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Wanna get laid at Fuck Book? There are plenty of dating sites out there, some of which even claim to be hookup friendly; others have just built a reputation for being so. Not every dating site is ideal, though, when it comes to trying to get laid online. So, how are you supposed to know which ones are legit for your dick and which ones are shit? Well, let’s break down a few of the more popular ones in terms of whether or not you are likely to have any luck using them in order to get a little bit of a better idea.


The first dating site I want to take a look at is OkCupid. I’m sure you’ve heard of it at some point or another. It seems to work alright in terms of a site meant to get dates. But how much hookup potential does it have, if any? Well, “hookup” is an option that the site lets you put on your profile as an answer to the question “what are you looking for?” So, that’s a good start. But a more important question to ask when weighing whether or not a dating site will get you laid is, how many girls are on the site looking to hook up?


And, depending on where you live (the size of your city), there are a few. More often than not, though, at least in my experience, it seems as if the girls who say they are looking to hook up are not, in reality, looking for that. For the most part, OkCupid is a good site to go out on dates, but as far as actually getting laid goes, I’ve had much better luck on other apps.


One app that I’ve had more luck on than OkCupid is Tinder. Ah, the notorious Tinder. It has gained quite a reputation among the online dating apps for leading to more hookups than others, but is it a reliable source? Well, honestly, much like any other dating site or app, it really depends on whether or not you have game. There are a few approaches to getting laid on Tinder. Some guys like to be straightforward, messaging as many matches as they can “wanna fuck?” But this is not a foolproof method.


Lots of girls, even the ones just looking to fuck, still appreciate the thrill of the chase. Or, more accurately, they appreciate the thrill of being chased. So, all though you will probably have better luck getting your dick wet on Tinder over OkCupid, you’re going to have to know how to navigate all of the pretenses that come with being on a dating site; you’ll likely have to take a lot of swings, in other words, before you finally hit a home run.



The Facebook of Casual Sex

Then there are the dating sites designed specifically for getting laid. Chances are, at one point or another, you’ve come across an ad for a site called Fuckbook, which claims to be the Facebook of casual sex. This one, at first glance, appears to be legit (there are a fuck ton of fake equivalents that are just filled with spambots trying to scam you out of money). Fuckbook does cost money to use, but it might actually, unlike other similar sites, hold the potential to get you laid.



Just like with any other social media or dating site, though, you have to already have two things in order to really get the most out of this site. And those things are A.) you have to be attractive, and B.) you have to have some semblance of game. Don’t sign up for Fuckbook expecting pussy to magically rain down from the heavens. It is still going to take effort. And if you’re an ugly ass motherfucker, ain’t no website going to change that fact. And no amount of game is going to make you any more fuckable if you look like you got hit with a Mack truck.


Fuckbook seems to at least give you a shot, though, so long as you are average looking, have decent pics, and can hold a semi-decent conversation. As far as the girls on Fuckbook go, there are some super sexy sluts to try your luck with, sure, but there are just as many ugly skanks as well. Although there are significantly fewer fake accounts, scammers, and spambots to contend with on Fuckbook than there are on similar sites, you are still going to run into some once in a while, so you’ll need to be on the lookout. Fuckbook, though, is generally good about keeping you up to date with scam alerts to help keep you protected.



Great Social Media Site Design

As soon as you get your profile set up (thankfully, it’s not an unnecessarily lengthy process—just upload a picture or two, say you’re interested in women, maybe get a little more specific if you want, and you’re good to go), the site should look familiar to anyone who’s been on a social network before. You’ll have a news feed to peruse at your leisure, which you can toggle between globally popular posts and posts from only your friends. Hot chicks will post naked or suggestive pics of themselves, which you are free to comment on or “like.”



And above your news feed, you also have a space to craft your own posts. Feel free to share your own pics, write a blog post, or just express yourself via text. This will allow other users on the site to interact with your content. The more attention a post gets, the more likely others are going to see it. But, hopefully, you have chicks browsing in their areas who will come across your profile at one point or another.


Above the news feed is a site menu bar. It is simple and easy to use, making for an extremely user-friendly web experience. Click on a grid button to switch to a full-on menu, which takes over the left side of the page (dimming the page behind it). From here, you can quickly jump to your feed (“Overview”), search users, view your matches, open Fuckbook’s live cam page (separate membership needed), “Find Your Love” brings you to a partner site, Flirt (more relationship-oriented), upgrade your account, view your messages, view friend requests, see who has looked at your profile, or view/edit your profile and account information.


Aside from this sleekly designed and incredibly convenient site navigation menu, you can also quickly conduct a search, view matches, and see notifications from other tabs in the menu bar. To the right of whatever page that you happen to be on, you will find a list of members to message. The list is automatically curated by your matches (based on location mostly) and if any of your friends are online, they will appear at the top of the list.


To start chatting up a girl, just click on her name and a separate message box will open up to the left of the list. The whole messenger setup is, appropriately given the name of the site, nearly an exact replica of the messenger on Facebook.


One quality control measure that Fuckbook puts in place to set it apart from other similar sites out there is that they utilize a karma system. Basically, based on how much a member interacts with the site, she will be given a rating of bronze, silver, or gold. If she never does anything, she has a low rating … you get the picture. So, perhaps this can be a way to weed out the duds or spammers to get straight to the hot and horny chicks near you.



Does Fuckbook Actually Work?

So, the question remains: will Fuckbook get you laid? Well, I’m afraid I can’t really answer that with any accuracy. I haven’t been on the site long enough to give you a full rundown of my successes versus failures. I can tell you that I’m skeptical. If only because a disconcertingly low number of profiles have more than a single profile pic (let alone any posts or interaction with the site). I chatted with a few chicks while on Fuckbook, but none of it really led anywhere. We would have a little bit of sexting fun and then, eventually, she would just log off, never to be heard from again.



So, honestly, I don’t entirely know what to make of Fuckbook. I’ll probably come back again and see if maybe I just logged in at a bad time. But, more importantly, I am interested in seeing whether or not the girls I had fun with ever log back in and, if they do, they continue to chat with me. Should I never see them again, that will make me suspect that they were bots. Only time will tell with this one.


All in all, Fuckbook is a really well designed, and well thought out social media/dating site that cuts through the bullshit and lets you get down to the real reason you would ever be on a dating site, to begin with: to fuck! The verdict is still out on whether or not it is an effective way to get laid, but I will update you if anything develops.

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