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Why are you cucks still watching porn that looks like it’s from the stone age? Come on, are you really going to settle for blurry pictures and 480p videos where you can’t even see the lovely details of a babe’s snatch? It’s pathetic. I get that old habits die hard, but it’s time for you fucks to stop settling for the same old shit you’ve been watching for years. And I’m going to make it easier to get into than your hot secretary. I’ve got the hookup for quality HD porn that you can watch without paying a goddamn dime.


After all, that’s what gets in my way. I’m not always in the mood to pay for premium porn. I fuck real-life sluts every goddamn night. I don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks to blow a load to some babe that I’ll never even touch or fuck. That’s where comes in. I don’t know what the whole “92” shit is about. It reads more like a bad gamer tag than a porn site, but I’ll let it slide since this site is all about delivering premium porn content samples to you for free.



A Simple Download Site with a Massive Catalog of Hot Content

There’s a slight catch. This isn’t a porn tube, directory, or torrent page. That means you can’t stream the videos you see here or anything like that. You don’t get any links that take you to the full video. It’s all about those sweet, sweet downloads. You’re able to download any video you see on here in its full resolution and size without compromises or bullshit. Basically, it’s a free porn download site for people who either don’t want to torrent or don’t know how to. You won’t have to worry about getting a VPN or proxy since direct downloads are, usually, accepted by ISPs.



These guys have been around since 2018, though I’d hazard a guess that they’ve been doing this for a bit longer under different domains. But that’s just a hunch. Regardless, they bring in a load of you horny fappers every single month. We’re talking about nearly 2 million of you fucks. The landing page is simple. It has a cleaner, more user-friendly design than I was expecting. I thought I was going to be greeted with an ugly-ass list with small previews and a site design with wonky fucking colors.



Videos from Big-Name Studios like DigitalPlayground, ManyVids, & TeamSkeet

Instead, you get something similar to a porn tube layout. Video previews run down the left side of the page, but there’s this weird bit of negative space off to the right that just doesn’t seem to do anything. There aren’t any ads on here, which is what I would expect to be there. But I’m not going to mourn the loss too much. It’d be like complaining about some hippy bitch not having a massive bush of pubes. I try my best to floss before bed rather than while I’m eating pussy.



The header has a few options for categories, tags, and pornstars. The other options all lead back to other sites, so you don’t have to mess with those. Well, unless you want a quick link back over here for more stellar reviews. You bet your ass that I’ve got my site link stamped up there like a tramp stamp on a sorority babe. Anyway, I dig the dark theme, and you get a few sorting options that will make finding the right content in this massive catalog easy.



Filter Movies by Rating, Length, Pornstar, and Much More

You can filter the main page of previews by latest, most viewed, longest, most popular, or you can get a completely random selection. Fuck, there’s a lot of content packed into this site. The stars list houses hundreds of new and old pornstars, and the categories page is jam-packed with all sorts of genres. However, this site uses the term “category” a bit too loosely. These aren’t categories. Instead, Hdporn92 lists out every site that you can browse content from. These are all premium fetish sites, and clicking on one will give you a list of every video you can download that the site or studio produced.



The same is true for the pornstar page, and the tags page is a more traditional category page if you want to filter by fetishes like hot creampies, gangbangs, bukkakes, or whatever the hell it is you degenerates like shooting your goo to. But let’s get on to the good shit. These previews give you a little bit of information. It’s not much, but I guess that it’s better than nothing. You get a title, rating, and view count. Some videos will have the video length, while others simply don’t. I’m not sure what the fuck is up with that, but you have to take what you get when it comes to free premium content samples.



Downloads through Third-Party Sites & Loads of Broken On-Site Videos

Alright, I see what’s going on here. The videos with lengths listed are supposed to be streamable right there on the site. But none of them work. You’re stuck with a bunch of useless videos that show dead link errors across the board. Fucking lame. The ones that don’t have a duration listed can be downloaded, but you’ll have to go through whatever third-party download service you get. These are often packed with ads or redirect you a dozen times before you can get your hands on the actual download. It’s a major pain in the ass, but the server bills have to be paid for somehow.



The mobile site is fine enough. It’s properly formatted and lists previews two at a time down the page. The text isn’t too small. The category, tag, and pornstar pages still do their jobs just fine. Just keep in mind that you’re going to have to struggle through all of these redirects, dead links, and shit like that. Those issues don’t go away on mobile. If anything, it just gets more annoying to get around all of the redirects.



NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Features

If you want content and don’t care about jumping through some hoops or filtering out the weird, non-working videos, then this site will be fine to use. Despite nearly half of the catalog not working properly, you’re still getting access to thousands of full-length movies samples and scenes of hot babes getting pounded. And the content they do have is from the biggest porn studios and sites out there. You’re not getting shitty videos of whores you’ve never fucking heard of.



The downloads worked well enough. Sure, you have to go through annoying third-party download sites, but you’re still getting your cum-crusted hands on the fap-worthy content that you want. I went through and downloaded a whole slew of videos to check for any funny business. I didn’t have any issues. No viruses. No bloatware. None of that bullshit. And the content downloaded fairly quickly each time. I wasn’t left waiting hours with my limp cock in hand.



NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

You guys know about the big issues I had with this site already. So, I won’t bore you all by beating that dead horse. Instead, I’ve got a few minor grips to run by you guys. Why the fuck aren’t the category, tag, and pornstar pages alphabetized. Don’t give me these frustrating numbered pages. It makes it impossible to find anything. On the select few videos that did stream on-site, there weren’t any quality options. Come on; the word HD is in the damn domain name. At least follow through and assure me that the content I’m jerking my dick to is at least in 1080p HD.




NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

Overall, has a bit of an identity crisis going on. It’s all about downloading premium porn videos samples. But then there are a few videos that you can stream as if this was a porn tube. Oh, wait, half of those don’t fucking work. This site has more weird shit going on with it than an emo art whore trying to “find herself” in college. It’s still a decent site to check out, but there are a ton of frustrating hiccups and poor design decisions that make the task of finding something to jerk off to a chore.

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