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Let’s take a look at some sexy girls at Define Babe! There’s no such thing as a perfect cup of tea, and that’s mainly because everyone likes different kinds of shit these days. Well, if you are ready to see dirty action involving some of the hottest girls in the industry, then you should check out But you should also know that this place only offers galleries… which is a shame.

Personally I only jerk off to naughty videos, jerking off to pictures doesn’t make any sense to me. But I’m not here to judge, you can do whatever you find attractive, as long as it’s legal. You were expecting some videos, like a normal person fucking, but for the most part, you’ll only get galleries here, with some videos that only show the main part of the sex… which isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Hasn’t everyone heard of

It might just be because I tend to browse the dirty side of the Internet frequently, but I have a feeling that everyone has heard of by now… Well, in case this is your first rodeo on This place, there’s not much. That can be said about the general introduction, apart from the fact that here you have all kinds of beauties and a lot of naughty galleries. Oh yeah, and is a free site, which is a big plus for all my cheap fans.
On the other hand, I’d be pretty stupid if I had to pay for a site that only offers galleries, don’t you think? I mean, that literally doesn’t make any sense since you can find those kinds of images all over the internet. Now, here you have many galleries with the hottest girls out there, and I am sure you will find the shit that makes your cock hard.

Of course, this all depends on what the fuck are you here for? If you’re here because you love watching naughty pictures of horny girls, then you’ve surely come to the right place… but if you were expecting real content, then I have bad news for you. There is a lot to explore and I am sure that sooner or later you will stumble upon that gallery that will make your penis explode, if that is possible.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone likes to see naughty pictures of hotties, but does anyone actually masturbate while browsing these pictures? I have a hard time believing that, probably because I only watch real videos of my favorite porn stars. Well, that’s why there are so many different porn sites; to adapt to each individual desire we may have.

The homepage of is fucking random, which took me by surprise. They haven’t changed their design in quite some time and I think it’s time to do it. I mean, creating a site that only offers galleries and looks good isn’t that difficult, so how about you guys work on it a little? Although, I’m sure the people who came here for that free content don’t care at all about the design or its annoying ads, right?

Here I also meant that they have a premium section, where I expected them to offer some naughty videos instead of galleries… but to no one’s surprise, that section doesn’t even work. I don’t understand the point of offering something on your site, getting excited about it, and then not even being able to make this shit work?

Everything you need to navigate the site will appear at the top and generally they have pretty simple options which is nice. There is nothing that makes this place stand out from the crowd… Well, those who enjoy browsing numerous galleries will surely enjoy exploring all the shit that has to offer.

Lots of naughty galleries

From the beginning, it was obvious to me that they offer a great variety in terms of content. I mean, their homepage was filled with all kinds of thumbnails, some depicting the beauty of striptease, while others featured girls who love to get covered in cum. So, I think it’s safe to say that no matter what you like, you can find it here.
There are more than 11,000 whores, more than 115 galleries and around 43,500 videos. I’m sure that with so much content you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for… unless you’re a very picky idiot who is never satisfied… In that case, you might want to check out my general porn search engines. , since I think they are basically made for people like you.

As you can see, there are a lot of horny bitches here and therefore, no matter what kind of hottie makes your cock rock solid, you will find her here. There are many beautiful girls for you to see, and they are all ready to show off their amazing bodies while taking off their clothes, posing, sucking or riding hard cocks and covering themselves completely.

At this point, it all comes down to your personal choice, because the beauty you will have fun with must satisfy your dirty desires. Well, you’re lucky, because there are many beauties here; of all shapes and sizes, different hair colors, ethnicity or anything else. So with a little browsing, you’re sure to find a wet pussy that will make your day better.

Generally, sites like, which focus mainly on their galleries, do not satisfy my desires as they tend to offer girls who do not look very good. But I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by their incredible selection of girls, because most of them were beautiful, with a few ugly bitches here and there.

Their galleries only offer HD images, or well, all the shit I looked for was in HD quality. The videos are taken from many different premium sites, which is good because we all know that site has a lot of good content. However, the videos will be about 8 minutes or so long and will show only the most important parts of the video, fucking and cumming. The videos are also of solid quality, with some HD and bass sprinkled here and there.

Some good search options

At the top of the site, you’ll have all the search options that has to offer, and honestly, I wasn’t impressed at all. You can choose to list chicks alphabetically or by category. They cover just the basic categories and that’s basically all you can do. Oh yeah, you can also search for girls randomly or through galleries… but again, that’s nothing that’s useful.
Now what made me angry is the fact that his videos cannot be listed in any way. They have a lot of videos featured on, but you can’t really list them in any way, you have to randomly browse through all the clips to find what you want. On the other hand, who the fuck visits a gallery-based site to enjoy their small selection of videos?

If you are looking for the best porn videos to make your cock hard, you should visit other porn sites that I have already reviewed. Maybe consider checking out somewhere that’s premium, as those sites are often packed with exclusive content that’s worth every penny… but of course, this also depends on what shit you’re into.

Is it worth the visit?

At the end of the day, this is what everyone really cares about, right? Well, I think (often misspelled as “define babes”) is definitely worth checking out for those who love looking at random galleries of slutty babes in multiple scenarios. Sure, their videos are great and all that crap, if you don’t mind watching the most random content ever.
They could use some work on their listing options, especially since they have so many different galleries and videos to offer. It wouldn’t hurt to include a simple category section for videos, it really isn’t that difficult. But other than that, I think everyone will find at least one part of that they like.

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