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What defines Ero Thots, anyway? Eros was the Greek god of passion and fertility: the kind of love that makes you want to fuck. I’ve seen the term “Thots” tossed around in both negative and positive contexts, though I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this next site ain’t shitting on the beautiful women who cover their pages and pull in their visitors. I’m only a linguist of the cunning variety, but based on my years of masturbatory research, I’d say the EroThots in question are the same internet hotties you’ve been shaking your dick at for the last few years.


The front page of describes the joint as a “huge place to find social media porn videos and images” of models and pornstars. More specifically, though, they collect nudes and dirty movies samples of the hottest social media sluts on the internet. The domain was only registered earlier this year, but they’re already getting hundreds of thousands of visitors a day. That’s more than the average free tube gets in a month, which tells me I better lube up before I take a look, lest I end up back in the ER with another serious chafing issue.



Just Who Are These Ero Thots?

EroThots started fucking with my expectations the moment I clicked the link and loaded up the front page. They don’t follow the typical tube-style mold of your average free porn site. While there is a selection of video thumbnails out front, it’s actually just a small slice of the page and you’ve got to scroll down to see it. They’ve got it all divvied up: first you see some featured models, then the video thumbnails, followed by a selection of popular photo galleries, and then a batch of the latest social media porn content. The images in that last section are laid out in asymmetrical columns, giving it a modern social-media vibe.



It ain’t just the presentation that sets the site apart from other free adult libraries on the web, but the content itself as well. Instead of the professionally shot scenes you find on most tubes, they’ve stocked the shelves with the kind of next-generation amateur content you find on sites like OnlyFans, ManyVids, FanCentro and IWantClips. In fact, they carry sample content from all of the major DIY porn platforms, with a row of buttons at the top leading to stashes from each site.


If you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll probably start recognizing women the moment you land. These are the self-made sluts who have flipped the whole online porn scene on its head over the last few years, social media starlets who have risen to the same level of pornstardom as the girls who you see on the professional paysites. The place is absolutely full of sexy, famous internet attention whores. If you’ve already got favorites, you’ll almost certainly find them here.


Even before I started digging into the pile of EroThots, I spotted familiar fap fantasies like Sweetie Fox, BigTittyGothEgg, Amouranth, Bhad Bhabie and Pokimane. Belle Delphine’s there, as always, along with girls like Hannahowo and Bella Thorne. I even spotted Alyx Star sucking a dick out on the front page, giving me flashbacks of the time she stopped by the PornDudeCasting couch for a similar snack on my own sausage.



Too Many Social Media Porn for Even the Best Plumber

This is usually the part of the review where I like to point out how big any porn collection is and how quickly it’s growing. rolls with a really streamlined presentation, though, with minimal info presented along with the content. I couldn’t find any upload dates listed anywhere, and the endless-scroll presentation makes it damn near impossible to get a full and accurate count of anything.



That said, it’s pretty clear they’ve got thousands of photo galleries and dirty movies samples. No matter which section of the site I perused—Albums, Videos, Models or Albums—the pages just kept loading more thumbnails as I kept scrolling. It can get a little overwhelming at times, like that incident when I snorted a pile of crushed Viagra I found under my couch.


If I have one immediate complaint about the overall setup of, it’s just that I wish there was a browsable index of Tags or Categories. I’ve reviewed too many sites that completely drop the ball when it comes to tagging, but Ero Thots does include some tags with their content. That’ll make it easier to search the archive for kinks and subgenres like Ass, Doggystyle, Threesome and Big Tits just by typing what you want into the search bar. A menu of Tags would give social media porn fans another way to browse the collection. I may be a professional masturbator, but I know I ain’t the only one who appreciates the convenience.


Unlike some of other libraries out there, I was able to find anything I typed into the search bar, from ASMR to BBWs, Cosplay to Cuckold, BDSM to Feet to JOI to Incest. The Ero Thots collection is wide ranging, with at least a little something for every type of pervert and freak out there. Looks like we’re in good company, boys!


I did have to wait a little bit longer than I would have liked whenever I ran a search, which might be a minor pain for masturbators eager to get to their preferred fap fodder. This is probably a result of Ero Thots growing so popular so fast, and now their servers are struggling to keep up with the demand. It’ll likely be a temporary issue, so hopefully it’s fixed by the time you dive in for a wank session.



Like OnlyFans without the Price Tag

One of the biggest challenges of reviewing a site the size of is just deciding where to begin my official fap test. With this much fapworthy content to choose from, it’s even more of a tough decision than I face before falling asleep to Netflix. I figured I’d do it the easy way and just beat off to one of the recently posted videos out front. The very latest is an ASMR titjob video with a preview thumbnail that got me pretty goddamn hard. It seemed like the perfect place to begin.



After a few seconds of buffering, the video opened with a hentai image and a few social links before a hot Japanese chick appears on the screen. At least, I assume she’s Japanese based on the outfit, the graphics, the cute little giggles and the language I don’t understand, but really all we see is a giant pair of jugs with some flashes of a French maid outfit and some sexy fishnets. She gets right down to business, working those monster boobies over a dildo suction-cupped to the table.


It’s a nice bit of smut, and at 45 minutes long, it’s one of the lengthier bits of porno on EroThots. As fans of the genre already know, social media porn tends to run short, which means there are a lot of sample vids on the site that run a minute or under. That’s just a natural result of models performing solo in their bedrooms, versus the planned-out and well-funded shoots the major premium sites are doing.


There’s no download button baked into the video player, but I was able to save the video with a simple right click. That means the site is a good place to stockpile your own stash of Ero Thots right on your hard drive or SD card, so you can keep jacking off even if your internet gives out or society finally finishes crumbling to the ground. I ended up saving a few videos while I was whipping up this writeup. is one of the nicer sites I’ve seen lately. The collection is incredible, the presentation is beautifully put together, and I appreciate the effort they’ve put into tagging the material because it makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for. On top of all that, my adblocker handled all the spam, so I had a completely ad-free masturbatory experience. If you love social media babes and OnlyFans models, you’re going to enjoy yourself here. Don’t forget to bring the lube!

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