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Nudo Star! We live in strange times. On the one hand, you’ve got the woke movement kicking up a fuss about how we shouldn’t gawk at sexy ladies. On the other hand, social media has made chicks into bigger attention whores than they’ve ever been. Hey, a video put Kim Kardashian on the map, and every Snapchat slut is probably hoping for the same career trajectory. That’s why I consider it a service to these babes to browse sites like NudoStar. wasn’t even a thing until the very, very end of 2019, but they’ve managed to build up some serious traffic over the last few months. I guess that’s what happens when you have pics and vids of the hottest Internet-famous girls out there. They’re already getting over 21,600 visitors a day, which is not only a faster growth rate than the coronavirus, but it’s way easier to masturbate to.



Simple Blog Layout, Sexy Nudes

The first thing you’ll notice about NudoStar is that it doesn’t share the typical tube-style layout of your average free porn site. The fresh content here is delivered blog-style, with multiple posts per day of naked (18+)girls from around the web. On the front page alone, I see OnlyFans nudes, AdmireME nudes, Instagram star nudes, and Patreon nude links. Sensing a theme here?



It ain’t flashy, but free porn blogs don’t demand the same number of neon lights and flashing marquees as the big, premium sites. They don’t even have a logo here, just a site name in plain text. I do like the sound of the subheader, though: Nude Photos of Models, Patreon, OnlyFans, YouTube, Twitch, Snapchat, Instagram.


Today, they’ve added content from three truly stunning women. One of them is Victoria Matosa, a Brazilian chick with a few million Instagram followers and the exact kind of booty you expect on girls from Ipanema. She’s also got a popular OnlyFans account, because the ‘gram can be a bunch of fascists when it comes to posting titty shots and masturbation videos.


There’s not a ton of info in the blog posts, but you do get a little more than you see on some celebrity sites where they don’t provide any context. Here, you’ll get a line or two of basic bio info like age, ethnicity, and how she got famous. You’ll also find links to any relevant and official social media accounts. Go visit a girl’s public Snapchat, Instagram, or Patreon page, and then come back for the good stuff!


I had to take a break from writing this review when I checked out Victoria’s movies posted on NudoStar. The first is just a minute of her playing with her huge, luscious boobies and showing off her naked body. The second features an up-close shot of her cunt as she fucks herself with a double-pronged dildo. Just wait until you see that clit! It’s like a goddamn beautiful flower. Finally, the video set rounds out with her lovely, jiggling bubble butt as she fucks herself some more.


Yeah, I can totally see why this babe has so many social media followers. The included 56 photos just back it up some more, emphasis on the back. As if that’s not enough, there’s even a convenient link to more of her nudes on the forum! These fuckers have some good shit!



Hundreds of Videos, Pics, and Other Dirty Stuff

New porn sites often have trouble building a userbase because they have such small libraries at first. Thanks to the rapid update schedule at NudoStar, they’ve already got hundreds of videos of sexy models and OF sluts. Jack off to some gamer chicks from Twitch, some chatty-ass YouTube girls, or that Internet celebrity you’ve been stalking on the Insta.



While I appreciate the blog-style delivery for its immediacy, there are certain holes in the setup. I wish they had a list or directory of the women I could browse, like the Pornstar page on a tube site. The way it’s currently organized, ten posts per page, doesn’t let you get a rapid deep dive into the collection. The search bar works perfectly if you know who you’re looking for, but newbies to Snapchat porn may not know where to begin.


They do have some general category tags on all the posts. These mostly tell you where the girls post material, like OnlyFans, Patreon, and YouTube. Some of these are useful, others not so much. Most of the girls have Instagram, for example, so most of the posts are tagged with it. It’s like all the videos on porn tubes tagged with Sexy or Babe, almost meaningless in that context.


Most of the nudes and sex videos on currently come from OnlyFans, but they’ve also got an impressive collection from Patreon. It will be interesting to see which platforms get more content over time as social media babes pick their favorites. It’s a good time to be an attention whore since you can make good money at it.



Visit the Forum, Fap and Chat

I’m sure one of the reasons for NudoStar’s quick rise is their very active nude model photo forum. When I visited, I was in pretty fucking good company: almost 400 people were browsing at the same time. Around 70 of them were logged in and active, probably posting about the cosplay Twitch broads they want to see naked or asking for YouTube chicks.



I bet you already had some girls in mind when you came poking around, looking for nudes, huh? Maybe a cutie from AdmireMe or even a celebrity? Don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with having a celebrity crush or admiring an 18+ Instagram-famous teen. One of the best things about the forum here is that you can make requests for chicks you’d like to see on the site.


The main forums are broken down by platform, plus an anything-goes Other Nude Models board. The OnlyFans board is the busiest, followed by Patreon, Instagram, and YouTubers. You neckbeards who jerk off to 18+ girls playing video games may be a little disappointed that the Twitch forum only has a few dozen posts, but the site is still new as hell. Give it time to grow.


They’ve also got a Local Area Girls section, which also needs some time to develop. It’s broken down by countries, and most of them don’t have any action. The Great Britain board is the only one where anything is going on. I may have to take a trip to Yorkshire, because they’ve got a bunch of hot attention-whore types I’d like to sling some dick at.


NudoStar is definitely off to a better start than most adult sites. My only complaints about the site are really minor, and could easily improve as the site matures. One of the things I really like about the blog-style delivery is that I didn’t see any fucking spam at all during my visit. I used a spam blocker, of course, but the free sites usually manage to slip some bullshit by. Not so around here.


If you’re the type of dude who spends his time leering at social media chicks with your dick out, is going to be exactly your type of joint. They add new nudes and videos of your favorite babes every day, not to mention hosting one of the most active forums on the web about the subject.

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