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Swingers Date Club aka SDC Swingers aka! Not every website that you visit in order to feed your endlessly lustful appetites has to be an orgiastic smorgasbord of escorts and porn and all-out fuck fests with anal gaping and deepthroating and double penetration galore. Consider for a moment that you might take some time out of your day to become a little more enlightened about sexuality. Have you ever stopped to consider that possibility? That you might educate yourself on the nature of sexuality, self-reflect on the nature of your own sexuality, and take into consideration the sexualities of others?


No? Well, I’m not surprised, seeing as idly scanning your eyes over the words of this review is likely to be the most reading that you’ll do all month. But you should consider doing it more. Reading is how people get smarter, have good ideas, learn new things, become more interesting. And do you know what all of those qualities add up to eventually? Getting laid. That’s right … don’t let the current ‘leader’ of the free world trick you into thinking otherwise because he’s stupid as a sack of potatoes and managed to fuck a porn star.


Don’t get it twisted, Donald Trump only fucked a porn star because he had enough money to, not because Stormy Daniels actually had any interest in letting him slosh his micro penis around inside of her for two to three minutes. And it seems like everyone else this walking cloud of Cheetos dust come to life has ever fucked he either ordered from Russia (his wife) or grabbed by the pussy.


See, talking about sex can be fun without having to be just fapping to flicks of fucking all day long. Maybe it’s about time you gave your dick a well-deserved break and stimulated your mind for a change – you know, that other place that your blood is supposed to be flowing when it’s not constantly being rerouted to your dick because you are trying to fill a void in yourself with constant streams of porn. If you keep making yourself feel good all the time, how could you ever feel sad! That’s the spirit, ol’ sport …


If you are down for something a little more mentally satisfying, however, I have just the site for you. Allow me to introduce you to Your first question, I’m sure, is probably, ‘hey, Porn Dude, what the fuck does SDC stand for anyway?’ Well, thank you for asking! That’s exactly what I was about to get to. SDC stands for Seek, Discover, Create. Or, to flesh that out a bit, as their motto goes: “Seek yourself, discover together, and create moments.” Now, you may or may not be thinking to yourself, ‘well, fuck, that sounds pretty gay.’ And if you are thinking that then this site is probably not going to be for you. And you probably are one of those people I was talking about earlier who doesn’t read anything outside of porn site reviews. And you should probably strongly consider tripping on acid or eating some mushrooms someday. Or drink some ayahuasca or go on a silent meditation retreat to Tibet or something, I don’t fucking know, just do something to expand your god damned mind a little!



Not Quite a Porn Site, but Important Nonetheless

SDC is more of a community-focused online publication than it is a porn site. It is the perfect companion to a modern, forward-thinking, sex-positive individual who’s looking to further his or her understanding of sexuality, both their own and that of others. Ever been curious about what ethical non-monogamy entails exactly? Head on over to SDC to learn all about it. Thinking about visiting a sex club or joining a group of swingers? SDC has articles about the etiquette surrounding those worlds for you to brush up on before you go. Or maybe things are slowing down between you and your partner in the bedroom, there are plenty of think pieces here that will give you new perspectives on how to go about dealing with that.



It’s not all about sex on SDC, though. There is, for example, an entire section of the site dedicated to travel. Granted, it seems as if the travel pieces are in particularly romantic places, but still. The information is there, what you do with it is up to you. Maybe you could use their travel suggestions to take your partner on a romantic getaway. That usually works to help couples get through a dry spell together. Nothing gets a pussy wetter than the words, ‘baby, let’s go to Paris this summer.’ Word to the wise.


The site itself is beautifully designed. It’s nice and minimalistic, and it has a very professional aesthetic to it. Honestly, it looks more like a really well-done news or lifestyle publication’s website than anything you’d expect to find in the world of adult entertainment. At the top of the page, you’ve got a sleek and intuitive site menu bar, allowing you easy access to all of the different sections of the site. When you place your cursor over one of the sections, an elegant mini dropdown menu does its thing below it so that you can explore some articles and general topics of that section without ever leaving the page. Just fucking wonderful design. Here, you can browse the site by clicking on Group, Sex, Kink, Erotic, LGBTQ+, Relationship, Health, Media, Travel, or More.


Below the site menu bar, you’ll find an assortment of articles, all sectioned out by category. Each article comes with a relevant thumbnail image for it, and some of them have a short introduction or synopsis of the article underneath it. The selections are of various sizes, too, giving the site that trendy collage feel that so many lifestyle and news sites are going for these days, further adding to the legitimacy and professionalism of the site’s design.


SDC also has videos. But don’t get too excited. They won’t be anything that you can fap or flick the bean to. Unless, of course, you get off on educational Q&As or informative, educational videos. In which case, shine on, you crazy diamond. In terms of non-text media, the site also offers up a breadth of podcasts for you to throw on while you work out or commute to work or maybe while you’re strolling the town for some strange … I don’t know what the fuck it is you do in your free time.



Casting Sexuality in a New Light

SDC is filling a necessary niche in the world … of providing people with an outlet for their curiosities, kinks, relationship troubles, and the ethical conundrums that naturally come with living a sexually active lifestyle. Whereas many areas of society still censor the topic of sex as taboo or inappropriate, SDC disregards that pretense altogether. Instead, they offer a vision of the world that acknowledges sexuality with a smile, accepts people for who they are, offers a way into understanding for those that do not know much about certain sexualities, and proposes thought-provoking articles that discuss important topics.



Morality appears to be a big concern of SDC’s writers. As it should be. We can talk all day long about how great it is, for example, that polyamory is becoming more socially acceptable than it ever has been in the past, but if we don’t talk about the ethical implications of such a lifestyle, then we are doing a great disservice to ourselves and others who are thinking about trying something like that out.


SDC understands that what we all want, at the end of the day, is to be happy, satisfied, and fulfilled – sexually, mentally, and emotionally. And I think that SDC understands, much more than many other publications out there today, that these three categories (sexual, mental, emotional) are not as segregated or compartmentalized as we like to pretend the to be. That they are, in fact, deeply interconnected and affected by one another. And, so, SDC has created an online publication to reflect that fact.

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