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Bitches Girls are a whole new generation of self-made modern pornstars. Just a few years ago, the biggest sex starlets on the web were the big-name, big-budget babes getting their brains fucked out in mansions on the major premium sites. These days, it’s 18+ amateur cosplay girls, TikTok attention whores, webcam hotties and the social media models of sites like Instagram, OnlyFans and Patreon. shines a spotlight on the hottest of this new wave of DIY pornstars. They showcase videos, nip-slips and sex tapes of your favorite Internet celebrities. The social media savvy masturbators out there probably have their own personal favorites, regular characters in their fap fantasies and wet dreams. Some of the grandpas in the audience may be just now tuning in and don’t yet recognize any of these big-titted YouTube bimbos or cocksucking emo whores. In that case, get ready to meet some of your new favorite pornstars.



How’d These Bitches Girls Get So Famous?

It’s impossible to talk about a site like BitchesGirls without talking about the recent explosion of social media porn. The 21st century has been the era of social media, as everyone and their grandma has made it online with their own web profiles and stockpiles of homemade content. Kim Kardashian’s sex tape came out in 2007, giving wannabe models something to aspire to. Is it a coincidence that live sex webcam sites like Chaturbate blew up at the very same time?



Flash forward to 2024. The slow but steady growth of web-celeb culture has made genuine stars out of gamer girls on Twitch, Instagram influencers and Snapchat exhibitionists. Sites like OnlyFans and Patreon have made it easy as hell for them to trade a little of that fame and a little flash of flesh for some legit money. When the pandemic hit at the beginning of the year, forcing models and masturbators alike into the seclusion of social distancing, it only supercharged the genre.


BitchesGirls’ shelves are stocked with free videos of OnlyFans. On the front page right now, I see OnlyFans material featuring Mackenzie Jones in all her naked, bald-cootered glory. They’ve also got that much-hyped Bella Thorne content, so you can judge for yourself whether she’s doing a disservice to online sex workers everywhere.


Some of you old-schoolers are like, “Who?” The neckbeards and virgins of Reddit, on the other hand, are like, “I know that girl!” Some of the hottest, most famous Internet chicks are on Bitches Girls and typically naked. Sklarxoxoxo is dancing naked on the front page, alongside some Snapchat porn from Snowgolow. The beautiful, redheaded Amouranth is flashing her pussy in a Patreon photo set, and Tiktok beauty babylaur can be seen swallowing cock.



A New Site for Some New Smut wasn’t even registered until 2024, making them a new entrant in the saturated online porn market. They’ve certainly chosen a solid genre, though, as these webcam chicks are a better bet than just another generic free tube. They’ve managed to make a name for themselves pretty fucking quickly with the choice. Even their official subreddit, started in September, has over 1,500 members barely a month later.



If you’re a newbie to the genre of social media smut, one of the first things you’ll notice is that a lot of these girls are solo. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or it’s intentional, but BitchesGirls looks like it has more blowjobs and home sex tapes than your typical site. Maybe two-thirds of the front page consists of stripteases and masturbation scenes, while the other third is girls getting their mouths and pussies stuffed with dick or fooling around with lesbian friends.


It’s a nice mix of X-rated content. There’s a fair amount of cosplay rolled in, since costumes have always worked really well with webcam modeling and sexy selfies. ASMR is bigger than it’s ever been, and Bitches Girls shares the sexy, whispery shivers right there on the front page. I might have to grab my big audiophile cans and listen to Gwengiz lick my ears while vibrating her snatch.


The organization on is a little bit scattershot from the outside. There’s a selection of featured or popular content at the very top of the landing page, followed by the Latest Posts on the site. The library of nude galleries and NSFW hacks is growing at a fairly rapid rate. It looks like they do batch uploads; most days see a handful of new galleries and videos, but sometimes they’ll go a day or two without fresh material.



Hot Babes from Every Social Network

I can’t fault Bitches Girls for the loose organization. There’s just naturally a lot of overlap with these girls, who tend to be Internet-famous on multiple social media networks. It’s hard to be a big-time OnlyFans girl unless you’re drawing in fans through free sites like Instagram, Twitch and YouTube.



Still, they do make an effort to categorize the content. The Categories dropdown has a baker’s dozen sources to choose from while shaking your dick at Internet chicks. Crank it to Nude YouTubers or Twitch gamer whores, Patreon content or OnlyFans videos. has whole aisles full of Snapchat babes, Instagram models and Webcam starlets. There are TikTok sluts, StasyQ bimbos, and Selfmade celebrities. Beat off to girls from TV, Pornstars, or the vaguely named Models section.


In other words, they’ve got gorgeous naked chicks from all the major social sites. Bitches Girls is a new collection and it’s still a new genre, so I imagine their Categories list will expand as more platforms appear. Overall, the trends seem to show that girls are getting sluttier, and I can’t wait to see what kind of exhibitionism gets popular online next.



Nude Photo Galleries and XXX Videos

Social media porn has always been a mix of photo and video content, so the traditional video-focused free tube format doesn’t work quite as well. BitchesGirls utilizes a blog-style layout to present the cosplay galleries and twerking video collections. The general simplicity of the site’s design makes for efficient delivery of both content types.



Blonde knockout Skylarxoxoxo was looking sexy as usual out on the front page, flashing her angelic smile at the camera while giving us a tantalizing peek of sideboob. I clicked through to see what Bitches Girls had on the sexy Tiktoker. The single vertical video took over the screen when I clicked the thumbnail, and I enjoyed a 14-second, fully nude loop where she masterfully teased the camera. I can see why she’s so popular.


I hit a bigger jackpot when I clicked on the September 2024 Mackzjones OnlyFans video. BitchesGirls served up a fully fappable multimedia gallery featuring dozens of explicit videos and nude photos. Clicking a thumbnail earns you a full-sized version, though I wish there were forward and back buttons on the big pics for easier one-handed browsing.


BitchesGirls has a lot to offer, and they offer it without blowing up your browser with spam. With my adblocker running, I didn’t see a single pop-up or pop-under, nor any banner ads getting in my way. Spam tends to be the biggest problem on any free porn site, but it wasn’t a problem at all here.


If you’re looking for free social media porn, has you covered. They’re rapidly building a library of naked babes from Instagram, OnlyFans, Twitch and all the other sites you’ve been wank-touring. You could keep mining those sites for the good stuff, or you could just check out the regular updates these guys are putting out. Ain’t your time worth anything?

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