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Looking to “Be Naughty”? Porn is fucking awesome, but it usually doesn’t get you laid. Sure, you can check out forums, or hop into discussions with other people on certain sites, but when does that ever work? Those people might be taken, or they might not be looking to get down. If you want to get some action, then you need to out there and put the time into finding the perfect babe. I’m talking about dating sites. No, not those preppy and stuck up sites where the chicks won’t even put out. I’ve got a site where every slut on there is looking to hook up and get fucked. is a dating site that helps you get laid. Everyone is on here for one purpose: to fuck. You won’t get teased by those chicks on Tinder that are only “looking for friends.” Yeah, right, and I’m watching porn for the damn plot. No more dealing with prudes at “Be Naughty”. But how popular can a site like that be? Pretty fucking popular. Over 15 million new visitors every month. And this dating site isn’t just some spry newcomer to the game. No, they have been around since early 2003. That’s over 15 years of playing matchmaker for all of you horny people out there. It all sounds amazing, but is it too good to be true? Let’s dive in and find out all the juicy details.


When you first head over to the site you’ll be greeted with a sign-up page with the sexy looking blonde chick looking over her shoulder. “Fun dating with no waiting!” & “Find singles fast!” is in big white text at the bottom. Sounds a bit like those “horny singles waiting to fuck in your area” ads, but I don’t want to get too skeptical yet. All that it takes to sign up is your email, age, location, and type of hookup you’re looking for (man looking for woman, woman looking for a woman, etc.). And once you confirm your email, you’re in. You can then put in a bunch of personal information if you want, or just skip it and do it later.


Lots of Bots, but a Good Selection of Real Thots

I’m looking out for you fucks out there, so I did some checking to see if this site was scamming you at all. And the answer is yes and no. They really try to rope you into the premium service they have. Like, they are really persistent. You can’t view photos, videos, or anything like that without dishing out the cash. Also, I didn’t put a photo, name, or anything down and I was getting bombarded with messages and shit.



I know women want me, but even I know I don’t have some sort of magical superpower to make over 10 girls message me with an empty profile. So, yeah, they have bots on here that act like real women. So, look out for that. But I kept my detective hat on and went deeper. I made a couple of accounts to make sure it wasn’t some sort of fluke. The same thing happened, but the bot names were different. Just be careful of those and ignore them. It looks like there are actually real people on the site aside from them. And most of these bots had warnings in the text saying that the user was being investigated for scamming, so it looks like the Benaughty team is on top of their game.


With that word of warning out of the way, let me tell you about everything else this site has to offer. It’s got a decent design with a white background and goldish boxes. The front page has a bunch of profile pictures of girls in your area. The previews tell you their username, how old they are, how far from you they are, and if they are online or not. To view more photos, you have to have a premium subscription to the site.


Tons of Sorting Options Make Sure You Filter Out all the Ugly Chicks

You can sort by age range, location, body type, eye and hair color, ethnicity, and marital status. You can really tailor your feed so you’re only seeing the kind of babes that you want to get with. You can also sort the front page by all members, online, new, popularity, age, activity, and distance from you. I’d recommend sorting by something other than popular. Popular seems to be where the majority of the fake profiles are.



The front page is great, but the like gallery is where it starts to feel like your traditional swipe dating service. You can see a preview of the user and decide to like them or skip them. It works kind of like Tinder or Bumble. If you both like each other it’s a match and you can start talking. But, unfortunately, all you get is the picture on these. No bio info, interests, or anything like that. You have to click through to the profile to get that, but most of these profiles are pretty barren anyway. I only found a few that were actually filled out. Oh, and you can’t even see the full bio unless you pay for the premium access to the site.


But you can find people on the free version. Once I waded through some of the bots, I was actually able to find a real chick to talk to. It was fun, easy, and we are set up to meet for a bit of Netflix and chill. But I think we both know that we won’t just be chilling. It didn’t even take that long since, again, everyone knows why they’re here. Looking forward to next Friday Ashley! What a dime.


Great Mobile App!

The good thing about this site is that they have a dedicated mobile app for your browsing pleasure. Download it directly to your phone and use it like you would any other dating app. It would be nice if they had it on the Google Play or Apple stores though. You have to go to their own site, which makes it feel a little sketchier. But who can blame them? It’s an app dedicated to getting laid. Probably can’t have that kind of mature content out on the app stores. But the app does work pretty damn well. It’s all laid out nicely and you can chat, swipe, and do everything you normally could on the desktop site.



NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature for is definitely the fact that you can just start chatting someone up without having to sit and wait to see if they match with you. Just find any profile, hit that chat icon, and start setting up a place and time to meet up and get down to business. There’s simply no bullshit to deal with here either. Since the site is dedicated to helping get you laid nobody has any sort of delusions about being exclusive or anything.



I also enjoyed the like gallery feature. Yeah, it could use a bit more info, but it was great being able to filter through people and match with those that I liked. Plus, there’s less risk since you can talk to anyone whether or not you even match up. That and all of the sorting features they have really makes it so you only see girls that match your preferences. Don’t like redheads for some stupid reason? You won’t see them. Can’t get with chubby chicks? You can filter them out without a problem.


NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

My main suggestions for the site would be to open some of the features to free users. I mean, I get paying to get full images, but I only get a single preview image of a person. That’s a bit ridiculous. Tons of other successful dating sites have free versions. Just throw some ads on there or something and call it a day. Fuck, I never thought I’d be advocating for more ads, but here we are. I would also like to see some better policing regarding the bot issues. It cheapens the experience when you log in for the first time and get hounded by obvious fake profiles. It definitely doesn’t make me more inclined to buy the premium version.



NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

Overall, (often misspelled as “benoughty”) is a pretty good hookup site. Meet up with horny singles, get with a cheating wife, or make a new friend with benefits. There is no bullshit here. Sign up for free and start mingling with other people who want to get down and fuck just as much as you do. Beware of bots and fake accounts, but otherwise, have fun. I’m sure you’ll be getting laid in no time!

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