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If you’ve got Clips 4 Sale, you’ve already got my attention. I’m assuming, of course, that those clips are something I can whack off to. Here at ThePornDude, I don’t have much use for non-masturbatory cinema, nor do my legions of horny visitors. So if you’re stopping by to read my review of Clips4Sale, it’s because you’re curious what kind of smut they’re peddling and whether or not it’s worth the cash they’re asking. Have you got some time on your hands? Because the site’s big and varied. And well, it might take a good long minute to tell you about all the wild, kinky shit I just found inside. has been around since 2001. So if you’ve got a fetish, there’s a good chance you’ve stopped by a time or two or a thousand. The whole thing’s a platform for independent pornographers, fetishists, models, and kinksters to sell their own videos. They pull about 13 million visitors every month, which isn’t chump change. I’m actually in the mood for something a little bit freaky today, so let’s take a closer look and see what’s available.


So What Floats Your Boat, Sexually?

If you want to know the truth, I’ve always wondered why Clips4Sale isn’t more popular than it is. The recent rise of OnlyFans proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that perverts love the amateur stuff and will gladly flock to a platform full of models hawking their own homemade wares. The business model at Clips4Sale really isn’t even all that different from OnlyFans. The biggest difference is the payment structure; OnlyFans models sell monthly subscriptions, whereas Clips4Sale vendors sell individual clips, hence the name.



But I will say that the Clips4Sale vibe is decidedly kinkier than your typical social media porn site. The new homemade stuff has breathed fresh life into kinks like cosplay and ASMR, and there seems to be more BDSM, foot play, and other sorts of fetishism on the social sites. Independent models are more likely to pursue niches the big studios don’t touch simply because the smaller profit margins are worth it to a babe working from her bedroom webcam. That said, Clips4Sale makes sites like OnlyFans look pretty fucking vanilla.


This place is a fucking wonderland of deep-niche fetishes, niches, kinks, and assorted perversions. There’s a row of Popular Studios at the very top of the front page, and only a few are offering traditional porno categories like Blowjobs, Creampies, and Amateurs. The rest are selling Bondage, Tickling, Female Domination, Female Training, and Breast Expansion. As I scrolled further right, I found fetish studios producing Vore, Female Wrestling, Ass Smothering, and Lesbian Domination movies.


This clearly isn’t your grandma’s clip sale site unless she’s into tying up men, sitting on their faces, and making them suck farts out of her old asshole. That’s actually the premise behind one of Today’s Best Fetish Clips on, minus the octogenarian angle. Today’s other big sellers include extreme tickling, morning bondage sex, Amazon wrestling, and extreme foot-fetish BDSM.


Most porn sites, free or paid, list a pretty standard set of categories like Anal, Blow Jobs, and Lesbians. Clips 4 Sale has all the standards, but their full dropdown menu of categories stretches off in all kinds of crazy directions. It almost reminds me of a JAV or hentai site in the sheer depths of the depravity, which includes hundreds of categories like BBW Smoking, Clothes Destruction/Burning, Financial Domination, Handcuff and Shackle, Meok-Bang, and Seat Belt Fetish. Come for the Ballbusting; stay for the Mermaid Fetish and Height Humiliation.


The range of subgenres is so broad and varied that I could honestly spend this whole review just naming the weirdest, most unusual sexual fetishes represented. has been around for twenty years, and I imagine that catalog of categories has slowly grown along with the rest of the site as modern perverts develop new kinks. For example, the Virtual Reality section couldn’t have been viable a decade ago. But now they’ve got a nice stash of VR fetishism, including giantesses, tickling, locked cock box CBT, and full weight facesitting. If none of the premium VR sites I’ve reviewed are kinky enough for you, these guys might have precisely the kind of Clips 4 Sale you want filling up your Quest.


Who’s Got Clips 4 Sale?

Well, shit. Where’s a guy supposed to start a fap test with a collection as weird and varied as this one? Do I want to watch a fat chick step on a guy’s nuts, witness a woman getting tickled until she loses all control, or tune in to have some mean dominatrix tell me my penis is too small? They’ve got over 7 million clips to choose from, which means I’ve got my work cut out for me.



Maybe it’d be easier if I had a producer, model, or studio in mind. Anybody can open a store on Clips 4 Sale, making it a veritable online bazaar of the bizarre. They’ve currently got almost 3,000 clip stores, each with its own styles, fetishes, and models. If you’ve been thinking of dabbling in the fetish porn market but are overwhelmed by the prospect of setting up your own website, this may be just the spot for you. (You can also check out my other site, PornWebmasters, where I detail starting and operating all kinds of adult websites.)


New Clips4Sale studios are popping up all the time, too. A few newcomers are featured out front, and they sure are kinky. One’s devoted to erotic male fighting, another to bitches with strap-ons. A couple are solo shops that remind me of OnlyFans, only with individual clip sales and meaner bitches. If you want a verbal thrashing from a dominatrix, you’ll find them in spades, you shrivel-dicked loser.


It goes without saying that there are going to be a lot of updates with this many studios. Hundreds of new clips are added to the site every day. Today’s new additions include fun with Dirty Feet, Financial Domination, Smothering, Mesmerize, CBT, and Farting.


If you have a fetish, you should definitely pull up that category to check out all the latest offerings in the genre. I clicked my way to the Farting section and found out 16 gassy new movies have been added today. Smothering only got two updates, Face Sitting got 15, and the CBT fans can choose from 5 new cock and ball torture flicks, plus another half dozen under Ballbusting.


Today, one of the freshest CBT updates is an 8-minute clip called Going Out. This hot Asian chick ties up a guy, knees and kicks him in the balls, and makes him suck a dildo. The scene costs nine bucks, a pretty standard price on Clips4Sale. While studios can set their own prices, you’ll usually pay about a buck per minute plus another dollar on top. (Nine bucks for an eight-minute clip, a tenner for nine, eleven for ten, etc.)


This leads me to my only real complaint about Clips4Sale: that shit can get pricey. The typical paysite in 2024 costs thirty bucks a month for an all-you-can-fap porno buffet, but you can easily surpass that price by buying a couple of clips. On the other hand, when was the last time Brazzers or Reality Kings featured cum eating instructions, foot humiliation, or a terrifying executrix who gives you a boner by pretending to kill you? is an easy recommendation for anybody with a deep-niche fetish that isn’t catered to by the bigger porn sites. The platform’s got some of the same appeal as OnlyFans, with homebrew models hawking their homemade clips, only the material tends to be kinkier. It’s also a hell of a lot easier to search and browse than OnlyFans, which means you’re just a couple of clicks away from a catalog of dirty movies in exactly that weird, freaky niche you have so much trouble finding elsewhere. At the very least, you owe yourself a peek.

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