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Internet Chicks make the world go ‘round, or at the very least, they make the Internet a whole hell of a lot more interesting. While your wife posts on social media all day, trying to sell her MLM diet shakes and show off her meatloaf, there are younger (18+), sexier broads making names for themselves with twerk videos, stripteases, masturbation shows and even kinkier fare. I think you know exactly which web bitches I’m talking about, and chances are you’ve already got a few favorites on your list of masturbatory fantasy sluts. I hope you weren’t planning on working today, because I’ve found some shit that you’re probably going to want to stare at all day. (Or at least a couple of minutes until you pop and can start thinking with your brain again.) tells you right from the name what they’re all about. This free tube focuses on the hot chicks showing off the goods on social media and social porn sites. It’s a genre that has only blown the fuck up over the last year or so, and InternetChicks itself is also a very young site. They really took off at the end of February, their traffic shooting straight into the fucking stratosphere when perverts realized what kind of smut they were just straight-up giving away. I’m a sucker for some free T&A, especially when my credit cards are already maxed out because I splurged on those hookers last night. Let’s see what I can find to take my mind off that hole in my wallet.



Sexy Sluts from the Land of Internet

I usually start these things off with a description of the visual presentation, since that’s what typically catches my eye. Maybe it’s just the fact that I just woke up and my morning wood is still raging, or perhaps it’s the new set of fancy earbuds I got in the mail, but the first thing I noticed was all the ASMR porn on the InternetChicks. I plugged the new IEMs into my computer, shoved the business ends deep into my ear canals, and then chose one of the dozen ASMR scenes uploaded within the last couple of days.



The clip I chose was a 5-minute OnlyFans video of Ginger ASMR lubing up a big dildo and stroking it. The bottle makes a glurg whenever she pours it, and slippery sounds as she rubs it all over her tatas and gives the fake Johnson a tit wank. It’s a vertical video, in keeping with the format, and Ginger starts whispering dirty talk a couple of minutes in. I’m into Internet Chicks even when they can just make me cum, but this broad has a bunch of skin tingles and warm shivers to give along the way.


The baked-in video player at is nice, with playback speed control and a cast button so you can watch it on the big TV at home. There are no resolution options which is a bummer, but the quality looks pretty damn high. I’m not sure if it’s HD, but it doesn’t go all pixelly when I stretch it across my laptop screen. No spam slipped through my adblocker either, which is always a plus. If I have one complaint, it’s that the video stopped a couple of times to buffer, perhaps a result of that visibly high, non-adjustable video resolution.



Who’s Your Favorite Internet Celeb?

That Ginger ASMR video encapsulates a lot of what makes such a fun and fappable site. For one thing, Ginger falls under the umbrella of Internet Chicks in the truest sense of the word. The chick is a big-time YouTuber, making a ton of noise in the SFW arena and making some sweet cash over at OnlyFans. It’s a familiar story on a site that features some of the web’s hottest social media celebrities. As always these days, a fair number of traditional pornstars and celebrities have come along for the ride.



Another thing that makes the movie sample I just jerked off to such a stellar example is the genre. If you beat off to a lot of InternetChicks already, you know how the genres are a bit different from what you find on your traditional porn tube. Check out the front page of if you want a quick example; the newest scenes include 18+ schoolgirl roleplaying, miniskirt teasing, topless girls in clown makeup, cosplay blowjobs, kitchen bikini twerking and a bunch of ASMR.


It’s mostly solo material, but the categories go deep and often weird. The webcam format has really encouraged chicks to get experimental with the fap fodder, giving rise to tons of kinky shit like JOI and foot fetishism. There’s plenty of classic porno stuff like pussy diddling, lesbians and blowjobs, but the kinksters may be in better hands here than most tubes, depending on what your fetish is.


And it’s unfortunately here where I run into my only issues with the InternetChicks library. The tagging is just not as good as what it can be, meaning it may be difficult to find that freaky shit that turns you on unless it’s listed right in the video title. Finding your favorite girl is easy, and they’ve got some sources listed, but you’re out of luck otherwise.


The Categories page currently only lists a few subgenres of smut, most of them being their sources for content. features material from ManyVids, OnlyFans, Patreon, Snapchat, TikTok and Webcam. Most of this material was shot on webcam, so in case you were wondering, the Webcam section is just a handful of what looks like prerecorded cam shows. There are also categories for ASMR and Photos. (I told you that freaky whispery stuff was big around here. Who would have guessed it a few years ago, when nobody had even heard of ASMR and before most of these Internet Chicks got famous?)



Daily Offerings for the Hairy Palmed

InternetChicks doesn’t get the same nonstop uploads you’ll find on the anything-goes tubes like Pornhub, which is to be expected when they’re maintaining a strict focus on internet babes and porn. That said, they’re adding a ton of content almost every day. Just based on the upload dates, it looks like they’re doing batch uploads. Most days, you’ll get a handful of new movies samples to crank off to, but from time to time, they’ll miss a day. Hey, sometimes you’ve got to put in some work for The Man, so you’ve got time to pursue your dream of making the whole world masturbate.



The last few days have definitely been good, at least if the front page of recent content is any indication. There’s new material from famous Internet Chicks like Amouranth, Christina Khalil and Lauren Alexis. It also looks like Bhad Bhabie, aka Danielle Bregoli, aka the Cash Me Ousside girl, is finally legal and shaking her ass and tits on OnlyFans.

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