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Tonights Girlfriend

TonightsGirlfriend! Have you been wondering who tonight’s girlfriend is going to be? Well, if you’re stuck at home on coronavirus lockdown, your options are a bit limited. The local fat girls on Tinder are off-limits unless you’re a gambling man, so why not step up your game if you’re just going to be jacking off anyway? The girls at TonightsGirlfriend only visit via your computer screen or mobile device, but they’re way hotter than the locals, and you don’t have to bring along your gallon jug of hand sanitizer. has been putting out smut since 2011, and they’re going stronger than ever before. As of this writing, they’re getting well over half a million visits a month. Part of that popularity likely stems from the fact that they’re under the NaughtyAmerica umbrella. I’ve talked about NaughtyAmerica quite a bit here at ThePornDude, mainly in regard to the overall high quality of smut they put out. I may have just landed at Tonight’s Girlfriend, but I already have a feeling this is going to be good.

Big-Name Pornstars, 4K Ultra-HD and VR, Too!

They say it’s important to make a good first impression, so at the very least, you should brush your teeth and wipe the semen from your hands before meeting somebody. TonightsGirlfriend does a lot better than just an obligatory cleanup. These perverts go all-out in their seduction of perverts and Internet masturbators, reeling us in before we can even click a goddamn thing.



Without scrolling or touching anything, I immediately see a POV shot of Brooklyn Gray with a cock in her mouth. I’ve had a porno crush on the whore ever since she hit the scene, but she ain’t the only member of my regular masturbatory entourage I see getting nasty on the front page. Nicole Aniston is laying on a bed with her pussy showing, Alex Grey is bobbing on a knob, and legendary MILF Cherie DeVille is showing us her fuck-me face while getting fucked.


Scrolling down the page a bit, I see a section of The Girlfriends featured in a couple of rows of boner-inducing thumbnails. I hope you’re ready to jack off to a bunch of big-name pornstars. Red lingerie really makes Alexis Zara’s gorgeous skin tone even more mouthwatering, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a bite of Skylar Vox’s vooty. Sahara Leone looks luscious, and what can I say about legendary slut Cory Chase that you haven’t already thought before? has most of their current smut labeled as 4K, which ain’t a big surprise. A lot of the bigger players have been upgrading to Ultra-HD lately, and Naughty America was a little bit ahead of the curve. Naughty America was also way ahead of the other guys when it came to releasing virtual reality movies, so it makes sense that Tonight’s Girlfriend is doing the same. In addition to 4K Ultra-HD movies, they’ve also got a few immersive VR fuck flicks!

Flattening the Curve with Cheap Porno

I’ve heard churchies, prudes, woke bitches, and the NoFap fags at Reddit talk about how dehumanizing porno is, how the industry doesn’t care about people and how degrading it is to the depraved sluts spreading their twats and getting their faces jizzed on. Frankly, that’s a bunch of hateful talk from ugly people, angry about not getting laid. Porno has been ahead of its time on a wide range of social issues from interracial sex to the acceptance of trans girls before all the morally righteous motherfuckers started acting nice. (To be clear, there are no trans girls on Tonight’s Girlfriend, but I bring them up as an example of the porn industry’s forward-thinking and service to humanity.)



Take, for example. In a truly humanitarian effort, they’re currently offering 40% off as part of their #StayHome special during the pandemic. Not only do they want you to do your part to help stave off further infections, but they’re willing to cut you a break and help you get off hard while you’re stuck at home. If it was up to me, I’d award them the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts.


Porn sites almost universally cost $30 a month in this day and age, but you can score a monthly membership for just $18 right now. There’s also a yearly membership that breaks down to a little under ten bones a month, or you can try a 3-day trial for a buck. The trial has “limited access,” though I couldn’t figure out exactly what that means. It does rebill at the full $29.95 rate if you don’t cancel before it’s over. Set a reminder on your phone, or just play it safe and sign up with the discount.


I have to give TonightsGirlfriend a little bit of shit for the advertising situation. One of the big reasons to sign up for premium porno is to avoid all the spam you see on the free tubes. The first thing I saw when I signed up and logged in here was an ad to sign up for NaughtyAmerica at full price. I clicked through to the main member’s page, where the top of the screen features sliding ads for more premium subscriptions I can buy. Most paysites use the space to hype their newest features, and I’m kind of annoyed they can’t just take my money and be happy about it.


¬The good news is that you get a pretty fucking solid bang for your buck. The collection includes almost 500 filthy porno movies, and they’ve got a good release schedule. A new movie comes out every week, sometimes give or take a day. You certainly can’t blame Tonight’s Girlfriend if you have nothing to do while you #StayHome.

Get Your Kicks, Faps, and Downloads, Too’s biggest flaw comes to light as soon as you log in and start browsing the collection. This site is really fucking hard to search! They’ve got hundreds of videos but don’t use tags like most porn sites to organize the collection. There’s no search bar, which sounds fucking crazy but makes sense because they don’t have tags or movie titles. What’s the search bar supposed to sift through?



I decided to start with a recent scene featuring Skylar Vox. She’s taking a dick between her huge jugs in the thumbnail, and frankly, I needed to see more. I had some minor buffering issues with the 4K version, but that may not be TonightsGirlfriend’s fault; bandwidth is fucked worldwide as everyone stays home watching Netflix. Thankfully, downloads are included with the regular membership price, a dying perk in premium porn.


The hour-long movie opens with Skylar showing up at some dude’s hotel room. There’s some light banter setting up the scenario, keeping with the overall girlfriend theme hinted at in the site title. They just met, but he was a generous tipper and made her feel comfortable enough to come to visit.


Syklar’s got such a pretty face and a sweet voice. Even when she’s slipping into some sexy lingerie, there’s a cuteness I didn’t expect. The vibe makes the ensuing sex so much hotter.


Grinding on the couch quickly leads to a hard cock in that pretty face. He reciprocates with some pussy eating that makes the girl squeal. I love the look of ecstatic joy on her face. Skylar’s not just beautiful; she’s a genuine nymphomaniac! No wonder she’s doing so fucking well in this business.


The twat-pounding begins halfway through the flick, and never really lets up. See, ladies? This is what a good cardio routine can do for your humping ability. I was actually teaching a class on the topic at the local YMCA until they did a background check.


I don’t believe in giving out too many spoilers, so I won’t tell you where all that semen ends up at the end of the film. I will say it was an extremely happy ending for Tonight’s Girlfriend, the dude smashing her, and me sitting here in a puddle of my own juices. doesn’t have a terribly complicated formula, but they’ve been practicing long enough to have it down pat. For nearly a decade, they’ve put out high-quality smut with some of the hottest, most popular pornstars out there. They continue that noble tradition to this day, and don’t show any sign of slowing down. I bet you wish you could say the same about your own girlfriend.

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