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Somebody mentioned HighReply this morning, and my first thought was that it had to be a dating app for stoners, potheads, highons, burnouts, druggies, hippies, as well as recreational cannabis consumers. I know the word “high” has multiple meanings, but context counts for a lot. I’m the kind of guy who sometimes browses Tinder with bloodshot eyes and a whole big-ass bag of Cheetos in my lap, in which case almost every message I send is a high reply.


My hunch was wrong, though. is a nicely polished dating site and app, with an emphasis on quality profiles and a few unexpected features. The platform’s been around for about a year or so as of this writing, and the website alone gets about 10,000 visits a month. That ain’t much compared to the big-name competition, but web traffic stats are just not the greatest indicator of an app’s popularity or its quality. I’ve got a few days until my next visit from a pornstar on the PornDudeCasting couch, so it seemed like a good moment to cast my net and see who I could catch.



What’s So High About High Reply?

I’m sorry, but I just have to talk about this name again for a second. Speaking as an herbal enthusiast who sometimes scares away dating site matches with my vices, I saw the title and thought, “Oh, this place is for me!” The front page even calls it the “Most trusted brand for open-minded dating”, which I thought sounded like a wink and nudge. Yeah, man, I love to open my mind real wide, often while watching cartoons, porn, or my own belly button.



It took me a while to think of any other interpretation for the name, but one eventually dawned on me: they could be saying you have a higher rate of replies on their app than others. Women are probably going to be indifferent because their inboxes are always full on any platform, but that’s a big perk for the average dude. I was still skeptical, though, especially when comparing their traffic to the big boys. Dating platforms work best when they’ve got millions of monthly users, a thousand times what HighReply gets.


If ain’t aimed at the 17% of Americans who burn reefer, what’s their gimmick? “Our focus is quality profiles and activity” reads the front-page blurb. Other than a mention of their 24-7 Profile Review Team, they don’t really explain what they mean by that. I’d have to register an account, but hey, I was already on my way.


Basic registration is free, as it is on most dating sites, though I knew I’d likely run into paywalls soon. HighReply also has its own legit apps for iPhone and Google, so you can try to get laid while you’re sitting on the toilet. For the purposes of this review, I’ll be using the web version, but the feature set should be the same across them all.



More Women Than You Might Expect

I got my first taste of HighReply’s emphasis on profiles as I signed up. The first screen of the process tells me I’ve got to take the registration process seriously, and that “All profiles are reviewed and higher quality profiles will be rewarded with more views.” I wanted a high reply rate, so I figured I might have to put a little more time and effort in than I would elsewhere.



Despite the heavy emphasis on filling out your profile, it didn’t feel all that different from signing up for any other dating platform. The only unusual section was one that let you choose a question from a list, giving you a bunch of jumping-off points to talk about yourself and what makes you sexy. I kept the default question asking my preference for dinner and a movie or an all-night rager, with an answer that amounted to “Why not both? One can lead to other.” (I later learned my response had been denied for being “unrelated to the question,” so I suspect the Profile Review Team is outsourced to countries where English isn’t the first language, but the labor is cheap.)


Your profile doesn’t have to get approved by the Profile Review Team before going live. After spending maybe 5 minutes answering some questions and uploading some photos, I was shuffled along to the member’s area. The first thing I saw were Recent posts in the Trending section. By default, it was showing me women all over the country, which is a funny approach for a dating site.


I tapped the Near Me button to bring the net in closer. No shit, my dudes, I was genuinely surprised by how many women I found in my area. I’m in the Chicago suburbs today, and I usually have to set my location to the city if I want to get matches, even if I’m a couple hours from downtown. had dozens of women out here in the burbs, and hundreds in the city.


HighReply’s user demographics were wider than I’d expected, too. I found everything from 19-year-old schoolgirls to 40-year-old MILFs, white chicks to ebony hotties, classy ladies to babes flashing as much T&A as they could get away with. I even saw a babe in bondage gear.


I didn’t see many obvious fake profiles, so maybe the Profile Review Team is really doing something. I’ve seen so many dating sites with profiles featuring recognizable pornstars and models, but High Reply didn’t seem to have any of that sketchy bullshit. I did, however, find one beautiful woman who was clearly generated in an AI app like the ones I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude, so the moderation system ain’t foolproof.



Swiping Right and Buying Nudes

Most of the off-brand dating sites still seem to roll with outdated setups, so I was happy to see stocked with the basic, modern features I expect in a good 21st century dating platform. You match by swiping here, just like you do on any good Tinder copycat. I swiped this way and that, occasionally clicking a pic for a closer look at a user’s profile.



My trip so far had been characterized by surprises, usually by outdoing my expectations. The next surprise was a feature I just did not expect at all: users can sell content through their profiles. All the women I clicked on had profiles full of photos, and some had sexier shots I could unlock for a few tokens a pop.


I have very mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I always love the opportunity to see some boobies or a flash of ass. On the other hand, I feel like this could be a huge cock tease for dudes trying to actually meet women on the platform. I’ve seen a lot of social media influencers and OnlyFans models using the bigger dating platforms as marketing vehicles, with no intention of meeting anybody. They make any dating or hookup app worse.



The High Price of High Reply

Hidden photos on High Reply cost 5 credits to unlock. Credit packages start at $50 for a hundred credits, with discounts on the bigger packages. I hate to spend this much money on a dating site before I know how well it works, so I imagine they’re losing some customers to that price tag. You’ll also spend credits to boost your views, send media, do video chats, get extra swipes and see who likes you.



Credits are required for what may be the most useful feature on, too, and I’m sure a lot of you saw this coming. After spending some time perusing the local singles, I tried to hit up this thick babe in my city with a pretty face and a nice rack. When I clicked the Chat button, a message popped up asking if I wanted to spend 9 credits to begin the conversation. Fuck, I knew it! has one of the nicer presentations and feature sets I’ve seen among the lesser-known dating sites, which may be why they had a lot more women than I’d expected. The trouble is that even with this volume of potential matches, they’re still much, much smaller than the bigger platforms that everybody knows about. Dating is always going to be something of a numbers game, and I feel like the price tag is a little high given the odds here. My advice is to sign up and see how many users are in your area before buying any tokens; city dwellers should do fine, but you probably won’t get a High Reply rate if you’re out in the sticks.

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