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You already voted!, aka Babes Network! It’s hard to find a balance of different types of girls, good quality videos, membership bonuses, and streaming services on the same website. Sure you might hunt around and find a few, but pay out the ass for membership, deal with shitty customer service for overbilling you or both. But look now you can look no further and rejoice. While it has a pretty bland name, has everything you want in a porn website and more.



Sexy Scenes, Select Sets has galleries with hundreds of pics and hundreds more videos of girls flipping their lips, eating each other out, rock on a cock, and much more. Unlike some of the gutter sites out there, Babes shoots unique scenarios, many of which include some kind of storyline. There isn’t too much that it slows the action down, but the plot porny part of it does add some depth to the scene.



And unlike all gutter sites and even some of the better sites, all Babes Network scenes are shot on high-class sets with professional equipment. That way you get to see sexy scenes from multiple angles and hear every whisper, grunt, and moan.



Diverse Cast of Models

One thing I don’t like about a lot of sites, especially ones where you have to pay for is that you usually get the same type of talent.



On Brazzers, you see hot bods with titanic fake titties taking cock and screaming loud. With Mofos you always see MILFs and mature-types getting plowed or showing some young guy the ropes. If you watch Hungarian Honeys, all you’ll get is eastern European models getting off with dildos, dicks, or both.


Don’t worry guys. I’m not mad at a pair of big tits, MILF women, or exotic beauties. All of that stuff is great. But I do like seeing new stuff from time to time. Especially if I’m paying.


But with Babes, you get a little bit of everything. Some of the girls have big breasts, and some show off tiny tatas. Some of the women are on the mature side, some are college-aged, and a lot are anywhere in between.


Unlike other mainstream sites which only feature talent of one type of hair color, race, or ethnicity, Babes gives you everything. East Asians pole riders, horny West coast blondes, naughty black chicks, Midwest white girls, everything.


Rather than pigeonhole the girls into playing certain racial stereotypes, Babes’ features talent who star in all kinds of erotic roles. These girls do everything from sucking cock, scissoring with one another, taking it up the ass, and squirting like crazy. If I told you any more about the site in more detail, you might just bust reading this. Since I don’t get other dudes off (at least not for free), you’re going to have to check out some of the free previews on their tour site or just sign up for a membership and see all of The Babes’ gorgeous naked glory.


With the website’s models section and search feature, it’s easy to find your favorite models. Plus, if you become a member, you can go back and check your search history for all of your favorite fap material. Plus, you can save your favorite videos to your profile to look at later.


This may seem like a minor thing, but in the hetero scenes, the guys’ bodies are fully shown. Unlike other porn sites where the guy is just a disembodied cock and balls, the dudes on Babes are presented as actual guys. The reason I think this is important so it’s easier to imagine you fucking the girl in the video.


And it helps that the guys aren’t pumped up, ‘roid raging mofos with always rock hard cocks. Gross! Plus, using these kinds of models and shooting them this way makes the scene look a lot more natural and exciting to watch.


Back to the girls, you get all kinds of hair colors, tit sizes, skin tones, and skill levels and techniques when it comes to sucking cock and riding dick.


With, you get to visually taste the rainbow.



Holiday-themed Vids

The producers at Babes don’t only know how to come up with unique cum causing videos for every season, but with scenes specific to every holiday. For a recent example, check out Ivy Wolfe’s Halloween special. Anyway, Babes keeps up with the holiday and uploads unique stuff for every holiday like clockwork, so there’s another reason to sign-up.




Video Quality

Every archived video is available in full HD and so are the streams, too. In fact, some streams even broadcast in 4K, so you get to see every gorgeous detail on your favorite model’s body. Everything runs pretty well, but sometimes there are some issues with archived videos. Everything runs fine if you play the recorded videos, but if you try to skip forward to different parts, the feed gets fucked up and might take a few (or several) to buffer. What is this 2004?



Other than that, the video interface is really crisp and doesn’t have any distracting side content.



Pay to Fap, Worth It?

Obviously, I have a high opinion of Babes and everything that they present, but is it really worth ponying up the money? Hell yeah! As I said, there’s a wide array of models who have different kinds of delicious bodies. All of the scenes are sexy as hell and well shot. And all of the models that I’ve seen really know how to get down and dirty in front of the camera.



Don’t believe me? Then sign up for a dollar a day, two-day trial membership. I’m sure you’ll be impressed.


Convinced yet?


Babe’s membership costs about the same as most other professional websites being $30 a month or $60 for three months. However, if you sign up now, you can take advantage of the $20 a month annual subscription.


In addition to paying with credit, debit or check you can also send in payments via cryptocurrency or even with gift cards. Sign up is fast and secure, and no adult info appear on your payment statements. So once you get your account set up, you can log in, lube up, and wank off immediately.



Save on Other Porn Sites

After you join Babes, you can also save on other sites affiliated with them, too. Instead of getting a one time discount, though, you can even score unlimited access to websites at up to 25%. The sites you can get access to include Twistys, Digital Sins, all of the PP Channels, and much more.



How great is that – getting access to one site, and then get a discount for a bunch of others?


On top of all of that, with membership to Babes, you get access to five other sites – Babes Unleashed, Black Is Better, Elegant Anal, Stepmom Lessons, and Office Obsession – for free!



VIP and Premium Bonuses

There are some extras you get on Babes if you get VIP access. With VIP membership you can download as many videos as you want and keep them on your hard drive forever.



There is a bit of a catch, though. To get VIP access, you have to pay an additional $9.99 a month, and there’s no special to save on annual or monthly plans. I have to bitch about that. I mean come on, most other sites give you this feature for free and don’t force you to pay more money.


It sucks but, this is the only real complaint I have about Babes.


If you want to pay a little bit more extra, you get Premium access. With this, you get over 3,000 exclusive videos, thousands of amateur girls who stream and upload fresh skin vids every week. You can watch these streams with no limit on desktop, tablet, or mobile. And you also get 24/7 member support, too.



Summing Up Babes

It’s hard to find super quality sites at a good price. It’s even hard to find ones which don’t pigeonhole the talent or shot only one type of girl.



However, has all of this and much more. Hot honeys, well-shot scenes in high def one a good looking site, and tons of extra content, what’s not to love. If you’re ready to put up a little cash, you get access to one of the best porn sites on the wank web.

I heartily give Babes five our of five very happy hands.

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