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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the internet is for porn! Unfortunately, not all smut sites are created equal, and many often either have a weird mix of super and shitty features, and others can be complete crap. Rarely, you’ll find some which range from good to being good googly-moogly great.


Where on that totally legit sex quantifying spectrum is Spizoo? Keep on scrolling to find out, friendly fuckers.



There Are Sexy Scenes And Sexy Scene Stealers

The first two signs of a gutter smut website are crappy production values and ugly looking girls. Good news right off the bat, since Spizoo has some of the hottest talent on the web. There are girls have all kinds of breast sizes, breast types, and skin tones — all of them are drop-dead gorgeous, though. No matter what they look like, they’re all quite talented at dick sucking, cock riding, cunnilingus chowing, and all of your favorite fap content.



There are industry legends like the fine Jessica Jaymes as well as new (often cum drenched) faces like Nora Ivy, Christy Love, and Daya Knight.


(BTW those are my official “starter” recommendations.)


Oh, and I should mention for all of you cuck enthusiasts and interracial lovers, in addition to having girls of every color of the human rainbow, a lot of the male performers tend to be on the brown spectrum.



Mother Have Mercy (!) Membership Is Cheap…

To get the good stuff, you’ve got to pay some coin. Most sites charge as much as $20 or $30 a month on average, or even more than $40 a month. Stingy bastards! While the standard charge for Spizoo is $29.95 per month, you can end up spending less, by paying for a longer membership.



For instance, a 3-month membership which charged $59.95 at once breaks down to $19.98 every thirty days. Better yet, get a yearly subscription for a single $119.88 you end up spending a mere ten bucks a month!


Still not convinced this site is worth it? Get a two-day trial membership for a dollar and go from there. No matter what you start with, I’m sure you’ll be pleased.


To make things even better, by getting a paid membership with Spizoo you get even more than all of the great content I already mentioned.



…And You Get Access To More Smut Sites

That’s right, by signing up through this site you get full access to an entire network devoted to nudity. You might ask, “Dude, how could I possibly have more fun than I already plan to on Spizoo?” Well, buckle up, friend, and get ready to possibly nut hands-free ‘cause the Spizoo Network has even more types of porn than what’s on the main site which takes erotic entertainment into a new dimension.



I could do a full review of each site, and for some, I’ve already done it, but to satisfy your curiosity, I’ll do a quick rundown on all of the other websites on the Network.


First Class POV — For those who don’t know or are new to porn, POV stands for point-of-view. In other words, unlike traditional porn where the camera is placed in a third-person viewpoint, or away from the performers, all of the action is seen entirely from the cameraman’s position. In fact, the cameraman is often involved in the action.


That means that not only do you see the babes goodies all up close and personal, but you can even imagine that you are the one getting sucked, fucking flesh, and blowing a load all over a hot honey’s hinny…even if you really shot onto your computer screen.


Anyway, that’s what you’re going to see on this site: first-class titty fucking, blowjobs, facials, stepmom fantasies scenarios, and even threesomes all from a first-person viewpoint.


Intimate Lesbians — I remember hearing a comedian joke about how lesbianism is friendship at its very, very best, and I have to say that I whole hard-on agree. After all, what’s better than seeing a couple of girls kissing, hugging, fingering, and fisting each other? Come to think of it, there is something better: add some dildos, strap-ons, and more girls!


Well, you’re going to see all of that and more since Intimate Lesbians has some of the best specialty girl-on-girl action on the net.


The Stripper Experience — You’ve heard of the good ol’ fashioned girlfriend experience, right? Well, I remember hearing about it ages ago and thought it sounded boring as hell. Why have that when you can enjoy a crazy night out with a fire breathing whore?


Well, with this site you can enjoy a simulated night in with tons of vids of pretty pole dancers dazzling the camera with their dance moves to then spit on a wet, freshly sucked cock or do a flying split onto a fat fap stick. Sporting both the costumes and the moves to sell themselves as real strippers — and at this point, I’m pretty sure at least a few of them are — you’ll totally feel the fantasy when fapping to this site.


Porn Goes Pro — Similar to First Class POV, this site’s content is all shot from a POV perspective. But unlike FCPOV and most other porn sites, this site doesn’t have the pretense that the performers are “real” girls. Nah, instead they sell the fact that these girls are red hot, beauteously breasted, professional pornstars.


I should add, that I can tell you from personal experience that it’s an experience you never forget. So, have you ever wanted to fuck a pornstar? For most of you, this is the closest you’ll get. I say check it out and enjoy.


Jessica Jaymes XXX — As I mentioned before, Miss Jessica Jaymes is one of the leading starlets on Spizoo. Having made such an impact, they apparently decided to give her her own site. So, if you sample Spizoo’s many main attractions but find yourself fixated on Jaymes, this specialty site is just for you.


Porn Tease — How says that all porn has to focus on fucking? I mean it is great, but there are other types of great gutter grating like masturbation. After all, I’m sure some of you out there think like I do that one of the best parts of porn is when the girl is doing nothing more than piddling her puss-puss.


If you do like that, a little or a lot, then this niche site is something you need to check out. Whether it’s fingers, dildos, vibrators or something even more exotic, nothing’s off-limits for these girls when it comes to their quest to get off.


And I’m sure you’ll do the same thing with them.



Summing Spizoo Up

And here we come to the climax of the review; the crescendo comments summarizing all of this cummy content. Well, if it isn’t obvious from everything that I’ve said above, Spizoo is a fap-tastic website. All of the best, most basic stuff is here: the girls are gorgeous, the scenes are sexy, and membership is really well priced.



While there aren’t many community features, the fact that you get six more sexy sites as a Spizoo member is a nice bonus which will keep your member happy. Other than that, there isn’t too much else to complain about.


Obviously, I highly recommend this site, and since it’s close enough to being good googly-moogly great, I award Spizoo (often misspelled as “spizzoo”) a hearty four out of five hands. Check it out today and tell me what you think. Points if you send pussy photos — just no dick pics, fellas!

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