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Are you tired of hooking up with hot sluts on regular dating sites only to find out that they are painfully vanilla in bed? It’s a story as old as time. You take them back for some hardcore BDSM sex in your elaborate sex dungeon with swings, ropes, whips, and the whole nine. But they just aren’t into it and think you’re some kind of freak.


You can only shrug that shit off as their loss so many times before it starts to hurt. What if I told you that I knew of a dating site that could guarantee you get matched with someone just as kinky, if not more, than yourself? That’s right pick your jaw up off the floo- oh wait, yeah, should have assumed that was just a ball gag.


Anyway, the site I’m dangling in front of you like the good slave you are is a dating hub for fetish freaks and kinky lovers all around called No need to hide your closet full of sex toys on the first date any longer! If you’re a dom, find some sub bitch who loves to call you daddy. If you’re a sub, then find a sexy, strong babe who will take control. And if you’re a switch, then play that field like the dirty slut you are. With over 3 million site views every month, you’re bound (and maybe gagged) to find your perfect match. And these matchmakers have been around, linking and binding together kinky people since fucking 1998, so you know you’re in good hands.



A ton of Site Options and Features, but a You Need Premium Membership to Use Them

Sign up is easy and relatively free. You just need a username, email, and to plug in what kind of people you’re interested in. You can even make a profile as a couple if you’re looking to swing around and fuck other kinky couples. I say relatively free because you can’t really do much at all on the site without a membership, but I’ll get into those limits here shortly. First, I want to cover just how customizable these profiles are.



You have a fuck ton of options to really narrow down what kind of people show up in your social media-esque news feed. You can detail your sexual orientation, what kind of role you like to take in bed, what kinks you have, what kind of kinks or body types you’d like to match with, and that’s just the stuff on the quick view.


The real detail comes out in the “Questions & Answers” tab where you can answer a bunch of BDSM questions in as much detail as you want. The questions are things like “What roles are OFF limits to you,” “What are your favorite toys,” and other lifestyle questions like “Describe what you do for a living.” That’s three out of over a hundred questions that you can fill out. It’s super fucking helpful, especially when dealing with BDSM. There are so many kinks out there that you need to know a lot about a protentional hookup before you’re sure you want to dive into sex with them.



Hundreds of Profile Customization Options Help You Find the Right Match

Once you have all of that answered and figured out, then I recommend you begin exploring the profile feed. It’s sorted by people closest to you. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere then you might have some driving to do, but you city people out there probably have multiple people in the area. Now, this site is busy as fuck. It can be pretty overwhelming trying to figure out how to use this shit. So, I’m going to cover the important features and let the dozens of other minor ones take a back seat.



Scrolling through your feed you’ll see recent updates by people you follow, or people nearby. It’s mostly homemade videos, pictures, and shit like that. Like any other social media site, you can like or comment on the post to give that person some love. If you want to view the actual video or photo, you’ll have to pay up. They have two memberships. Silver and Gold. They’re both the same price per month if you go for a year, so definitely go gold. But it’s not too expensive. It’s like 8 bucks or so a month to actually be able to use the site.


If you don’t sign up, you can’t send messages, view profiles, look at posts, or use any of the cool features they have on the site. Besides the feed, you can use the left sidebar to manage your own photos/posts, see how many messages you have, and a whole bunch more shit. Speaking of messages, there’s quite a few bots on here. During my short time on the site I got at least 6 messages from chicks wanting to get to know me. Yeah, sure. My empty profile with no information or photo really must have drawn them in.



Chat, Share Videos/Photos, Read Articles, View Live Cams, and More!

The top header is a good place to get started. There are sections for “My Stuff, Search, Live Action, Community, and What’s Hot.” The “My Stuff” section is a hub for things like favorite photos, gifts you’ve sent or received, people you follow, and things of that nature. The “Search” section lets you find people in your area, or further if you’re looking to travel/cyber, and narrow them down by kinks and interests. “Live Action” is for all of their live cams. The site has a ton of BDSM models that you can check out, or you can even broadcast yourself doing some kinky shit if you want.



The “Community” page has a lot to offer. Blogs, discussions, chat rooms, magazines, and more. Go here if you want to chat or discuss your kinks with other people, or just shoot the shit about other stuff. Finally, the “What’s Hot” tab has the best photos and videos posted by users recently. A great place to go if you’re just looking to bust a nut to some amateur BDSM content.



Mobile Site is Much Less Cluttered Than the Desktop Site

The mobile site is okay. Just like the desktop site it will try and get you to purchase a premium membership at every single turn. If you have a membership, it’s easy to browse and check out profiles. All of the other site options are available, just in neater drop-down menus instead of the cluttered way they have it on the main site.



One feature that I thought worked a lot better on mobile was the “Hot or Not” page. You can view profile pictures and choose whether or not you think they’re hot. If they are, they get added to a list on your profile that you can check out later. It makes more sense using this feature on mobile for sure. Much easier just to swipe through instead of having to click around every time.



NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is actually how many fucking features they have. Seriously, this site has everything a BDSM lover could want. Discussions, videos, photos, dating, live cams, and a lot more. It’s a great place to come back to since there’s always going to be new content in at least one of those categories. You get a lot for your money here. Even if you’re not interested in dating you can always watch the exclusive amateur videos users post.




NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

My main suggestion for isn’t a big one. Just trim the main site a bit. It’s not terribly difficult to navigate, but a lot of the stuff that’s out cluttering the main page could be put into a submenu like it is on mobile. It would make the site feel sleeker and more premium. There’s just a little too much going on.




NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is an awesome site for hooking up with other fetish lovers. Become someone’s slave, have a threesome, get tied up, or whatever else your twisted mind could possibly come up with. The price is pretty low for the number of options you get here. I think it’s well worth signing up, even just for a short time, and trying out all of the cool features. Even if the dating doesn’t work out, I’m sure you can find some good shit to jerk off too at the very least.

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