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Fake Hub! What do fake cops, fake doctors, fake taxi drivers, and fake casting agents all have in common? They’re all smashing the fuck out of top-shelf pussy on Fake Hub. Their landing page says they specialize in babes getting into “real world, outlandish scenarios.” That’s an apt description. The vast majority of their scenes feel like they take place in a parallel universe, much the same as ours, except every woman is smoking hot and sex-crazed. is a paysite, so cheapskates and freeloaders need not apply. For those willing to fork over their hard-earned cash, your membership includes access to eight different smut sites. An ad at the bottom has a lovely young 18+ Latina showing off her ass, next to the words “JOIN THE #1 REALITY SITE”. Is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Well, fellow pervs, come along as I take a trip deep into a sexy heart of Fake country.



What’s On The Menu?

There are really only a handful of setups for the movies on FakeHub. Each site focuses on one particular theme, serving up an endless number of slightly different variations. You’d think the repetition would get tiresome, but it actually seems to have an opposite effect. Because their material is consistent, it becomes easy to convince yourself it’s all part of a genuine, X-rated reality show. You’ll want to catch every episode, just to see who shows up and what kind of nastiness they get into.



FakeTaxi has got to be my favorite site on the network, and honestly one of my favorite overall smut spots in the last few years. My uncle drove a cab for a while and complained about it at every family event. The stupid old fuck clearly didn’t know what he was doing. John, the driver from FakeTaxi, has the time of his life every time he works. I’ve seen him get a blowjob, buttfuck a girl, and make her squirt, all in one trip.


PublicAgent features a dude with a camcorder and a wad of cash convincing up-and-coming models to get freaky with him. They’re all sure they’re going to be the next big thing. Maybe they are, if the next big thing is a popular spank vid on FakeHub. Hey, babe, you gave me a very big thing.


FakeAgent and FakeAgentUK follow the same theme. All types of gorgeous ladies take cock in all types of ways, trying to convince the Fake Agent they’ve got what it takes to blow up the porn biz. FemaleAgent is exactly what it sounds like. On that site, the agents are sexy-ass sluts taking auditions from both men and women.


If you’re into fantasies involving doctors and patients, you’ll want to check into FakeHospital. The malpracticing motherfuckers don’t even wear latex gloves, let alone condoms. I’m learning a lot about practicing medicine from videos like Wet Pussy And Orgasms Cure Backaches, and Deepthroat Cures Sweet Czech Babe. Next time my girlfriend’s got a headache, I’ve got a remedy I’d like to try.


Real cops get in a world of shit when they shoot innocent people. “Sergeant” Montgomery, the fake cop from FakeCop, shoots bitches in the face all the goddamn time. Good thing he’s blasting them with cum, not bullets. These girls are far from innocent, anyway. It’s called justice when you give an unregistered driver a creampie.


Anything on FakeHub that won’t fit one of the other sites ends up on FakeHubOriginals. There’s only 65 videos there right now, but it’s off-the-wall porno. Knockouts: The Headmistress VS Teen Machine, for example, is a pro-wrestling themed fuck flick, complete with double blowjobs, cumshots, and spanking. Space Taxi: Princess of Mars is basically a FakeTaxi movie, but all the hardcore sex happens in space. The titles for Dirty Yoga Teacher and Cheating Lesbian Wife give away much of the plot.



Bonus Fakes, Bonus Fucking

Once I got signed up and logged in, I found a nice surprise waiting for me inside. It seems I actually get ten sites with the membership. Unless you’re a complete moron, I’m sure you can guess what kind of content you’ll find on FemaleFakeTaxi and FakeDrivingSchool.



There’s also unlockable bonus content if you’re willing to pay a dollar more. It’s over 70,000 scenes and 14,000 DVDs, with daily updates and unlimited downloads. That’s a veritable fucking orgy of orgies, so well worth the price of a cheeseburger from McDonald’s. Instead of being served by a greasy 18+ teenager, you can watch MILFs, 18+ teens, and in-betweens getting hammered on video.


While the constant upselling on porn sites can get annoying, the few ads on the main page of FakeHub are easily ignored. One thing I really loved about the site is that I did not have a single spam pop-up or pop-under the entire time I browsed it.



Let’s Get Into It

You can browse the library of each site individually, but the default view for the central FakeHub site contains videos from across the network. They’re organized initially by date released, with the newest content at the top. There’s new stuff to jerk off to every single day now. If you go all the way back to the beginning of the archive, starting in June 2011, updates usually took a few days. To date, they’ve amassed nearly 3,000 movies.



The newest video, uploaded the day I’m typing this, is a FakeAgent offering called Hot Desk Fuck With Tanned Euro Babe. The screengrab shows a tanned Euro babe with dark hair, stretched across a couch in her lingerie. Fake Hub doesn’t show you a preview when you hover over the image, so I had to click through to see more. She’s fucking hot, so I was going to, anyway.


The on-screen talent is listed just above the video. The tanned Euro babe in question is Cassie Del Isla. I clicked her name, which pulled up her profile. It lists her stats like height, weight, and date of birth. More importantly, another half dozen of her clips are displayed below. Cassie looks particularly sexy in the cap for The Mystic, so I clicked through to watch.


FakeHub’s video player has the basic features like volume, quality, and full-screen mode. They’re clearly not cutting corners on web hosting, as the video loaded instantly. I didn’t even get a split-second of buffering when I skipped around through different scenes of The Mystic.


The player also has a couple of unexpected features that really make it shine. They’ve got a Chromecast button, so you can watch Cassie get her twat throttled on your TV. If you’re feeling mischievous, you could theoretically find a Chromecast on a public network and give everyone in the waiting room a real show.


Another badass feature baked into FakeHub’s player is the ability to slow down or speed up the video. Cassie’s moaning at quarter-speed while being wheelbarrow fucked is going to haunt my wet dreams.


You can find the description and categories in a dropdown menu right above each clip. The Mystic, being a really well-rounded porno film, is tagged with such deviate activity as Deep Throat, Ass Licking, Doggystyle – Standing, and Handjob – POV. Clicking Cum On Ass brought up nearly 400 more videos across the network.



Hot Chicks, Hot Movies

Just wandering around the site, letting my dick do the clicking, it looked like the overall standards for FakeHub’s videos are very high. Everything is shot in HD, and the movies tend to run around 20 to 30 minutes. There’s a wide range of sex acts, usually, in every movie, all lovingly captured to digital media by cameramen who know what the fuck they’re doing. Nothing is obscured by half-ass positioning or stationary cams.



And the girls. Holy fucking shit, let’s talk about the girls. The Models section of FakeHub lists around 1,600 sluts, and I’d love to bury my dick in most of them. They’ve got perfect examples of every size, shape, ethnicity, hair and eye color you could ever want. It’s skewed toward younger 18+ video-whores, as youth is fucking hot, but about 40 models come up when you search for MILF.


FakeHub is one of the better paysites on the Internet. A lot of time, effort, and money went into the design, which is easy to navigate and doesn’t spam you into oblivion. More importantly, the smut they’re putting out across the network is some of today’s hottest porn.

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