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Dorcel Club

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Dorcel Club

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Dorcel Club has the kind of title that sounds like sheer gibberish if you ain’t in the know, though porn fans around the world have recognized the name for literally decades now. Marc Dorcel might not have the same level of brand recognition among American masturbators as stateside pornographers like Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt, but the old guy is legendary enough to have his own Wikipedia page listing his accolades. I’m writing this a month before the man himself turns 90 years old, so Happy Birthday and thanks for all the smut, Marc.


Mr. Dorcel’s legacy continues at, a premium porno site putting out filthy high-end fuck flicks. The site’s been around for years now and has amassed a nice stack of awards for AVN and XBIZ, to say nothing of the million fans stopping by every month with their dicks in their hands. Speaking as an erotica enthusiast and a smut peddler myself, I’ve got a lot of appreciation for the classics, so let’s see if this club still has the magic that put Dorcel on the map in the first place.



Like Jerking Off in a Limousine

First impressions count for a lot in just about every part of life, whether you’re meeting your new boss, taking the first bite at a new restaurant, or pulling up a new porn site with the intention of pulling your old dick. DorcelClub comes out swinging in this respect; I’m whipping up this review on a Friday, and no shit, this might the classiest looking joint I’ve seen this week. The overall layout is polished and professional, with a vibe perfectly straddling perversion and high-class luxury. Some paysites feel like walking into a cheap whorehouse that smells of sweat and cum, but this is more like stepping through the velvet curtains, into the champagne room at a gentleman’s club you can’t afford in real life.



What sets that vibe, exactly? It’s a combination of the darker color scheme, simple but luxurious logo, expensive looking sets and matching outfits, for starters. There’s no visible cum squirting out of cocks and onto pretty faces on the front page like you find on a lot of reality porn sites, though there’s no shortage of sex going on between men, women, and whole-ass groups of sexy humans.


Even before I started digging into the stash, it was clear DorcelClub carries a nice variety of perversion. The front-page spread of new and featured material includes secret orgies, threesomes of both the MFF and MMF variety, lesbian tomfoolery and some light BDSM.’s got a whole page full of Fantasies, offering up vids under themed headers like Voyeurism, Anal Addict, Fetish SM, Swingers and Outdoor Sex.


I don’t always expect to see recognizable faces on European porn sites, but ain’t your typical Euro outfit stocked with unknown but gorgeous Czech chicks. They’re working with a nice range of both rising amateurs and well-known pornstars. Cherry Kiss, Maya Woulfe, Whitney Wright, Adriana Chechik and Valentina Nappi are some of their top models as I type this up. I even spotted some of the babes I’ve gotten to know on the PornDudeCasting couch, like Anissa Kate, Kira Noir, Cassie Del Isla and Gianna Dior.



Join the Club – Dorcel Club, That Is

There are some “Play” buttons out on the front page, but those sideways triangles don’t necessarily mean the same thing on a premium porn site tour as they do everywhere else in the world. I tried tapping a few, but instead of getting to watch even a single free preview, I was told I had to sign up for access. This ain’t uncommon, but it’s still a pet peeve of mine.



Dorcel Club has a strong enough reputation in the world of adult content that they’re asking a little more than the usual $30 you pay for almost any other paysite, including the aforementioned PornDudeCasting. Monthly memberships for are $35, and the long-term discounts are longer terms than other places; you can save a pretty penny, but only if you spring for a one-year, two-year or lifetime membership.


For a few bucks more than the regular membership, you can get access to Dorcel Club+. That includes the regular Dorcel scenes, thousands of full movies from a range of porn studios, and 3 live TV channels. I don’t always recommend the package deals right off the bat, but this one really is a solid value because it’s a pretty cheap add-on. It’s a far cry from the platforms that try to quietly opt you into further full-priced paysite memberships.


Even though they take a shitty, modern approach to their (lack of) free previews, they do keep it old-school when it comes to another traditional perk: downloads. DorcelClub members get unlimited downloads, so go ahead and fill up your hard drive, your phone, and any SD cards you may have lying around. You never know when you might need something to jerk off to.



A Stack of Porn for the Ages

I always like to see at least one new release on any adult website you have to pay for, which is why I’m dropping a fresh flick every Friday over at PornDudeCasting. DorcelClub doesn’t seem to have a very tight, defined release schedule, but I sure ain’t complaining, because they’re dropping a new movie every day or two. You get a lot more bang for your buck as far as new releases than you do most places, which will help with that sticker shock from the price tag.



This is the part of the review where I usually tell you how deep the stash runs, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any hard numbers and the web design doesn’t offer any easy ways to count. The brand’s been around for decades, though, and they didn’t earn that reputation sitting on their asses. There are easily thousands of movies to spank off to in the archive.


Thankfully, they do offer a handful of ways of digging into the stash. There’s a page full of themed Collections, and their Fantasies page serves as something of an understocked categories index. You can peruse the Videos section with a nice set of filters for fantasies, models and more, or step into the Movies area which will remind the old folks of browsing the back-room selection at the video store back in the day. Remember those swinging saloon doors?


I really wish you could browse by year or era, though, especially given the long-running scope of Dorcel Club. A real tags index would also be a very useful upgrade from the current Fantasies page. The setup they have looks incredible, but it’s just not as handy as a regular, boring but extensive list for finding your favorite kinks, sex acts, outfits and scenarios.



Seeing What Made Dorcel Famous

After poking the site around with my dick getting harder and harder, it was finally time for my official fap test of DorcelClub. I knew I’d get hung up trying to decide which of the thousands of fuck flicks to start with, so I just pulled up the very latest movie. Added yesterday, The Path of Seduction is a half hour porno starring the lovely Agatha Vega.



It opens with Agatha strolling down the street in a sunny, beachside locale. She’s gorgeous, and so are the production values; lighting, framing, editing and music are at least TV grade, with some drone shots thrown in for good measure. There’s a basic reality porn setup and a sexy accent, and then they had back to a mansion for some humping. The buildup is a little slow, but the payoff is worth it. Seven minutes in, Agatha’s got a dick in her mouth.


Marc Dorcel didn’t direct the picture and I don’t know how much of a role he still plays at, but the site and its growing collection absolutely does justice to his name. From the beautiful, sexually talented women to the masterful camerawork and editing, this is some truly top shelf, high-class smut. The action gets filthy and hardcore, yet there’s this underlying sense of refinement, a sophisticated you don’t necessarily get from just any random paysite. The preview situation sucks, but I’d recommend a peek at the tour page if you’re into the finer things in life—including your choice of fap fodder.

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