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Ashley Madison

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Ashley Madison

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Want to cheat on your wife or girlfriend at AshleyMadison? Just because a goal has a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t score. That’s the kind of attitude you need going into this next dating site. It’s all about discretion and secret hookups with horny women who aren’t satisfied with their relationships. That’s where you come in. It’s time to get out there and give these lonely babes the premium pounding that their lame-ass boyfriends or husbands aren’t providing. But this site isn’t just for you relationship destroyers out there. This platform is also great for single people to meet up more discretely. Tired of your coworkers or friends stumbling across your Tinder profile? Then this site is also for you! is a discrete dating site made for you married people out there who aren’t happy with just one partner. With a slogan like “Life is short. Have an affair” you know exactly what this site is all about. And a fuck ton of people use this site. They bring in an impressive 13 million views every month. And Ashley Madison has been around since 2001. That’s nearly a decade of morally ambiguous matchmaking experience under their belt.



Free to Sign up and View Profiles

Sign up for this dating site is free and easy. Registering requires a birthday, username, zip code, and an email address. The site even recommends you use a throwaway email just in case. I’d suggest you do that too. Especially since they had that whole information leak scandal a while back. I’m sure their security has stepped up, but you don’t want your name out there or anything that can get you caught. And that’s all you need to sign up. Though, they will suggest some other options to fill out your profile.



One of those details is a profile picture. Don’t worry though, they have some cool ways to keep your identity secret. One option is blurring your photo and only revealing it people that you want to match with. You can also hide details with masks and other photo edits. But it’s recommended that you have some sort of picture. Other simple details you can include are things like height, weight, language, and smoking habits. But you can also add what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Like if you want something short term, long term, just cybersex, or if you’re open to anything.



Plenty of Ways to Filter and Find the Right Hookup

But the customization doesn’t end there! You can toggle what sort of sexual acts you want to do. Like oral, kinky shit, threesomes, cuddling, or some nice and easy conventional sex. Then you can put in details about what your perfect match would be. Details like whether or not they have a high sex drive, have tattoos, etc. Or you can simply fill in those details in your own words so others can see. If you’re looking for someone that fits your specific life interests, there’s an option to fill out stuff for hobbies you have. Like sports, cooking, movies, wine, and all that shit. Though I don’t know if I need all of that to go fuck some married slut.




Fuck Memberships. Their Unique Credit System Lets You Control How You Spend Your Money.

The way this site is different from other dating sites, aside from the whole fuck a married woman deal, is that the membership is free. Instead of paying for a monthly deal, you purchase credits that let you use the site. You can spend credits to talk to potential hookups or send them gifts. This way you only have to spend money when you’re actually using the site. These won’t go away either. I actually think it’s a cool setup. Pay for what you use, and your money won’t go to waste if you stop using the site. Now, of course, the more credits you buy the less they cost. You can get 100 credits for 49 bucks, 500 for 149, or 1000 for 249.



But you can view profiles for free. There’s none of that “pay to view photos” shit or anything like that. I always hate it when dating sites do that. They only time you’ll see that here is when that person personally decides to lock certain photos, otherwise, it’s free game.



In Depth Profile that Are Free to View and an Awesome Feature for Travelers

The previews give you a quick rundown of all the important details like age, location, weight, sexual interests, and whatever their short message is. You also get a picture if they have one. Their profile gives you everything else about them. From there you can add them to your favorites, send a “wink” to let them know you’re interested, send a little gift to let them know you’re really interested, or simply send a chat. Below all of that, you can see their encounter preferences and member feedback. The way feedback works is that you can review the person you chatted with. This lets you see if they were creepy or fun to talk to. has a neat travel feature that lets you message up to 30 potential hookups in a city you plan to visit soon. It’s perfect for getting a little break while you’re away from your family on a business trip. Whoever said you couldn’t mix business and pleasure was dead wrong.


Man, it’s really fucking easy to have an affair this way. Though I don’t know why you guys out there tie yourself down to one chick anyway. The real fun is having the ability to get with any smoking piece of ass you want. But this site works for those kinds of hookups too. Lots of the people I saw on here were single and down to fuck. Plus, everyone here is down to do something. You can’t say the same about all the prude bitches on Tinder who are “looking for friends.” Yeah, bullshit. Here you can be sure that the chick you’re going to message wants to get fucked just as much as you want to fuck.



Awesome Mobile Site Makes Cheating Even Easier!

The mobile site really nice. They don’t have an app, but it’s probably because of the questionable service they offer. But logging into the mobile app and getting started is just as easy as it is on desktop. It’s not a straight port of the main site either. It’s formatted well for mobile and I dig the pink theme it’s got going on. I had no problems viewing profiles, editing photos, or doing anything on mobile. It all worked great, and I’d recommend using the mobile version. It’s easier to hide than throwing this shit up on your computer. After all, the site can’t save you from someone standing behind you.




NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is the credit system. It’s nice not feeling stuck in some long-ass membership. If you only want to use the site a little, just grab 100 credits and see if you like it. If you love the site, grab a thousand and be set for a long time. Plus, this allows you to pick and choose exactly what you want to spend your money on. I also like just how far they go to keep your information discreet. Masking photos and not requiring compromising information is a great barrier that makes you feel confident that nobody can snoop and find out what you’ve been up to. Well, as long as that information isn’t, you know, distributed or anything.




NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

Really, this dating site does just about everything right. I don’t have any major suggestions. The only thing I had hoped to see were some lower credit options. 50 bucks is a big investment for something I’m not sure I’m even going to like. Maybe an option that was around half that price or less would draw people in more and convince those people on the fence to give it a shot.




NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

Overall, whether you’re looking to cheat on your lame girlfriend or wife, or just want to have some fun without worrying about being recognized, then I recommend you give a try. This site makes cheating a breeze. And the price is reasonable when you consider all the effort, they put in to keeping your personal details private. Plus, that thrill you get will be priceless. Come on, they’ll never find out. Get yourself some good pussy for once and have some fun with a new chick.

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