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Digital Playground

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Digital Playground

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DigitalPlayground. That has to be one of the most creative names for a porn production company I’ve ever come across. It’s the perfect description of what a good porn site should feel like: an online place to play, a well-deserved break from all of the other bullshit in day-to-day life. After a long day at work or another fight with the wife, come to Digital Playground to let loose a little. Don’t mind if I do. is one of the oldest porn studios that is still active today. Started in 1993, they successfully weathered the transition from VHS to DVD to the internet. Longevity like that is no matter of coincidence, Digital Playground has maintained its status as one of the biggest porn studios in the world by consistently creating quality content for the past 25 years. And they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


How does a porn studio maintain such a long run of success like that? Well, for one, they are constantly scouting the hottest up-and-coming names in the porn industry. Digital Playground is home to some of the biggest names in the game. Their roster includes Elsa Jean, Abella Danger, Bonnie Rotten, and Abigail Mac (just to name a few). These girls are the cream of the crop in the industry today. If you haven’t heard of them, do yourself a favor and check each of them out after the review. You will not be disappointed.


Another way that Digital Playground has maintained their status as one of the kings of porn is in their innovation. They have made quite a reputation for themselves as trailblazers in the industry. And this is not some idle claim. In 2003, for example, they began experimenting with hologram technology—to bring the girls into your room. Wouldn’t that be fucking awesome?


They also pioneered adult gaming (creating virtual sex games and distributing them on CD-ROM and DVD) and were one of the first porn production companies to switch over to HD recording, which gave them what is now considered to be their signature aesthetic of high-quality, dynamic pornography.



Wet Dreams May Cum

You can’t talk about Digital Playground, of course, without mentioning their extremely well-received parody films. When DP makes a parody movie, they go all out. They are not fucking around, I can tell you that much. Chances are you’ve stumbled upon or heard of Digital Playground’s rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean, which was the top-selling title of the year of its release (2007). They also have a Star Wars series, complete with some incredible makeup and special effects. These movies are so well-produced, you might even forget you’re watching a porno. Well, at least until the hardcore fucking starts.



Digital Playground has a shitload of awards to its name too. They have won multiple Adult Video News (AVN) awards every year since 2001, as well as an impressive list of XBIZ and Nightmoves awards. Digital Playground may very well be the most celebrated hardcore porn production studio of all time.


With all of this buzz surrounding DP, you are probably wondering whether or not it lives up to the hype. In the age of easily accessed porn torrents, is the content actually worth paying for? Well, lucky for you, I am here to take that risk and report back to you. Let’s take a tour of Digital Playground and see what it has to offer.



Field Trip

So, upon logging in, much like with Brazzers, I’m brought not straight to the Digital Playground site, but to the Porn Portal—which, I believe, is just the launchpad for any and all paid accounts under the Mindgeek umbrella (the company that owns most of the big porn sites out today). I still find this a little annoying, because I’m already paying for their product, yet every time I log-in, they feel the need to push additional products and upgrades in my face. Just take me to my goddamned porn.



I hover my mouse over the “Networks” tab and find a huge drop-down menu of all the porn studios in the Porn Portal/Mindgeek network. Even though I have access to other studio sites on the list, they come up as locked for some reason. It would have been cool if, upon logging in, the site could recognize all of my accounts, so I wouldn’t have to log out of Digital Playground, and log back in to, say, Brazzers in order to switch over. But, oh well, not that big of a deal I guess, just a minor inconvenience.


So, I click on Digital Playground, and now I’m ready for the fun to begin. Okay, there’s just one giant banner at the top of the page where all of the ads appear. Again, I am not a fan of being advertised to, especially when I’m already paying. But, unlike other paid sites I’ve been on, at least the ads are limited to this one spot, making them much easier to ignore.


The website layout is pretty standard. They have one section for their latest scenes, another for their latest full-length movies. Below those two, you’ll find a section labeled “DP Partners” (which I guess is sort of another ad, but I see these more like suggestions, or Amazon’s “customers who bought this also bought…”).


Underneath their partner’s links, you’ll find DP Extras—exclusive content that you need a VIP pass to access. Fair enough, but I’m not doubling my monthly subscription fee just for a few extra videos.


Well, since I’m on Digital Playground, my instinct is to check out some of their big-budget, full-length films, so I click into their movies section first. Now, I must say, spoof porn is not usually my thing. I do find it mildly entertaining from time to time, but definitely not my go-to fap material when I just really need to bust a quick nut. However, I will say that Digital Playground really goes all out with their films.


Having always had a thing for Laura Croft (duh), I figured I’d check out Poon Raider first. I must say, this movie is superbly produced and well thought out. Also, the casting is perfect. I never would have put it together myself, but Kimmy Granger really does make the perfect Laura Croft.


I do kind of wish they had shot more of her in (and out, of course) of the classic Laura Croft costume, and not many of the situations are exactly what I’d expect from a Tomb Raider spoof, but, overall, the porn is of the insanely high quality we’ve come to expect from Digital Playground.



From Spoof to Splooge

I found myself enjoying their original porn stuff much more. Elsa Jean is one of my favorite girls, and DP had plenty of material featuring her. The situations of their original content are classic and well-executed. One of the videos I went to first, for example, featured my girl, Elsa as a sexy 18+ schoolgirl in a sex-ed class.



When she gets in trouble for not paying attention (rubbing her clit for you, her POV classmate), you are both in detention together, and that’s when the real sexual education begins. See what I mean? Classic stuff, but also pulled off perfectly. This is the kind of content I definitely don’t mind paying for.


In addition to classic situational porn scenes and parody movies, Digital Playground also has a ton of series to choose from, if that’s more your thing. I kind of like the series model, especially with an outstanding cast—it’s cool to have guaranteed material every week to look forward to from your favorite girls. Side note: for all my fellow It’s Always Sunny fans out there, they do have a spoof series called The Gang Makes a Porno. Definitely worth watching, at least for a laugh or two.



Decent Bang for Your Buck

All in all, Digital Playground is a massive site with a ton of content to offer. They provide something for every walk of pornophile out there—there’s humor, well-executed spoof films, the hottest girls in the industry today, and some of the best content as far as your classic situational scenes are concerned as well.



Another huge plus for Digital Playground is that, even after spending a couple of hours on the site, I don’t even feel like I scratched the surface of what they have to offer. There’s just so much porn to choose from. This is 100% what I look for in a paid site: the highest quality, a range of styles and genres, and a huge archive so that I’ll never run out of content.


I say do it. Don’t be a cheap bastard, cough up the $10 a month. It’s really just the difference between skipping two Starbucks frappuccinos every month (you fuckin’ pussy). I know you can afford it. If there’s any studio worth giving up two coffee drinks a month for, it’s definitely Digital Playground.

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