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You already voted!! Interested in some vixen porn? Sometimes referred to as “the Steven Spielberg of porn,” French adult film director and entrepreneur, Greg Lansky is known for creating the network of high-end pornography studios comprised of Blacked, Tushy, Vixen, and, more recently, Blacked Raw. Having got his start in the industry by creating successful brands and websites for Reality Kings, he did not start his own porn empire until 2014. In a matter of only four short years, though, his work has become some of the most revered and award-winning in the field. His reputation became firmly secured in 2016, when he won seven Adult Video News (AVN) awards for his production Being Riley, starring the incomparable Riley Reid.


Lansky’s list of accolades does not stop there, though. Not by any means. His productions have amassed, in just four years, nearly as many awards as some of the porn studios that have been around for decades. How did Lansky manage to do this, you ask? Well, that’s simple. By creating nothing but the highest quality films with the most beautiful girls in the world. Lansky has been heralded as being a visionary director who takes porn seriously. He has been quoted on multiple occasions (whether in cover stories for Rolling Stone or interviews with GQ) that he seeks to blur the lines between porn and art.


In other words, Lansky refuses to put out cheap smut. Every single one of his videos and all four of the sites in his network of production studios feature videos that go beyond merely filming hot dicks getting boned in various positions. In fact, his scenes could be accurately compared to pornographic short films. By filming on exotic and stunning sets and situating his films in truly compelling narratives, few pornographers today are doing what sites like Vixen do, and it is glorious.



Cinematic Greatness

Just to illustrate what I mean about the sheer quality of Vixen’s work, let’s take a look at just one of the many scenes the site makes available. In “Tie Me Up Please Part 2,” sexy redhead Ella Hughes stars opposite Markus Dupree. The synopsis on Vixen reads as follows: “He stands for everything that she hates. All he wants to do is to turn Ella’s precious artworks into cold, hard cash, and she wants no part of it. As her contempt for him grows, it turns into a warped attraction to him. Now on the last day with him as a client, she decides to live out her darkest fantasies.”



The film opens up with the camera slowly panning up the side of a corporate office building until it stops and focuses on Dupree in front of a window, staring off into the distance. Hughes’ voice is heard providing some exposition as a voiceover as we follow Dupree in a series of cinematic shots as he exits the building, on his way to meet with Hughes. Interspersed with these shots are abrupt flash-forwards of Hughes blindfolded and tied to a chair. Eventually, as you can probably imagine, the two collide and we’re given a good forty minutes of light bondage that quickly leads to more conventional (but amazingly rendered) fucking. This should give you just a small slice of the dynamic storytelling and near literary qualities characteristic of Vixen’s films.



Elegant and Easy to Use

Are you sold yet on a Vixen membership? No? Well, fair enough, we haven’t even started in on the website’s design and features yet. As soon as you log into the member’s area, you’re immediately greeted by porn. None of that bullshit of a paysite trying to sell you on other sites or upgrades upon sign-in. And thank fucking god, too, because there is nothing more annoying than a site pandering for more of your money when you’re already paying them.



The site’s design and simple and elegant. Black background, white text, very minimalist. Up top you have your logo and menu bar, below are nothing but high-resolution, large thumbnails of Vixen’s latest uploads, with this week’s video prominently featured above the rest. Each thumbnail contains the video’s title, hyperlinks of the cast, its release date, and its rating. The home page shows their six most recent titles, and none of them is rated below an 8.4 out of 10.



Show Some Love for the Ladies

The menu bar makes it easy to navigate the site. It allows you to choose between “Videos” (all, top-rated, and award-winning), “Vixen Angels,” “Models,” “Cams,” “Deals,” and, of course, a search bar and notification center. I want to pause on the Vixen Angels section for a moment, because it is something very unique to the Vixen brand. Something akin to Playboy’s Playmate of the Year, Vixen honors inspirational and talented models with the honor of being dubbed a Vixen Angel. The chosen girl receives a crowning ceremony, an exclusive photoshoot, a documentary-esque behind the scenes film all about her, and some designer gifts.



The website describes the honor as such: “The Vixen Angel has become the adult industry’s most prestigious title. A Vixen Angel isn’t just a beautiful model; she’s magnetic, a charismatic artist who truly understands the art of erotica and embodies an aspirational achievement for a new generation of performers. Each Vixen Angel is awarded a pair of custom Vixen Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes, a custom Tiffany brilliant-cut diamond necklace, and bespoke custom Vixen lingerie sets.” This is yet another example of how Vixen sets itself apart and aims to elevate porn to the level of art.



Quality is Queen

At this point, you might be wondering if the actual good ol’ fashioned porn gets lost amidst Vixen’s pursuit of creating art. And the answer to this question is a resounding “no.” Their angels still get fucked good and hard like they would in videos produced by any other porn studio. And the exposition and story does not get too full of itself. It’s kept short and sweet (usually only a minute or two) before the models get down to action.



The media player on the site, too, is excellent. All videos come available in resolutions up to 4K, and each video conveniently contains markers on the scrub bar labeled with specific positions, allowing you to jump straight to, say, doggystyle if that’s your thing (it is definitely mine). Videos are also labeled with relevant tags, allowing you to quickly navigate to all Vixen videos containing whichever tag you like, and every video also has a lengthy and spirited comments section for members to discuss the films, the girls, and make requests to Vixen for future improvements. Not every pay site has a community of users who are so actively engaged, so this is yet another perk of a membership Vixen.


I am also proud to report that there are no ads on the Vixen website. At least not in the traditional or annoying sense. There are sponsored deals that they offer members to other paysites (40% – 70% off popular partner sites), but these only appear at the bottom of the home page and you almost have to look for them in order to find them, as opposed to other sites who shove their ads down your throats like so many deepthroated cocks.



A Few Small Qualms

I only have a couple of complaints about the site, although they are admittedly tiny. The first is that the previews that appear on the scrub bar when you hover your mouse down the line go away, for some reason, as you move the mouse linearly. In order to have the preview reappear, you have to move your mouse away from the bar and drop it back down in a new place. I’m not sure why they would design it this way, but it is mildly annoying.



Secondly, the site does not allow you to open anything in a new tab by holding the “ctrl” button along with a click. This sucks for the curious porn-watcher, such as myself, because sometimes you want to be able to explore the rest of a site without losing your place in a video. You can, of course, remedy this by right-clicking. But using ctrl+click is just so much easier, and, again, I can’t see any reason for not accommodating this very common hotkey combo.



Treat Yo’Self

Vixen is a premium paysite for the pornoholic who prefers quality over quantity. With a new scene released every week, there is still plenty to choose from, but probably not as much material to be found here as there is to be found on similar member sites. That being said, every video that is on Vixen is produced with care, artistic integrity, and thought. Few porn sites truly aim for creating works of art when they produce videos, and Vixen does so in ways that make other paysites look like amateur basement studios.



Vixen (and, really, all of the sites in Lansky’s network) are raising the bar of what pornographic content can be. I say treat yourself with a membership and enjoy something exquisite for a change.

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