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Jules Jordan

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Jules Jordan

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Ah, gonzo pornography! If you follow the adult film industry at all, then you should know who the fuck Jules Jordan is. This guy is a legend in the industry. But, if you don’t know who he is, I’ll give you a rundown. He is a legendary adult film director who has dozens upon dozens of awards for shit like “Favorite Director, Studio of the Year, and he has even been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame!” This isn’t just some dude shooting shitty porn flicks in his garage. Though he did get his start shooting amateur porn videos while he worked at an adult video store. Talk about living the fucking dream, right?


Instead of your usual site dedicated to content from a specific pornstar, the site I have for you today is a site for everything and anything shot or directed by Jules Jordan. The site, aptly named, is a premium porn site with exclusive content and videos directed by the man himself. He launched the official site way back in 2001, and the site has been killing it since then. It brings in a massive 5 million views each and every month. That’s really fucking impressive.



Expensive Membership Cost

Now, to watch content from such a prestiged director, you’re going to have to pay up a premium price. If you want a taste of the content before you go all in, just pop over to the site and browse the free 1-2 minute clips they have up there. It’s good shit too. All of their latest videos have free previews. But, if you do decide to commit, then you should be prepared to pay a good bit. Monthly memberships will run you around 30 bucks a month, while yearly takes that number down to 120ish paid in advance. They try and disguise it a bit by saying “only 40 cents a day!,” but I guess that sounds better than 120 for the year.



Once you get situated and login you’ll be greeted by a huge banner up top that flips between previews of the site’s newest releases. And, fuck, do you get a nice taste. Full HD photos of whatever popular pornstar is getting fucked. Right now they have one up for Gianna Dior’s first interracial fuck. If you can manage to pry your eyes away from that sensory overload of a banner, then you would see that there is a banner up top that lets you flip between the following options: “Home, Scenes, DVDs, Pornstars, Categories, Favorites, Live Girls, and Specials.”



Downloadable 4k Videos and 1080p Streams with No Buffering!

Below all of that there is a row of popular pornstars you can check out. There are babes there like Riley Reid, Autumn Falls, Kissa Sins, and Gianna Dior. Along with dozens of others! Then there are lists for popular videos, upcoming shoots, an annoying row of ads, and finally, you get to the latest updates section with full-sized video previews.



And the video previews here are great. I mean, they better be for how much you’re paying a month. If I could have everything my way they’d get rid of some of the ads here too. The previews are nice, HD shots from the video, and it’ll play a short slideshow of pictures when you hover your cursor. You get the names of the pornstars, a title, a photo count, length of the video, date uploaded, and a rating out of 100 percent. Also, there will be a stamp on the video that tells you if it is in 4k.


The videos play without any buffering, and you have a ton of streaming and downloading options. Stream the video in up to 1080p HD or lower. Or you can clear out some space on your hard drive and download that a shit to experience the whole thing in dick-hardening 4k. Below the video, you can read a description if the visual experience isn’t enough for you. There you can browse tags for the video, see related videos, view the extensive photo gallery, check out screencaps from the shoot, or leave a comment to let other horny dudes know how awesome the video was.



Full-Length DVDs, Lots of Categories, and Access to Sister Sites with Membership

If that one video wasn’t enough, then you can head over to some of the other options on the site. The DVDs page sorts all of the videos by what DVD they can be found in, so just click on one that sounds hot and you’ll get the full list of videos in that movie. I personally recommend Anal Boot Camp 4. Classic. If you’re looking for a specific slut, then hit up the pornstar page and browse through the full HD pictures of these sexy goddesses. You’ll find a full list of their videos on the site, as well as some biographical stats. Well, on some of them. Most are blank.



The categories page is pretty good, too. They have a shit ton of categories to choose from, with each having HD previews, so you know what kind of good shit to expect. Though having a number for the amount of videos in each category would be a welcome addition. There is a solid selection here. Stuff like “Oiled, Rimming, Anal, and Gang Bang.” Not a lot of super fetishy content here, but you’ve got all of your mainstream genres to explore.


The live girls’ page takes you to an associated cam site. It doesn’t look too bad. And, of course, you can browse through all of the site deals you get here. One thing I noticed that was pretty neat was that you get free access to and with your membership to Not a bad deal! Makes that price slightly more reasonable.



Awesome Mobile Experience

The mobile site kicks ass. It’s a premium site. Their mobile sites usually, and should kick ass. It’s all formatted so that you can easily browse on the go. There are even alternative video formats for mobile that make it so you don’t decimate your phone’s slim amount of storage. Videos play fine on mobile, downloads work, and you can browse and use the same exact features that you normally use on the desktop version.




NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is that you can download this shit in 4k. I mean, holy shit. If you haven’t watched porn in 4k then you fucking need to. It’s a whole new experience. And the 1080p streaming is a huge plus, too. Some premium sites can’t even get their video quality that high, let alone have it available for streaming. And I have to give this site some more credit. I didn’t have a single issue with buffering. Lots of porn sites boasting these high-quality videos often have shitty streaming services. Not at You get the real fucking deal.



I also liked the way the site organized content. Having the DVD page made it easy to watch videos with the same stars and them. Same with the pornstars’ page. It’s a simple inclusion that way too many sites lack. Being able to hop between every video a pornstar has done is a lot of fucking fun.



NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

My main suggestions for would be to get rid of the ads. There aren’t many. But if I’m paying for a premium service than those need to go. It makes the experience feel cheaper. Keep that shit on the “Specials” page or whatever. And, while we’re on it, the price is a little high, I think. A 10 bucks a month recurring membership would be more around the range I’d charge for something like this, but that’s not a huge deal. I’m sure there are plenty of horny dudes out there willing to dish out whatever it takes to see some exclusive Jules Jordan content.




NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

Overall, has some awesome content. 4k videos, 1080p streams, and a massive catalog of videos directed by one of the top names in the porn industry. If you can get past the steep asking price for a membership, then you will love the shit they have to show you. The site is great, navigation is easy, and there are plenty of site features here to make your experience amazing.

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