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The newest porn! You have to hand it to tube sites that don’t pull any punches when it comes to their content. They don’t try to use a catchy name or be clever. Rather, they know their audience and want to make it clear that they can visit your video site and get the content they want.

This is exactly the case with Latest Porn. If you want to watch the newest and most popular AAA porn on a tube site, the appropriately named Latest Porn will be just for you. Shows the hottest professional porn of the moment.

And while many tube sites offer this type of content, here’s the kicker: none of the content on this site is a fucking tease, under any circumstances. So check it out, but only if you can, and you’ll see what I mean.

Terrible and crazy buffering problems on your computer

I don’t say this lightly; Latest Porn has some of the worst buffering issues I’ve seen on a desktop site. And that says a lot! After all, I’ve visited too many fucking tube sites that, for one reason or another, have terrible buffering problems.
I’m not saying that Latest Porn is worse than the ones I remember. But to be honest, I don’t see how this site could be better. And it’s not that he’s a complete idiot. But damn, I have to be as honest as possible with you horny motherfuckers. Let’s put it this way: Latest Porn has buffering issues that can make you tear your hair out and probably make you want to access the porn from another website.

But don’t do it yet. The lure of fresh, full AAA porn samples should keep you on the tube site so you can at least try to watch something that will drive you crazy. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me. All I can say is that every time I tried to watch content on Latest Porn, it was an exercise in patience. I search for terrible porn every day on ThePornDude, so I think I have a lot!

Every time I tried to watch a video on a tube site, the content would buffer for a few seconds. It will then play, only to be buffered again. This also happened with more than one movie. Therefore, the experience is not even close to what you would get from a top-notch website like Brazzers.

What about the mobile version of Latest Porn? Fortunately, streaming content to mobile devices was fairly easy. The videos looked great in HD and didn’t stutter even once. You could set it to full screen, skip the video easily and without buffering issues. It was like I was streaming from a completely different website. But why does the website cache so badly on desktop while working perfectly fine on mobile devices? I don’t understand; It’s as if the website was created for mobile users. Still, they need to fix issues with the desktop website.

While trying to watch a shoplifter get her pussy fucked by mall security, there was a bigger problem. This is an issue that occurs on both the desktop and mobile versions of the site. Unfortunately, it’s much worse on mobile devices.

Too many damn popups

I don’t want to give you bad ideas here. I’m not suggesting that Latest Porn just has a few pop-ups that appear from time to time. I don’t complain about having to close a tab or window that appears every time I visit a site. It would be bearable, although irritating.
The newer porn is much, much worse. Every time you click anywhere on the page, a new tab or window appears. Trust me; I would like to expand on the truth here. But literally every time I tap or click anywhere on Latest Porn, something different appears.

Let’s take a look at the problems with the mobile and desktop versions. First, pop-ups appear when you visit a website. A new window and ads appear on your screen trying to trick you into thinking that your device has a damn virus. The same applies to on-screen ads that take a few moments to appear. Okay, it’s annoying, but bearable.

The main problems start when choosing a video, especially in the mobile version. I’m not kidding; I had to click the “Play” button more than ten times on the mobile portion of Latest Porn before anything played. It’s not that I waited for the content to be cached, but nothing loaded until I closed all the ads on Latest Porn!

New windows appeared, ads appeared on the screen, and new tabs opened that I kept closing. On my mobile device.

But why would you have to go through this shit every time you want to watch a movie? Not once did I feel like watching porn from a completely different platform. And unfortunately I have the feeling that many people will do the same.

The best AAA sites to browse

However, not everything is terrible. The main reason why you should look around and see the shit on Latest Porn is not complicated. You come here for the fucking porn. In the latest porn you will definitely find very hot porn that will make you laugh.
This is the place to go if you want to see the best and newest AAA porn from the best brands and studios. To make it even easier to find the sexiest content that will make you cum, Latest Porn lets you browse the sites. To do this, select the “site” drop-down menu. There you can choose from 12 sites to browse. It may seem like a small number (it is), but this list reads like a who’s who of the world of professional porn.

You can browse sites like BangBros, Blacked, Brazzers, Mofos, Reality Kings, Wicked, and many more. When Click clicks on a site, you’ll see the videos listed in the order they were posted. It’s an easy way to browse the sites featured on Latest Porn without having to navigate from site to site looking for a specific brand of content.

It’s also great that Latest Porn has over 1000 new videos every month! More than 1000 per month! This is an impressive number. In the archives section you can also see the number of videos from month to month. In this section, next to each month you will see a number that represents the number of videos updated that month. And with over 1,350 porn sites to choose from, there’s more than enough content waiting for you.

If you need other ways to search for videos, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the “tags” section. You’ll find tags that you can click and navigate, along with a number indicating how many videos match that tag. Unfortunately, many of the labels are branded and not actual gender, like BBW (although BBW is here and has had over 280 movies at the time of writing this review). In short, Latest Porn should lose the tags section and settle for the appropriate category section.

You can download some of the content.

I really appreciate that Latest Porn sometimes allows you to try out the full content. Notice I said sometimes. Not everything can be downloaded here. But if it can be downloaded, at least Latest Porn doesn’t use multiple file hosting services. A tube site almost always uses RapidGator. Of the downloadable videos I found, RapidGator was the only file hosting service used.
Overall, Latest Porn is a younger tube site that needs a lot of work. At the time of writing this review, it has only been 18 months. However, the fact that it already contains so much content is impressive. Still, you need to fix your desktop buffering issues and the way pop-ups drive you crazy when you’re trying to watch a movie ASAP. Fix these issues and Latest Porn can become the go-to destination for anyone who wants to watch the latest porn offerings from the best professional porn studios.


Latest Porn is a tube site that, as the name suggests, brings you the latest porn videos from the best studios. Unfortunately, constant pop-ups and buffering issues on your desktop can make watching videos annoying and time-consuming. Latest Porn needs to fix these issues as soon as possible to encourage people to continue visiting the site for the latest porn updates.

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