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To say that porn moves faster than a Ferrari is an understatement. What was considered extreme and taboo yesterday could be considered vanilla a week from now. It’s fair to say that any mature company that can’t keep up will quickly fall behind, like a walled-off guy who can’t handle a hard cock in a creampie gangbang.

I’ve been in porn for a long time and I have to say that one of the biggest smut periods in the world was the 1990s. It was a time of powerful porn actresses like Gianna Michaels, Sandra Romain, Kelly Wells and other greats. It was also the time when free porn tube sites started taking over the world.

Over the years, the pool of thousands of porn sites dwindled as names like Pornhub and XNXX rose to the top and became household names in the minds of many porn fans, even reaching mainstream status in many aspects. . As a result, there were many porn sites that many people forgot about.

But were they all gone? Fuck no! Some did, of course, but there are still plenty of old school porn sites that refuse to go to bed peacefully at night. I have made it a priority to show as much as possible so that their resistance in the world of porn does not go unnoticed.

I came across one of the sites today. It’s something I’m not afraid to call an old friend because I can’t even keep track of how many nuts I became that day with the content on this site. It’s called and like many others, I lost touch with the site over the years as it struggled to keep up with the stronger porn sites that soon dominated the scene.

However, is not only a site that has stood the test of time, it has also taken steps to keep up with the demands of the modern porn world and has recently created its own tube site called . .

But instead of meeting, I want to explore their newest site,, and see what it’s like. Is this a porn brand that can give us as much grueling content as in the old days? Take a journey with The Porn Dude and let’s find out!

What is, as the name suggests, is a free tube site behind, specializing in a wide range of porn categories, from close-ups anal and CFNM to creampies and softcore content. As the site proudly states in its header bar, it has been around since 1998 and is still going strong.
This iconic site,, was active during what many consider the modern golden age of porn, the 2000s, and I was eager to see how the admin influenced our taste in porn and what it could present to us. From a porn portfolio from Speaking of which, let’s take a look at what’s next!

What is the porn like on

” Shit! Get ready for another beating, you purple-headed bastard! is what many people yell at their tired cock when they land on the homepage and see how much porn is offered. Firstly, show your pea some respect and stop talking to him like that. Secondly, this site has a wide selection of XXX content.
On the homepage of, simply scroll down to witness the size of the site’s porn collection. The site has over 5,900 pages of videos to explore at the time of writing. So where the hell do you really start? Well, let me help you by introducing you to some of the most popular content on the site that has stood the test of time.

● Sexy blonde GILF Seka Black rides a big black cock-The first thing that caught my attention in this video is the pure energy that this old GILF (Seka Black) exudes when she presents a big black cock for play. The second thing that surprised me was that there are still people who call roosters “Weiners”. This blonde trophy ex-wife shows some wear, but those fake GILF nipples are a challenge for any man, and her lifelong talent for handling cock really shines in this clip! Dressed in lingerie as red as her lips and black as his cock hits, Seka Black takes cock like an absolute champ!

● Big cock teacher Venice Rose gives multiple anal creampies for extra credit: If your 18 year old student asks you for extra credit in exchange for anal sex, you’ll load all the cum you can up her ass. You can, right? That’s what this honest professor did when he walked into Venice Rose’s office and made an inappropriate proposal. That 18-year-old pussy may be attractive, but she’s so fertile that cumming inside her could be a serious mistake. Instead, this teacher chooses her ass. She doesn’t take it easy either and her butt grows repeatedly, and the reverse cowgirl position looks especially sexy!

● Hotwife Rebel Ryder humiliates cuckold with anal BBC – Man, watching your wife get drilled by a BBC in front of you must be humiliating, but things change a little when he pounds her ass. In this cuckold porn we see Rebel Ryder on screen humiliating her husband with a black cock the size of her forearm. Her interracial lover takes a “get rid of the rent” approach and doesn’t shy away from sticking his balls in her ass, while Ryder makes hard eye contact with her white husband and smiles at her. What a rebellion!

Web-page design

It starts with a white header bar that includes the website logo and a search bar feature. The site’s logo is a little hard to get a good look at, but it explains its name. There are also a couple of buttons on the site that allow you to register an account or log in to a previously created one.
The header section highlights a main menu that directs you to some of the main areas of the site, such as the home page, categories, porn tags, a portfolio of pornstars featured on the site, and a link to the Freeones site. com main website. After that, the home page of the site will welcome you.

The home page displays the latest videos that will be uploaded to the site in six rows of thumbnails, if there are no embedded ads. Each thumbnail contains the video preview, title, view counter and duration. If you want to see the highlights of each video, all you have to do is hover over the thumbnail and a short preview will play.

What I like most about him

The first thing that strikes me about is the high level of pornography on the site. I mean, damn! There are enough pages on this site to easily get a man or woman drunk on porn, and you could spend weeks browsing it and not even scratch the surface of what it has to offer. Pretty!
When using a site with this much porn, any extra help for users in terms of navigation is always appreciated. So I was happy to see that had a feature that allowed you to watch a short pre-roll of each video and take a look at the highlights without leaving the porn results page, which can save a lot of time. .time has also done a great job optimizing their content, especially in the form of a pornstar portfolio, which allows you to search for any popular star and if it appears, you can easily browse through any tagged content. in the place

What I do not like

My main criticism of is that their logo is a bit pixelated and difficult to see. It doesn’t make the best first impression when you enter the site and is the same logo used on the main site.

My suggestions for

The logo itself is not bad and it is a design that fits perfectly on a site like However, I would suggest that the people behind the site re-optimize it and make it bigger and clearer. Additionally, it is worth adopting a separate logo for rather than using the same logo as the main site, as this will add a better level of identity and branding to the tube site.


So, logo issue aside, is a porn site that can hold its own in a world surrounded by powerful tube sites? Well, something like that. The site’s collection is huge, there is no denying it. However, it might need some tweaking to bring it up to standard, such as re-optimizing the logo and choosing one that allows the tube area to be more unique…

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