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New Sensations

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New Sensations

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NewSensations! Why are you still jerking it to shitty quality porn clips? Come on, you’re a fucking adult. You have better tastes than that, right? Enough settling for the bottom of the barrel, grainy, out of focus, 420p porn that you watched as an 18+ teenager. There is full-length 4k HD porn out there that will blow your mind before you can even blow your load. It’s like you are right there in the action. Every little detail is crisp and jaw-dropping. You can see the goosebumps around your favorite pornstar’s nips pop up as she gets eaten out.


This porn is the best of the best. The crème de la crème of the entire industry, and, like any good thing in life, there is a premium cost. That doesn’t matter to you though, right? You’ve got your shit together and you can afford to throw some cash towards busting the best fucking nuts of your life. Trust me, this shit will not disappoint. Going Strong Since 1993

You’ll be able to watch exclusive content from all of your favorite pornstars over at New Sensations. You might not know the name off hand, but these guys have been around since fucking 1993. It’s the parent company and sister-label of Digital Sin and HotwifeXXX. They’ve been producing porn longer than some of you have been on this goddamn earth. And they make the best content there is. Just look up their extensive award history. Once you’re done picking your jaw up off the floor, I’ll be here waiting to tell you more about the powerhouse that is newsensations.



The first thing you want to know is how much it is. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Their best option is their 12-month plan at just under 10 bucks a month. Other plans start going up in price depending on how long you want a membership, but the 12-month plan is by far the best deal they have. That’s nothing for what you get access to.



Premium Content Exclusive for Members

You get to check out their massive catalog of exclusive HD videos from all of the best pornstars on the planet. But wait, there’s even more! You also get access keys to 14 other exclusive porn sites and special deals and discounts for other premium sites if you are craving more. Honestly, I’m usually skeptical of these premium sites, but newsensations is pretty fucking legit. If you’re still on the fence about joining, then just take a minute to check out any of the previews they have. That’s right, they let you get sneak peaks of their content before you go all in on a membership.




First Impressions and Site Design

The first thing I noticed about the site was how bright it was. Damn is it a lot of white light. It’s like staring into the goddamn sun. If you don’t have some sort of dark reader on your browser then you might need one for this site. It’s like if you shone a light on Dakota Sky’s pale ass. Seriously, at least make a lighter shade of grey in the background. I get that it’s for the clean premium feel but dial it back a bit man.



Once you recover from that, the rest of the design is really fucking sleek. They’ve got a big banner up top with rotating thumbnails for up and coming releases that tells you who is staring in it, what day it’s dropping, and whether or not it will be in 4k. I couldn’t find any that weren’t going to be in 4k. Below that banner you get this massive preview for their latest release. Right now, it’s showing off Britney Light’s newest video of her getting fucked. Fuck, she has a nice ass. If you scroll down the main page you get more shit like popular models, more videos, and that kind of thing.



The Best Selection of Pornstars, Categories, and Deals

This site has got a ton of other features than just the stuff on the main page. Up top, you can check out their page with hundreds of models that you can flip through. Each model has full HD body shots of them in the preview, which is fucking awesome. It’s like window shopping, but for sluts. You can even filter them by newest, or most popular, but they are all amazing. New sensations has handpicked all of these models for a reason. They are all 10 out of 10 babes who will not disappoint.



If you have special tastes, which I’m sure you do if you’re coughing up money for this premium content, then you can narrow your search down with their categories tab. They’ve got sections for 4k, Asians, Lesbians, Tiny Tits, BDSM, Creampies, and all of the other usual kinky shit you would expect from a site like this. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, then head over to the network tab.


The network tab lets you hop over to the other sites that your membership gives you access too. You’ve got sites like “Butt Divers, Jizzbomb, Papa Loads, and Stretched out Snatch.” Is it just me or do those sound like 90’s punk bands? I could definitely see myself at a Jizzbomb concert back then. Fuck, we all had our cringey years. But yeah, you’ve got a fuck ton of premium sites to choose from if you need something a little more niche.


You can also head over to their DVDs tab if you are in the market to have a physical collection for some reason. Most of the stuff on the DVDs is viewable with your membership, so I don’t really see the point in having a physical copy of the smut. That’s not very discreet. It’d be like taking your mistress home for a fucking dinner date. It defeats the point.


The next options are Daily Deals and Specials, which are pretty similar pages. Daily Deals will redirect you to a page where they have a bunch of discounted porn subscriptions that rotate out on a daily basis. Specials are pretty much the same. It’s a bunch of thumbnail ads for other sites that you can get discounts at. With this membership, you could build up a fucking master collection of porn. Seriously, they have discounts for all kinds of quality sites.


They also have premium live cam girls that you can check out with your membership. You’ve got exclusive ex-pornstars on here like Melissa Lauren to fap to. The only knock on this section is that you don’t get live previews, just static pics of the models themselves. So, you have to click through to see what kind of shit they’re up to. It also looks like you need a separate account for the live cams. So, you can’t just login in and start tipping these girls with the same account, which is kind of a bummer.



NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Featues

This site has a lot of quality content and features, but the best feature has got to be their models’ page. I love being able to go through and pick only the hottest chicks to get off to. They all have HD pics and you get tons of details when you click through on the model. The site gives you the average rating, height, birthday, social media, body measurements, aliases, and even their astrological sign. Fuck, I don’t even know all of that shit about myself.



I also like that they have updates for their new up and coming videos. You can a day aside for that shit. It’s like waiting for that new season to drop on Netflix, but for porn. It gives you some quality stuff to look forward to. I haven’t seen other sites with that feature before, but again not many sites pack as much content and features as this one.



NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

My suggestion for the site would be to definitely tone down the white color scheme and add animated thumbnails for their cam models. Seriously, even free cam sites have previews in the thumbnails. Other than that, this site is really fucking great in all other aspects. Downloadable HD 4k vids, stunning models, and a reasonable subscription price.




NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

What the fuck are you waiting for? Break out that credit card and head over to to make the best purchase of your life. No more digging for quality porn midst all of the low-quality shit out there. Refine your tastes and never settle for anything but the best!

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