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Asian Singles

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Asian Singles

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How do you feel about Asian Singles? Personally, I find myself gawking at them at the grocery store, at the coffee shop or on my laptop screen all the damn time. In any situation, though, I’ve learned the hard way that folks don’t necessarily appreciate seeing an unsolicited boner in public. If only there was an easier way to meet women than whipping out my junk at the sushi bar!


On that note, it turns out there actually are some other methods of finding hookups, dates, friends with benefits and even long-term partners. This is the 21st century, after all, and I know a good chunk of you have already had some experience with the online dating scene., as the name implies, is an adult dating site where you can meet Asians who are currently unattached. As many bona fide Asian pornstars as I meet on the PornDudeCasting couch, I’m always trying to stick my fingers in other pies. Let’s see what my fingers can find today…


Asian Singles So Horny, They Love You Long Time

The domain was registered a couple years ago, so right now may theoretically be the best time to review the joint. What do I mean by that? Well, the newest sites are sometimes ghost towns on account of just not having picked up much steam yet. Sites that have been around for years have either found their niche and flourished, or have kind of petered out but are still hanging in there. There are reasons everybody has heard of platforms like AdultFriendFinder and Match.



Has AsianSingles found their equilibrium? Looking at their numbers, it’s hard to say. They were pulling much better traffic just a couple months ago, with close to 35,000 visitors stopping by in January. March was considerably less impressive, with just over 5,000 singles stopping by. Maybe I should have checked out the site earlier, when I would have had more potential partners to choose from. Five thousand would be a solid number if the site limited their services to one city or state, but the number doesn’t bode well when it’s spread thin over a whole country.


Like a lot of other adult dating sites, there’s almost nothing to be seen out on the front page. They set the tone with a sexy but non-explicit background image, setting themselves apart from the more wholesome brands that feature platonically smiling, fully clothed stock photo couples. The blurbs out front also mention sex immediately, saying the site “makes it easy to experience sexual desires and fantasies.” That’s a weird way of phrasing things, because it’s easy to have desires and fantasies without any site, partner or porn.


I wish they’d show you some sample users on the tour page, but samples are a real rarity on sites like this. If you even want a peek at who’s inside, you’ll have to sign up for an account. I guess I’ll be following the instructions outside. “Don’t be a pussy,” it reads. “Signup now!”


I’m Not a Pussy, So I Signed Up

If you’ve ever used a sex dating site before, this is all going to feel really familiar to you. The signup process starts out on the front page, where you’ll tell them who you are and who you’re looking for. I told AsianSingles that I’m a male looking for a female, gave them my age, location and email address, then hit the Sign Up button. Another box popped up, letting me type a little description and upload a profile pic, though you can skip this if you’re in a hurry to browse the local Asian Singles. There’s a lot more to fill out in the full profile area, but I figured I’d do that later.



Signup was quick, easy and free. This is pretty standard on most sites, save for the ones that have a more demanding verification process. The big question, of course, is how far that free account will take you before you run into a paywall. Would I be able to make any connections first?


By the time I’d entered that basic info and even before I’d verified my email address, I had a friend request and a couple “Icebreaker” messages. While trying to read them, I quickly discovered a few obnoxious spam links included in the interface as if they’re part of AsianSingles. Turns I didn’t actually have any FUCK Requests; that’s just a monetized link to another site. I also saw what looked like an icon leading my inbox, but it was another spam link. Same with a “Local Fuck Request” and what looked like a DM asking to meet up.


I wasn’t able to read any of the actual messages in my actual inbox, when I finally found that actual inbox. “Get a Premium Account to read this message!” read the disclaimer attached to every DM, answering my question about how far I’d get without a paid account. The good news is that, even without paying, my inbox was full of nudes. I hadn’t even filled out my profile yet and Asian Singles were sending me pics of shaved beavers, boobs, and some hentai.


The nudie pics weren’t limited to my inbox, either. In fact, the titular Asian Singles of the site post a ton of naughty selfies. Since I hadn’t made any of my own friends yet, my feed was a smorgasbord of popular posts from popular members. I’m guessing these girls are popular because of their tendency to post full frontal nudity, though maybe that’s just my raging hard erection talking.


Further down the feed, I saw what looked like a live webcam show with a pretty Asian girl. is so spammy that I had to adjust my adblocker settings to make the link work, but it turns out I shouldn’t have wasted my time. It was just another piece of fucking spam.


Where the Asian Ladies At?

I wasn’t ready to upgrade my account just to see the messages in my inbox. Call me cynical, but if half a dozen women message me within five minutes of signing up for a hookup site, I tend to assume they’re bots or scammers. If I was going to pay for an account, I first wanted to see if there were any real local women.



By default, the women in the Search area are supposedly sorted by proximity to my location. Only the first chick was anywhere near me, though, the rest scattered across the country. I tried dialing in my location again, this time limiting my results to women within 50 miles. I ended up with just three results. In case you’re wondering, I’m in Chicago today, and I know there are way more Asian Singles out there. They just ain’t on this particular website.


By this point, I had four friend requests and a dozen messages from “Asian Singles” who I suspected were just bots. The most recent was sent literally seconds ago, and it’s a repeat of the selfie she sent 15 minutes ago. I was curious what she wrote in the text part of the message, if anything, but I couldn’t read it without a premium account. Just for shits and giggles, I clicked through to check out the prices.


Membership to will run you thirty bucks a month. That’s the same price you’d pay for most any paysite, including PornDudeCasting. The big difference is that if you sign up for my site, I will definitely come through on that premium porno I promise out front. Will thirty bucks here actually help you bone one of those Asian Singles? That’s debatable.


Given the tiny number of local women I found when I searched, it just ain’t worth the entry fee to me. This might change if more people sign up, and it may well be a different situation if you live somewhere the site is more popular. Then again, the spam here is fucking insane and openly scammy, which would make AsianSingles a tough sell even if they did have the userbase to make hookups easy.


Signup is free, so it wouldn’t hurt to see if there are any real Asian Singles in your area, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. has some serious issues, from the lack of real women to the crappy, spam-filled interface. I’d recommend trying a different site off my list of Hookup Sites, because this one would need a serious overhaul to even compete. Good luck out there, my dudes.

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