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Good Porn! Ah, the appeal of free things! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new pair of pants or a car; free stuff makes everyone happy. What if you could get something that you actually wanted for free? You know, something like free porn? That’s right. You know The Porn Dude is your number one destination when it comes to finding the best portals for free smut. I spend long hours on the darkest parts of the internet looking for places where you can stroke your prick chaffed without worrying about that dreadful credit card message. You don’t want your wife to know the filthy stuff you do with the family money, do you? I heard divorce is a fucking bitch.


Don’t get me wrong, though; I’m all for you stingy motherfuckers to pay for porn and support the fucking industry to continue giving you more videos for you to lose sperms over. As a matter of fact, there is a whole section on my site where you can find the hottest premium porn sites. On the other hand, I understand there are a bunch of you motherfuckers who don’t have any money for paid porn. Today might be your lucky day as I’m about to introduce you to a site that promises nothing but free porn videos that won’t cost you a fucking cent. What do you make of a website calling itself



Well, they better have the good smut

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the site name was just how unimaginative some people can be. I mean, you only had one fucking job; come up with a good site name. Who the fuck names their site Good Porn? Ok, it is simple to remember and all that blah blah blah, but be fucking creative for once. I’m starting to think these fellas tasked a bitch with the job of creating a site name. Anyway, before I drove you nuts with my rants, let’s hope these folks live up to that name.




GoodPorn; the initial experience

Before we delve into the content, lets first look at how the site is set up, shall we? The first thing I noted the moment I landed on this site is the blinding white background. Who the fuck thought to have a white background was a good idea? At least include lights off feature for fuck’s sake. If you will be browsing GoodPorn in the dark, good luck with your eyesight. You may as well be staring at the fucking sun.



The good news is the site does have a robust and straightforward design. I give them that. The header menu has multiple tabs that you will certainly find useful. They include options to browse content by Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Categories, Sites, Models, and Channels, among others. They also have a whole tab for the leading porn directory on the entire internet; ThePornDude. Put some fucking respect to that name. You can still expect an honest review from me, though.


On top of the navigation menu is a basic search feature in case you want to get off specific filth. These folks welcome you horny fucks to this party with a neat lineup of thumbnails showing the videos being watched and new videos. Refreshingly, the thumbnails are animated, and you can steal a glance at the type of action that awaits. Details accompanying a thumbnail include a title, video length, time of upload, rating, and the number of views. At least all the video thumbnails on the front page have an HD icon on the top right. Are all the fuck flicks actually in HD? We’ll find that out soon enough.


There is a sidebar on the left with sections for Top Categories, Top Sites, and Top Models. Scroll down the site for a browsing menu and a bunch of tags at the footer. After getting over the initial disappointment, I can assure you your quest for fap materials is going to be a smooth one.



The best of professionally produced smut

Do you know what sounds better than free porn? Free quality porn. That’s precisely what awaits your horny pricks. These fucks are planning on living up to their name after all! Not only are the videos from professional sources, but they are also available in the highest possible quality. Well, there is a small collection of amateur fuck flicks. Still, the bulk of the content is sourced from the likes of Fake Cop, Fake Taxi, Fake Agent, Female Agent, and Public Agent, among other renowned creators of ‘reality’ porn.



Fuck it; even the so-called amateur videos have professionally written all over them. As a matter of fact, all the videos seem to come from sites affiliated with the Fake Hub porn network. Don’t let the word “fake” fool you, though. There’s nothing fake about the sex on this network! From fake taxi drivers to fake cops to fake castings, these girls are placed in all sorts of scenarios where they end up having their orifices fucked hard.



Get your juices flowing to the highest quality fuck flicks

The video playing experience is smoother than your bitch of a girlfriend’s pussy. Quality is adjustable, and many of the videos I had the pleasure of watching were available in multiple resolutions starting from as low as 360p all the way to 1080p Full HD. The videos have excellent lighting, good camera angles, and all the production values you can expect from a porn studio worth its salt. You can see these bitches riding huge boners, giving head, having their twats stuffed by cops and fake agents, and so much more in stellar quality.



It gets even better; the videos are all available for download in multiple resolutions without any of that user account bullshit many porn tubes subject you to. Each video has a short description, options to rate, screenshots, tags, and categories, among others. Trust me; your small cock will be in your hands in no time. I had to be fucking professional and fight the urge to rub one out myself. A lot of the videos run about 30 to 45 minutes, so you’ve definitely got a lot to stir your fucking pot. You can also rate and comment on the scenes, save your favorites, and add them to a Watch Later list.



Solid lineup of categories

GoodPorn doesn’t go all out in terms of categories. However, there is still a list that allows you to appreciate the diversity and get off shit more suited to your tastes. The list includes threesome, MILF, lingerie, lesbian, interracial, anal, blowjob, and POV, among others. Categories indicate the number of videos, and you will notice the collection is not that huge. However, I will let them off the hook for that because they are a new site. Given a bit of time, the collection is only going to grow. That said, most of the categories are vanilla, and there is a distinct lack of more depraved categories like BDSM, Cosplay, Bukkake, and such. If your porn preferences are a bit more colorful, this doesn’t seem like the place for you to fulfill your filthy tastes.




The good of GoodPorn

Lots of HD porn; the site markets itself as a source of Full HD sex movies, which is precisely what you are looking forward to. Pretty much all the videos on this site can be streamed in resolutions that peak at 1080p.



Hot reality porn; the collection of scenes is sourced from the renowned Fake Hub porn network. You can expect plenty of excellently produced reality porn videos.


Ads free; unlike many other porn sites that bombard you with boner pill ads and such annoying shit, the good folks at GoodPorn have steered clear of any form of advertising.



Possible concerns

No amateur content; if you came to the site expecting to polish your prick to amateur porn, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is none of that at GoodPorn. Everything is professionally produced.




How the site can improve

They could start by providing an option for users to change the background into night mode as it’s currently a tad too bright. Also, the site could do with some real amateur content to sort of balance the equation. While at it, they could add more porn as their collection is currently pretty modest.





Well, it’s hard to find a site that has free, high-quality content, but at GoodPorn, they have managed to nail that potent combination. You can expect thousands of fuck flicks from the Fake Hub network available in all their sparkling glory. Stream and download the scenes in impeccable 1080p Full HD without paying a fucking cent. They could do with more videos, but they are continually updating, and the only way for them is up there with the best.

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