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Ever been to Simp City? I know that sounds like something of a rhetorical question, aimed at all the men sucking up to broads who don’t even seem to like them back, but I’m actually asking if you’ve seen the website of the same name. I guess the implied question still stands, though, because the site was built for folks who think of themselves as simps. I mean, it’s right there in the name, my dudes.


Of course, if it was just a bunch of dorks simping over Tinder girls who shot them down, it wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is. was already getting hundreds of thousands of visitors per day within weeks of registering the domain, and it’s largely because this forum is devoted to porn from the worlds of social media, porn and celebrities. I love naked women of all kinds, but I’ve got a special affinity for these kinds of internet attention whores, so let’s give them some of that attention they’re craving. Oh, and don’t forget to bring some lotion and an old sock.



Simp City, Here We Come!

Simp City is enjoying a sort of instant popularity that you don’t find often, on the internet or in real life. I also run a site called PornWebmasters, where I offer advice and resources for aspiring smut peddlers, and I can only wish I had a secret formula to gain that kind of userbase so fucking quickly. Their first posts were at the end of August; not even halfway through September, they’ve already got 1.4 million members, 60,000 threads and over 660,000 posts. This is a thriving community of simps, to say the very least.



Simp City uses a simple ranking system that unlocks privileges and removes ads as you contribute more. I see systems like this a lot, but SimpCity’s strikes me as particularly fair. There are really only a couple of different ranks, implemented to keep the quality high. Basically, you’ve got to earn a small handful of points before you’re allowed to post on the better boards, which is an effective way of keeping the riffraff out.



Let’s Talk About Naked Girls

Alright, now that I’ve explained how all those perverts got to SimpCity, let’s talk about what they’re all gawking at. The site’s got a pretty typical setup for a message board, with forums broken down into a few broad categories. There’s a small area for Animated work like Hentai and 3D porn, plus a group of Specialised Interests like Asians, ASMR, Fakes/Deepfakes and Hotwives. They’ve also got a section for Professional Sites like Suicide Girls and XXX/Porn, plus the usual Community subs like Help and General Discussion.



Those are the SimpCity boards with hundreds of posts, but lets talk about the ones with thousands. There’s clearly a huge Brazilian demographic here, with a fucking hopping Brasileiras board of hot Brazilian YouTubers, Trans girls, Cosplayers, OnlyFans models and more. There’s also a dedicated (English language) Transgender board with 25,000 posts, so chicks with dicks are getting a lot of love around here.


Personally, my favorite areas of SimpCity are the boards devoted to Premium Fan Sites and Social Media. They’ve got active forums devoted to all of the major social media and social porn platforms. The OnlyFans board is the busiest, with around 11,000 threads consisting of 150,000 posts. The Celebrities and Instagram threads also number in the thousands, with healthy hundreds for Patreon, ManyVids, Reddit, TikTok, YouTube and Twitch. Where are your favorite (18+)girls shaking their fat asses?


I’m not sure what message board software SimpCity is running on, but one of the features I really like is the Tag Cloud in the right sidebar. The forum titles will help you jump to content from the platforms you prefer, but that tag cloud will let you jump to your favorite categories of sluts. There’s such a nice variety of content here, from the usual Big Tits and Blondes, to Curvy and Thicc women, to kinkier, harder to find niches like Femboy and Wrestling. The tagging is better than you find on a lot of inferior forums, which is going to make it a lot easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. If your fetish ain’t in the tag cloud, try the search bar.



Hey, I Know That Girl!

They say you shouldn’t jump off a bridge just because all your friends did, but what if there’s something really sexy under there? I figured all the activity on the Simp City OnlyFans boards was a good indication of the board’s inherent fapworthiness, so I grabbed the lube and clicked my way through. All the newest posts stretched out in front of me, with a whole fucking baker’s dozen added in just the last ten minutes. This is clearly where the party is.



If you’re into internet chicks, you’re going to fucking love this place. There are so many recognizable social media sluts and pornstars, plus a lot of faces that are new to me but sexy as hell. Within moments of landing, I was staring at naked (18+)girls like Laura Carter, Christy Mack, Alexis Tae and Natalie Roush. doesn’t actually host anything, so posters have to put everything on third-party filehost services. It’s a pretty standard setup for a forum like this, but it doesn’t feel half as obnoxious as other sites. Maybe it’s just the choices of file lockers people are choosing. I expected a lot of extra wait times and slow downloads, but I was pleasantly surprised to find easy, near-instant access to most everything.


Porn forums often monetize by selling you on those premium filehost packages, but is overall really light on the advertising. Spam is pretty fucking minimal, with low-ranking members getting a single pop-up every twelve hours. That insane level of user-friendliness makes them something of a unicorn in the world of porn-sharing message boards, which may be another factor in the community’s instant and explosive growth.


I ended up falling deeply down the pornographic rabbit hole after clicking on PAWG in the tag cloud. It brought me to ten pages of threads full of Instagram thots, Patreon chicks and OnlyFans sluts, all with some extra cake. I’d never heard of this TikTok Latina, Natalia Medina (natimedinaz) until today, but she’s certainly got a new fan in me.


You’ve got to register an account before you can see anything on, but it’s easily worth the few seconds it takes. ThotsBay may have been a short-lived site, but it was popular enough to build a strong community of porn-sharing perverts, who now do their simping here. So, who’s your internet crush? I have a feeling you may be seeing her naked in the next few minutes…

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