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Thot Hub is one of those porn tube sites that you bookmark and pray no-one ever finds about. There’s nothing covert about the website. It’s all on the up and up as far as I can tell. The quality of the porn here is astounding. These are the kind of primo clips that you spend hours trying to find around the web. Thothub just hands them to you all in one long list of sorted categories, so the fun never stops. These are the best kinds of porn clips on the web, period.



Genres and Themes

So, what’s the actual focus? What’s the genre? It’s sort of a mixed bag, but there’s a common thread. Some of these clips are professionally produced and come from triple-A studios. Others are straight-up just OnlyFans clips from random sluts who are in high demand these days. Belle Delphine sticks out here as a fan favorite. She’s all over the damn site. Ever since that bitch finally put a cock in her mouth, the internet has been going berserk over her content. Personally, I don’t see the appeal. She’s got practically no tits and she sucks cock like she’s bored and would rather be doing something else. She’s boring and plain, but 18+ teenagers have to have their e-girls, I suppose.



Either way, if you want to consume everything that Belle Delphine has ever put out and then some, ThotHub is the site you’re going to want to bookmark. It’s a worthwhile place to keep coming back to daily, for sure. They upload new smut regularly and each time, they really hit the mark on the quality. It’s not just about the high resolution and the responsive video player, which they have by the way. I’m more impressed by the curation.



The Best Bitches

Fapping on a porn tube is half about the fap and half about the adventure of finding a porn clip that doesn’t suck. The internet is saturated with porn, obviously, so it’s really hard to find the one clip that actually deserves your load, when you know there’s always better shit out there, waiting for you just around the corner. That’s what makes ThotHub such a joy to browse. I don’t know if this is a large company of nerds that really know their stuff or it’s some sort of porn guru basement dweller, but one thing is certain: Whoever is putting up this content has a great eye for pussy.



I have very high standards when it comes to bitches and the chicks on this site all make me rock hard. It’s not just that they’re hot across the board, which they are – most of them are really fucking talented. They’re worth watching. There’s always some kind of shtick. For example, the latest posts on the site are by some Asian bitch’s OnlyFans. I’ve never seen her before, but I am loving what I am seeing here. She’s got the whole young 18+ Asian face we’ve come to expect from Japanese sluts, but she’s also got gigantic cans. I mean, they’re fucking huge. They’re the kind of tits you could use to take down concrete walls.



An Amazing Selection of Smut

So, whoever curated these videos had the good sense to pick the best of the best Asian sluts and only include those on the site. Naturally, the second video on the main page is a Belle Delphine clip of her being fucked from behind. Like I said, I think she’s plain as shit, but ThotHub gives the people what they want and Belle Delphine is currently more popular than Elon Musk.



Let’s talk about those professional videos I mentioned, because it’s not all OnlyFans and homemade suck and fucks. The professional videos mostly come from companies that really push the limits of what you can get away with when you’re making porn. They’re still well within legal and mainstream, but you won’t find any Brazzers productions here is what I’m trying to say.



Tons of BDSM Shit

Instead, you get a ton of videos of women strapped to sex machines that plow at their holes until the damn things are so wide open that you could run a train through them and the chicks wouldn’t even feel a breeze. These videos are kind of wild. I guess you could call them BDSM, though some of them are more about the orgasms than they are about the pain. There’s a fuck-ton of videos here that feature extremely powerful vibrators strapped tightly onto these chicks’ clits, so they are forced to keep orgasming over and over again. That can’t be comfortable, but it makes for a great fucking fap.



As far as I can tell, ThotHub has been accumulating these videos over time and sort of adapting to trends, so as you browse back through their post history, you see trends bundled together. There was a period when they exclusively uploaded BDSM. Today, they mostly focus on camwhores and the like. Either way, no-one’s forcing you to browse these videos by date, so ultimately, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the quality is extremely high across the board. Each and every video on this site has high fapping potential. I’m glad that they steer clear of the standard scripted porn nonsense with the step-sister stories and the plumber scenarios. I want hardcore action, not sitcom gags.



Easy to Navigate

I mentioned that you can sort by date, but thankfully they went a lot further with the tagging and categories system. The latest view is the default, but you can also check out their most viewed videos or just sort by rating. There are also tons of picture albums that you can sift through. These are also sortable, thankfully. Most of them are again just compilations of camwhore productions from sites like OnlyFans, but they’re damn hot. These are the kinds of pictures we used to bend over backwards to receive from chicks back in the olden days. Today, you get them for free on ThotHub.



There are other useful sections on ThotHub, like the ability to sort by models or checking out specific categories, though I didn’t find these to be very useful. I came here to fap. I found hot chicks, I fapped and I left. I came back later to fap again. You get the gist of it.



Making Fap Friends

Now, the community page we absolutely have to talk about for reasons that will soon become very clear to you. At first, I didn’t give it much thought. I know that your average tube site encourages interactions between the users. This drives traffic and it makes the fappers really happy. It gives them a place to hang out and talk about smut. What’s not to love? Well, here’s where I figured out who’s doing all of this curation work – when I ran into a wall.



As it turns out, a huge number of videos on this site are uploaded by the users of the site, which is a good thing on its own. As it turns out, users are free to block access to videos away from people who aren’t their friends on the site. It wouldn’t be nearly as insulting if the site wasn’t shoving them in your face all the time.



Seriously, You Have to Make Friends

So… what’s the deal here? Well, ThotHub is straight-up encouraging you to make friends on their site and gain access to the videos they’ve uploaded. It’s that simple. In the short term, this is annoying as fuck. If you just want to jump in, fap and then leave, you can’t. That is, you can’t fap to the private videos. But, you’re more than welcome to watch the public ones. There are tons of them.



In the long run, this system guarantees a ton of smut that you have exclusive access to, for free, as a reward for being friends with all of these people on the site. It’s a big win, to be sure, but it requires a bit of time and that can be kind of annoying. I’m lukewarm on this system. I’ll say that much.


Either way, ThotHub remains an amazing website that I keep coming back to for more quality bitches. It’s also the best place for OnlyFans’ recommendations in case you want to see where the hottest content is currently coming from. I wholeheartedly recommend this site and when you check it out, you’ll understand why. Fap away, my dudes and make some friends while you’re at it.

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