with 4kCFNM. Really, I could go on and on just naming the different brands under the Adult Prime banner, but I’m not trying to write a book here.


How Much is That Entry Ticket?

If you’re the kind of pervert who pays for porn because you like the good stuff, but you’ve also got varied taste, you already know how expensive your monthly habits can be. The typical premium site will run you thirty bucks, so what the fuck are they going to charge you for 77 of them? Well, the regular price of is the same as most singular paysites. I’m reviewing it in May, also known as Masturbation Month, and they’re offering ten bucks off the usual thirty bones.



Shit, you don’t even have to be a penny pincher to appreciate a deal like this. This is like a goddamn Costco deal, except you’re getting a massive porn library instead of a pallet full of off-brand cheese puffs. It does beg the question, though, of how much porn is really in there. If each of those 77 sites only has one video, it’d feel like a pretty disappointing bait-and-switch.


Not to worry, my perverted friends, because puts hard numbers right out front. As of this writing, there are more than 17,000 videos and nearly 4,000 clips. I don’t give a fuck how many boner pills you’re snorting; you’re not going to fap through the whole thing anytime soon. Speaking of which, does anybody know if Costco sells lube? I think I’m going to need a few barrels.


The pile is getting bigger at an impressive rate, too. Porn networks tend to be pretty kickass with the updates just on account of the multi-site setup, and Adult Prime is no exception. There are multiple new videos hitting the site every day across the network. Today’s new flicks include an 18+ teen brunette fucking some lucky dude, an ebony babe having angry sex, and an old lady sucking and jerking off a younger dude outside in the middle of nowhere. Yesterday, they added a skinny chick masturbating, a Latina getting her asshole eaten, an interracial threesome in a van, and a triple blowjob group sex scene in an alley of some European city.


Euro Chicks Turning Dirty Tricks

If you know me, you know I’m crazy about the public stuff, so I decided to start my official fap test with that back-alley blowjob I just mentioned. Released as part of the FamilyScrew site, the 14-minute clip is a showcase of freaky babes and one publicly indecent situation.



One of the first things I noticed is that the girls ain’t necessarily your typical pornstar-quality hotties. They ain’t ugly, but they probably ain’t winning any beauty competitions either. Now, this is partly related to this particular site on Adult Prime, but overall the network doesn’t have the kind of high-end talent you find on some of the other networks. In fact, the lower-caliber players are probably the only bad thing about the network. If you’re looking for any of your favorite video whores, this probably ain’t the place for you.


That said, it’s a fucking amazing scene. They start making out in one alley, but it’s not quite private enough, so they wander to another location where the action begins. A couple of the babes want to keep kissing first, but I like the chick who drops straight to her knees and starts undoing the dude’s belt. A few seconds later, she’s going deep, making his whole ding-dong disappear. I feel a little bad for the dude getting sucked off by the older babe, because he’s clearly having trouble getting it up. He’s an older dude, so maybe he just needs some Viagra.


The babes are unknowns, but it’s not a dirt-cheap production because the resolution goes all the way up to 4K. A few minutes in, the younger chick is getting fucked from behind while the other two keep sucking, and the dudes keep looking around to make sure they ain’t about to get busted.


About halfway through the movie, they go inside. I was a little disappointed, but hey, it’s not like AdultPrime is an all-public site. Anyway, the action does ramp up once they’ve got some real privacy, at which point it just turns into a full-on group sex scene. If you like it, go ahead and save it, because memberships include full download access.


The sites under the Adult Prime umbrella may not be shooting with the Abella Dangers or Riley Reids of the world, or even the better-known Euro chicks like Krystal Swift. In fact, they don’t even have a pornstars index like you find on nearly every other porn site out there. What they lack in star power, though, they more than make up for in quantity and variety. For the price of a typical paysite, you’re getting access to an absolutely massive network of premium pornography that’s going to get you going no matter what you’re into. My advice is to take a look at the tour page and see what those unknown amateurs and newbie pornstars do for you. If your dick gets hard just looking in the window, you’re going to have a fucking blast inside.

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