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I imagine Bicupid looking a hell of a lot like the regular Cupid, only he’s shooting arrows with dingdongs on one end and cooters on the other. He makes you fall in love like that other chubby little angel-winged cherub, but you just might end up with a hankering for some handsome dude’s big cock (or some sweet pussy if you’re a lady)! Hell, maybe you’ll fall in love with a couple, and then you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


The thing is, we’re living in the 21st century, so there’s no reason to just sit around waiting for that AC/DC cupid to pull up on you and start blasting. That’s where comes in. They hype their services as “The World’s Largest and Most Effective Dating Site for Bisexuals, Hookups, Threesomes and Swingers”, a claim backed up by around a hundred thousand visitors every month. The platform has been around for twenty years, so I feel a little bit late to the party, but let’s check out what I’ve been missing.



Not Another Bullshit Hookup Site

You don’t have to be a respected, world-renown reviewer of adult websites to notice how nice Bicupid looks compared to some of the other off-brand hookup sites out there. If you’ve ever clicked one of those “Horny Local Singles” ads on the free tubes, you’ve almost certainly encountered those low-effort sites with nothing out front but a signup form and some cheap stock photography of a sexy couple embracing in their underwear. Right away, Bicupid differentiates themselves with a polished and professional looking landing page.



The layout is sleek, and they start laying out the benefits instead of just demanding you sign up and come inside. It’s a very inclusive joint, for one thing. “Straight, gay, lesbian, threesome, BDSM singles, the LGBT community and couples are also warmly welcomed!” They also talk about being the “most secure and most effective dating site for bisexual, bi-curious singles and bi couples.”


They’ve got some success stories listed out front, too. The vibe here is semi-wholesome compared to sites where the emphasis seems to be entirely on sex. You can use it to find some no-strings casual hookups, but you can also find a long-term partner, a third for your threesome, or whatever else you may be looking for.


There’s a Bicupid app available for both iPhone and Android. For the purposes of this review, I’ll be digging into the web-based version of the service, but the features and the functions are the same. I’m often skeptical and suspicious of apps from newer, lesser-known brands, but with twenty years in the business, I trust these guys not to steal my identity and my credit card digits. This ain’t some sketchy fly-by-night operation. They’ve also had a lot of time to develop and refine the app, rolling in modern features like the swiping you’ll do on any of the big competitors.



Getting in the Door at Bicupid

Like most of the other dating sites out there, doesn’t let you start browsing the local ladies and gentlemen until you sign up for an account. I know it’s a bummer, but it’s the standard deal and you already knew that. Fortunately, signup is quick, easy and free. I know some of you are shaking your heads at the “free” part because you’ve played the online dating game before, but as always, I’m going to see how far I can get before whipping out my wallet.



The first step of the signup forms asks who you are and who you’re looking for, same as anywhere else. I was surprised that the options include both “Bi Man” and “Man”, and female variations of the same, along with the expected Couples and Trans checkboxes. I told you Bicupid was inclusive!


They do ask for a little more information up front than your average dating site, where you can typically skip a bunch of things and update your profile later. After filling out a few pages of forms, I got a message reading, “We’ve noticed some unusual activity in your account. To protect your privacy and safety, we have temporarily suspended your account and ask that you verify your account to continue.”


Verification turned out to be a fucking pain in the ass. Video was supposed to be the faster, easier way of verifying, but I kept getting error messages. I eventually took a snapshot of my driver’s license and used that instead, which turned out to be the actual faster, easier way of getting inside. I still spent a good ten minutes just trying to prove who the fuck I am.


The extra effort I had to put in is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a bad thing because I’m a modern dude used to instant gratification and websites that just work easily. On the other hand, the obnoxiously strong verification system is going to cut down on scammers using as their scam platform of choice. Sure, it takes a few extra minutes on your end, but that could save you a whole shitload of time, frustration and cold, hard cash down the line.



Let’s Browse the Ambisextrous Locals

Once I finally got signed up and logged in, dropped me off in a familiar looking member’s area. This is 2024, so it’s got the typical social media layout I’ve come to expect on modern dating sites. The first thing I saw beneath a search form was a feed of Latest Activities from seemingly random members of the site. As I start making friends and connections, this feed of photos and text updates will change to include people I’ve friended or followed.



First things first, though: I wanted to see how many people were using the site in my area. The real measure of any dating or hookup site is how easy they make it to connect with someone in real life, and that requires a healthy pool of users. I opened the flood gates, seeking women, men, couples and trans members in my state, ages 18 to 59.


As a free user, I wasn’t able to dial in my search any tighter than my state, which is lame. They do have cities and a distance filter, but when I tried to tweak those settings, I got shuffled along to the signup page. That fucking sucks, but the good news is that I found hundreds of members in my state alone. I’m in Chicago right now, and looking at the member locations, I can see that a ton of them are in my general area.


I found a nice-looking couple looking for a third and tried to make my move. I hit the Message button, typed a greeting and then tapped Send. If you’re an online dating veteran, I’m sure you can guess what happened next.


You can’t send messages on without a premium membership, so I was shuffled back to the signup page once again. Membership is thirty bucks a month, though you can get some decent discounts if you sign up for a longer plan; the 6-month subscription breaks down to a little more than half the monthly rate. It ain’t the cheapest dating site in the world, but given the niche and volume of users, I’d say it’s about right.


The biggest reasons to sign up are obvious: you can actually message people, and you can search in your own city instead of going statewide. Bicupid members also get perks like the ability to see who views you, advanced profile customization, unlimited like and winks, and bonus emojis. Honestly, I could give a shit about most of the extras, but it’s a bit of gravy on top of what you actually came for.


Yeah, it costs money, just like any decent dating site out there. makes it worth the scratch with a slick, responsive interface, and more importantly, a huge userbase of bisexual and bicurious users all over the fucking place. If you ain’t finding what you’re looking for in Tinder’s septic tank of lonely uggos, I’d recommend a peek at what Bicupid has to offer. The basic, free search function is overly broad, but it should give you a sense for who’s using the site in your neck of the woods. I’d start there and purchase a membership if it looks like the pickings are decent. Good luck!

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