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Hard X! What do you think of when you imagine your perfect sex flick? Big-name pornstars or fresh teens  (18+) with huge racks? Do you prefer 18+ girls doing their first blow-bang or their first anal? If their sample page is to be believed, HardX offers all this and much more.


HardX has been around since 2005, so it ain’t no new bloke on the block. This is a tough business, so their longevity alone tells you something about the site. I’m going to take a look and find out for myself if their creampies, BBCs and gaping buttholes are as great as they make ‘em out to be.


Warning: Top-Shelf Sluts Inside

The warning screen on HardX screams at you about how the site is for adults only. I already knew that or I wouldn’t be checking it out. There’s nothing terribly unusual or interesting in the disclaimer, at least I don’t think so. I was actually too distracted by the pic of Valentina Nappi taking up half the page. She’s not fully naked, but the caption “Epic Anal Workout” tells me I need to get into this site like right now.



Christ on a goddamn cracker. If I wasn’t sold before, I am now. The preview page has Alexis Fawx in her very first gang-bang. The pic leads to a video preview, as do the pics of the nasty threesome, the girl sucking 6 dicks, and the double anal penetration. Incidentally, that last one’s another 1st gangbang movie, this one starring Lena Paul.


You can preview any of the films out on the front page, but choose wisely. They only give you a few before they cut you off. There is a helpful countdown above the video player, though.


Gina Valentina is the Latin Anal Hottie in HardX’s most recent movie, Latin Anal Hottie. The preview shows a minute and a half of the little slut sucking cock like she’s starving and squealing as she gets pounded hard up her tight asshole. The babe’s a true nympho, and utterly gorgeous to boot.


There’s a big banner saying HardX won the 2017 Xbiz Award for Studio of the Year. Based on these trailers, I can believe it. They’ve got names you recognize in almost every fucking scene, and they’re dropping a couple a week. Please, just take my fucking money already.


OMFG That’s A Lot of Porno

The standard monthly rate for HardX is only around $25, which is a few bucks less than the going rate for most premium sites these days. It’s cheaper if you pay for a few months or a year at a time, or you can look around for two days for just a buck. Don’t even think about signing up for a day and just downloading the whole catalog; the 2-day trial doesn’t include downloads.



HardX is part of the XEmpire Network, so the membership also includes access to EroticaX, DarkX, and LesbianX. Seriously, if you skip McDonald’s just a couple times this month you can beat off to four different porn sites. How’s that for an extra value meal, tubby?


The login screen drops you off at your centralized member page at XEmpire. By default, it lists smut from all the sites. The full collection is nearly 1,200 videos. HardX movies account for about half of them. You can use the dropdown in the header to filter your selection down to any of XEmpire’s sites, as I’ve done for this review.


All-Natural, Super-Cute Newcomers Cummed On

Ah, the dilemma of choice. I swear, the selection here has got me paralyzed more than Netflix. Do I start with Jade Kush getting her cunt wrecked or a tiny blonde spinning on a dick up her ass? The quantity of premium anal porn here is outstanding, but it looks like there’s a little of everything.



Some banners flashing across the top clue me in to some of their newer showcase pieces. They’ve billed newcomer Gianna Dior as a 100% all-natural super-cutie. I’m crazy about seeing girls with innocent looks acting like absolutely depraved sexual deviants, so you better believe I clicked right on her butthole.


I usually skip the interviews, but damn, this girl really is a fucking cutie. Some other pornstar is interviewing Gianna, and we get to hear about her favorite pastime growing up out in the sticks of Alabama: getting fucked super hard. I don’t detect much of a southern twang, but whatever, I can’t wait to see her get out of the shorts.


All of the new movies on HardX go up to 4K ultra-HD in the Video Quality settings. If you’re watching Gianna swallow cum on a toaster, you can also stream in 160p. I maxed out the resolution and didn’t have any buffering issues, even when skipping ahead to the part where the stud is holding her up in the air, slamming her pussy and making her scream.


By the time I saw the ass-licking scene, I knew I had to save this to my collection forever. I clicked the Plus to add it to a playlist I called Dirty Girls, and then clicked the Heart to add it to my favorites. Just in case HardX ever gets shut down by the Junior Anti-Sex League, I downloaded the vid to my hard drive in 4k. It’s more than 4 gigs, but worth it.


XEmpire’s built-in player also has a link to Photos from the scene, and you can set your own markers at your favorite points in the movie. I bookmarked the moment she swallows a huge load of cum. Unfortunately, there’s no option to loop the best moments in slow-mo. Nothing’s ever perfect, I guess.


Tags at the bottom of the screen lead to the network’s collection of smut featuring Cumshots, Brunettes, Pussy Licking, and Deepthroat action. The thumbnail of Gianna Dior leads to her page on the site. They’ve only got one more of her films, but I clicked Favorite so I can stay up on her releases here.


Stay Tuned For Anal Asians

HardX’s collection is so expansive I’m saving shit for later since I’ve already blown half a dozen loads. As if that’s not enough, these fuckers have to tease me with pornography from the future. Besides the tabs to view by Latest and Most Viewed is one offering a glimpse at Upcoming scenes.



Right now they’re showing the next three updates, so I guess I know what I’m doing for the next week and a half. It’s going to involve a lot of lusty waiting and trying to distract myself with all the anal porn here. It shouldn’t be too hard, but fuck, I’m really excited about the super-stacked cutie, the Ebony tit-fuck, and the anal-loving Asian.


All the previews of upcoming films are about a minute and a half, just like you saw out front. This 5’2” Asian slut goes ass-to-mouth multiple times and I think I might be in love. I clicked the babe’s name, Saya Song, but she doesn’t have anything else on HardX yet.


Looks Like We’ve Got a Winner

Fellow perverts, I’ve got to tell you: HardX is a fucking winner. I look at a ton of porn, and this paysite stands head and shoulders above most the half-ass porn sites on the Internet.



You can tell they’ve learned a lot about making fuck films and selling them on the Internet in the years they’ve spent doing it. The site looks and works beautifully, and it serves up crisp, filthy, professional pornographic cinema. What’s not to like here?


The tl;dr breaks down really fucking easy here. HardX (often misspelled as “porn x”) has a ton of porno, it’s really great porno with some of the top pro-whores in the game, and you get a hell of a bang for your buck. If you’re looking to step your porn game up from masturbating at the library to free tubes, HardX is a rock-solid option.

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