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You already voted!! Need some exclusive interracial blacked porn videos? You know, I’m not even gonna lie to you, as a white dude, I’ve always had trouble getting into videos that feature black actors fucking chicks. Not because I have a problem with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the swirl. It is just that, for me, I have a much easier time getting off to videos in which I can easily picture myself doing the fucking … videos where the dick doing the fucking could conceivably, with a little bit of imagination, be my dick. And, as I am not the owner of a BBC, it’s just really hard to imagine the BBCs I see in such videos belonging to me.


Either way, interracial porn is still a beautiful thing. Although I have an easier time watching interracial porn in which a Beautiful Black Chick (now that’s my kind of BBC) is fucking a white dude, I can definitely still appreciate videos in which sexy white chicks get fucked by black dudes, too, even if it isn’t my go-to for my personal fapping needs.


The website I’ll be reviewing today has turned this act of black dudes fucking white chicks into a verb. To black. The past tense of this verb, of course, would be “blacked,” as in, ‘that hot ass white chick got fucking blacked in that video.’ is a members-only paysite that exclusively features just that: hot ass white chicks getting “blacked” by BBCs.



Straight to Business

As soon as you log into Blacked, you’re straight down to business. I appreciate that. None of that bullshit where you log into the member’s area of a paysite and, before they let you get there, they’re already trying to sell you on partner sites or exclusive deals for bonus material. I like it when a site respects the fact that they already have my fucking money and at least waits a little while before trying to get more of it. Common paysite courtesy right there.



As soon as I arrived at the main page of the member’s area, I was immediately impressed with how clean, organized, and well-designed the site is. At the very top of the page, you’ll find this week’s featured video upload, complete with three large screenshots, the names of the performers (with links to their pages), and a short description. This week’s upload, for example, was “Hot Collab,” featuring Jessa Rhodes and Louie Smalls.


Below the weekly featured video, you’ll find a gallery of large thumbnails more typical to what you’re used to seeing on porn sites (no description, but still with hyperlinks to the performers). Scroll down a little further and find a shortlist of popular models (Kendra Sutherland, Lana Rhoades, Leah Gotti, and Amanda Lane were featured when I visited), special deals for Blacked members to other paysites (66% off a membership to Teens Love Huge Cocks (18+); 50% off Casting Couch, etc.), and, finally, at the very bottom of the page, a preview for an upcoming scene (with a trailer, description, and release date).


Also on the site’s main members page is a menu bar up top. Navigate the site by choosing between Videos (All, Top Rated, or Awards), Models, Tags, DVDs (brings you to a store where you can purchase physical copies of their popular titles, as well as sex toys), Cams (brings you to Blacked’s very own adult cam site), Deals, and a notifications button (alerting you when new scenes get released, or if Blacked has anything they want to let you know as a member).



And the Award Goes To…

One feature that I found particularly interesting is the Awards section of their videos page. Navigating here grants you easy access to all of Blacked’s award-winning scenes. I must say, they have a pretty impressive selection, spanning five pages of videos that have been honored by the Adult Video News awards. The only thing I would have liked to see on this page that is not there is some indication of specifically what award each video won. But not really a big deal if you aren’t a porn nerd like me.



As far as the content on is concerned, it’s easy to see just why they have so many awards under their belt. Every scene I looked at seems to be top-notch, in terms of filming, setting, and, of course, girls. All the videos, too, are available in 4k Ultra HD (if your computer can handle it), which is crystal clear (it’s almost like you’re there).


If your computer can’t handle 4k resolution (admittedly, mine struggled), that’s fine, you can always change the quality down to whatever you need. 1080 worked just fine for me, and I don’t really require my porn video quality to be a whole lot better than that anyway. Besides, the human eye can’t even really perceive the number of pixels that 4k uses anyway. So, word to the wise, don’t spend extra money on a 4k tv … it’s a waste of money!



Elevating Pornography from Smut to Art

Even though I don’t usually think it’s all too important, I have to mention the settings of the videos because Blacked is not one of those shoddy porn studios that is willing to film any damn place that they can rent a space. You can tell that the producers of these videos put a lot of time (and money) into planning their sets out. This is all too rare to find in the adult industry—pornographers who try to elevate the craft.



These beautiful women aren’t getting blacked in a back alley somewhere, their scenes are set on the tops of NYC skyscrapers, giving you a stunning skyline backdrop to the action, or on a boat, with nothing but ocean as far as the eye can see. Blacked puts thought into the art of their porn is what I’m trying to say, they go the next level beyond just filming two people having sex. It adds a certain level of class to it that a lot of porn seems to be missing nowadays.



Great Actively Engaged Community of Fellow Members

One more thing Blacked has going for it that many other sites seem to be missing is an active and engaged community of members. Every video I clicked on had a ton of comments and replies. People were actually conversing underneath the videos, discussing their favorite parts, other films the girls have been in, or just fucking around and having a laugh. It’s always nice to find a site with an active community of members, it adds a whole new element of enjoyment to the experience.




Love the Playback and Media Player

The media player for these videos is equally as impressive as the rest of the site. The default playback provides you with a huge screen … none of that tiny square shit you get on tube sites. Even before you enter full-screen mode, it’s already a cinematic experience. You can also cast videos to your smart tv if you have one, which is a feature I have yet to see on any other paysite I’ve explored. Also, I’m sure, super fucking convenient.



Beyond that, every prominent position change is marked out for you on the scrub bar, so you don’t have to do any guesswork or searching for your favorite positions. It’s all right there for you to easily skip around as you see fit. Wanna know when she starts blowing him? Well, go to the marker labeled “blowjob.” Wanna see how she rides ass-backward? Hit up “reverse cowgirl,” and, boom, there it is.



Put Down the Girly Drink, Cum Sipper, Get Blacked Instead

All in all, is an excellent paysite. If you’re into hot ass white chicks getting blacked by BBC, I think it’s fair to say that you’ll be very pleased with your purchase should you decide to become a member. New videos every week, every video is topnotch and features world-class performers. The site is designed well, it’s sleek and easy to navigate. An actively engaged community of fellow members. No ads (aside from featured discounts to partner sites). I really don’t see how you could go wrong.



I say go ahead and register for a membership. It’s just a dollar a day if you get the one-month plan. That’s nothing! You spend way more than that on your fucking mocha-frappa-latte-jizzuccino that you get every day at Starbucks on your way to work. Be a fucking man and ditch the bitch drinks. Get a black coffee on your way to work instead and enjoy Blacked on your computer at the end of the day when you get home.

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