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You already voted! blends your usual amateur porn gallery site with photo and video sharing features. And they have been doing so for a staggering 21 years. That’s right, this site has been around since 1998. I say this often, but I really mean it when I say that that is a long fucking time. Their numbers are no joke either. They pull in a very respectable 12 million views every single month. At first glance, I see why they bring in such awesome numbers. They have a fairly unique concept with what looks to be a good selection of content, but let’s check it out and see how well the idea is executed.



Easy to Sign Up and Get Started. Good Site Design for Night Browsing.

When you first go to the site you will have to sign up. Don’t panic. It’s free. I linked my Reddit account pretty easily. It only took one click and I was ready to go. But you can also sign up by email or other social media accounts. Keep in mind that signing up with Reddit will use your Reddit username. Just in case you happen to have personal information or something in it. But once you’re through with that you’ll be taken to the front page.



It’s pretty simple looking. Black background, white text. No crazy flashing ads or cluttered menus. It’s a nice layout that’s easy on the eyes for night browsing. Down the center of “Ero Me”, you’ll see a bunch of preview images. The left and right sides are blank, leaving just the headers up top for navigation and shit. The menus there are “Home, Feed, Saved, Profile, Upload, and Settings.” It’s really straightforward, but I’ll walk you through it anyway. Oh, you’ll also see a menu on the right with some other options. Just ignore those. They are all just links that take you to other sites.



Simple and Minimal Design Makes Navigation Easy

On the main page you can sort by “Hot” or “New.” You can’t really filter out videos from pictures or anything like that, but at least you do get that information in the preview. The preview will show the first image in the gallery, or the first thing you see when you start the video. Previews that include multiple images will flip through them quickly when you hover, and you can see if a gallery has videos or pictures down in the bottom right of the image. You also get the name of the gallery up top, with the name of the user on the bottom. I will say that some more sorting options here would be a good addition.



I do have one small gripe about the previews though. They are hard as fuck to read. It’s white text without any borders, so if there’s anything white in the background you have to squint to make it out. But that’s not a huge deal. They really kill it here by having quick little slideshows when you hover your cursor. That alone makes up for the text.


If you want to do some searching, you can use the search bar up top, but you’ll probably have to use the site for a bit for that to be useful. You can’t exactly look up popular pornstars here. You’ll have to learn users and popular posters. But when you do find a gallery that you like just click on the preview and you’ll get a page full of all the photos/videos. Just scroll down through them to check them out. The site already blows them up to full size for you, so no issue there. A nice feature they have here is that they make vertical pictures look better by adding blur where the usual black bars would be. I’m sure there’s a term for it, but fuck, I know porn not image editing.



Unique Feed Feature Lets You Curate Your Own Porn Page

Anyway, here is where the more unique site features come in. You can follow the poster to have everything they upload pop up over in your feed tab. It’s like a similar social media site, but for porn. It’s actually pretty fucking cool. You can curate your feed to your exact tastes with ease. You can also go to the poster’s profile to see what other kind of content they upload and how active they are. And you can save and download any of the pictures or videos on the site if you would rather do it that way.



Though there are a couple features I’d like to see added to the galleries. The main two things that make gallery pages so much better. Slideshows and arrow key support. Being able to sit back and navigate with just your keyboard, or nothing at all really frees up your hands for more important tasks. But seriously, this site is awesome otherwise. Just add those two features and it would be even better.



Awesome Mobile Site!

The mobile site actually solves one of those two problems. You still can’t enable slideshows, but you can swipe through the photos. That’s definitely a nice touch. The mobile version of is pretty fucking great. It’s like fucking some 8/10 chick only to find out that she has an even better 10/10 sister who is down to fuck. It’s great! All the same features work like they do on desktop, but everything feels scaled better on mobile. It is super easy to navigate, flip through galleries, watch videos, save images. The videos play without buffering or anything just like they do on desktop. You get the whole deal.




NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about has to be the social media feed type thing they have going on here. I like porn sites with cool features and this one is no exception. Being able to curate your own amateur porn content feed is really damn cool. No more sifting through all of the dick picks and ugly chicks. You can ensure that you only get 10 out of 10 dimes that fit your tastes completely. What’s not to love about that?



I also think, despite the lack of arrow key and slideshow functions, that the gallery page is solid. Having the images already blown up and edited for you is nice. And this site barely has any ads, so you can click on the images to save them and shit without worrying about a dozen frustrating redirect ads. The user experience is simply great here. Incredibly easy to use and fap to.



NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

My suggestion for would probably be to expand a bit. Maybe include categories or tags to make finding certain kinds of images easier. As of right now you kind of have to jump around in the hopes of finding something good. If they did tags, then maybe you could even make it so you could exclude or specifically include pictures with certain tags in your feed. That would be cool. Again, the site is great as is, but there’s always room for some sort of improvement.




NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you like amateur porn and the social feed aspect here then I would highly recommend giving a try. There are so many fucking galleries here and they are all nut-bustingly good. Tons of fetish content and sexy amateur babes. The mobile and desktop site are both great, so pick up either one and go check out You won’t regret it.

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