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My Sugar Daddy has the kind of title that’s hard to work into an opening line without suggesting I’ve got a fat-pocketed dude footing my bills in exchange for a little romance. Personally, I tend to be on the opposite side of such exchanges, and knowing my readers, I bet you are, too. Sometimes Tinder feels a little too low-class for the jet set, champagne chugging motherfuckers out there, especially if you already know what you’re looking for in a relationship.


In case you couldn’t figure it out from the name, is a dating site aimed at sugar babies and sugar daddies. They’ve been around for years now and get close to a million visitors a month, which says a lot about the platform as a whole. Whether you’re looking for a dude to take care of you or you want to do the taking care, they aim to take a lot of the bullshit and the guesswork out of the equation. Let’s see how well they live up to my expectations.



Who’s Going to Be My Sugar Baby?

I’ve reviewed a bunch of those off-brand hookup sites you see advertised all over the free tubes, the ones that promise you can bang a local horny MILF or the nymphomaniac girl next door. So many of them go with a barebones presentation on the front page, usually just some stock photography of sexy couples along with the first step of a signup form. MySugarDaddy has that first step, asking users if they’re a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, but that’s about where the similarities end.



They’re clearly shooting for a more refined, sophisticated demographic here. For starters, the overall design is top shelf, with a polished logo, clean typography and a little rundown of the perks out front. Instead of stock black-and-white shots of ladies in their underwear, there’s an auto-playing video montage of couples living large: flying in a private jet, getting massages on the beach, clinking crystal glasses, fine dining and jewelry shopping. If you were hoping for more of a “Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am”, you’ve come to the wrong place. (But be sure to check out my full list of Hookup Sites here at ThePornDude!)


MySugarDaddy has members all around the world. The front page talks about how they’re the market leader in Europe and now available in the United States. If you’re rich enough, what’s a little bit of ocean between you and the sugar baby of your dreams? My only question was how thin those babes would be spread if they’re connecting from everywhere under the sun.


One thing that surprised me about all the promo text out front was their emphasis on all the free stuff you can do. “Unlike most dating websites, you don’t need a monthly membership to access our site.” A few basic functions for free are standard everywhere, though, so I was even more eager to get inside and see what I could do without pulling out my wallet. It seems like a weird way to attract rich dudes, but maybe the freebies are aimed more at the ladies.



But How Do I Get Inside of My Sugar Daddy?

There’s not much in the way of window shopping on My Sugar Daddy’s tour page, so if you want to see who’s available, you’ll have to register an account. You can register with Facebook if you want a little bit of extra convenience, but I just went the email route. It all seemed pretty routine as I entered some basic deets and uploaded a profile pic.



Unfortunately, after submitting the photo, I was shuffled to the European version of the site and I was no longer logged in. I went back and tried to log in, but told me I had an invalid username and password. When I tried to register an account again, they claimed the email was already in use. I tried to reset my password, but the security email didn’t come through, not even to my spam box.


Maybe I should have chosen the Facebook option, but I didn’t have an active Facebook account. I started over with a VPN and a different email address, and the same thing happened again. And then a third time. I’ve run into registration issues on sites with a complicated user verification system, but this just seemed like a supremely annoying glitch.


I ended up registering a brand-new Facebook account just to get into MySugarDaddy with. When I tried to login with my new Facebook credentials, I got this message: “There is a 60-minute delay before new accounts can log in to any applications. Please try again in an hour.” Fucking assholes! It would have been really nice to know that before registering multiple accounts and giving myself a headache.



Finally Getting in the Door

Once I’d waited an hour, I thought I’d be home free, but it was not to be. Facebook told me I’d successfully logged into using my social media account, but on My Sugar Daddy itself, I just got endlessly spinning “Loading” circle. Usually I only run into such serious, site-breaking problems on platforms aimed at folks with a lot less money than the target demographic here.



If it wasn’t my job, I probably would have given up and switched to a site like SugarDaddyMeet, which was much easier to sign up for. I kept at it, though, trying different browsers and fucking with my settings along the way. I’m not even sure what the hell I did, but at some point I finally found myself in the MySugarDaddy member’s area.


It took way too long, but at least I found some good news inside. Since they say they only recently started operating in the US, I was worried the pickings would be slim. It looks like most of the users might be in the US, though. If you’re in a major metropolitan area, you should have plenty of potential sugar babies to choose from. I’m in Chicago today, and I’ve got a nice spread of babes to peruse.


Oh, and peruse I did. Once you’re inside, a lot of the site is nice and open, so I didn’t run into any roadblocks as I poked around in search of a suitable candidate. Like most modern dating sites, My Sugar Daddy has a lot of the features you’d expect out of a social media platform, including the look and feel.



Let’s Find a Sugar Baby

I found a lovely lady named Natalie who I thought would look good on my arm or sitting across from me at a five-star restaurant. All I needed to do now was hit her up and see how we clicked. If you’ve ever used an online dating site before, you probably know where this is going: you have to pay to chat.



Technically, only one half of the conversation has to pay. uses a credit system, and one person will have to spend some to start up the conversation. You can request the other person pay to start chatting, but that’s probably more useful if you’re a sugar baby. As a sugar daddy, I’d probably look like a bum if I did that.


Memberships are pretty damn pricey compared to most of the other dating and hookup sites out there, at least the ones that ain’t aimed at sugar daddies. A one-month membership will run you $65, and it comes with 50 credits. That’s enough to start about 10 conversations, so try to choose wisely. If you ain’t that wise, you can always reup your credits at $18 for 50, with discounts on bigger packages.


That ain’t too much cash for you, though, is it? If you’re even thinking of becoming a sugar daddy, this should seem like chump change, because the girls are going to want a whole lot more of your monetary attention. My issue with MySugarDaddy ain’t the price, but the absolute pain in the ass it was to get inside. If it’s a verification thing, they should be more up front about the process instead of letting you struggle.


Once I finally got into, it was smooth sailing and I liked what I saw. They let you see enough of the site, including local members, to know whether or not it’ll be worth it to you to splurge on a premium package. My main advice is just to keep at it if you’re having trouble registering or logging in, because the rest of the site seems designed much better than the doorway. Good luck!

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