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Video Box! The Internet has largely replaced the old style of porn stash, hidden under a mattress or in the top of a closet. Without the need to pile up physical copies of movies, we can pull up a much wider range of material instantly on a phone or laptop. A membership to a good porn site is a lot like having your own sex video box that you carry with you all the time. One such sex video box is Video Box.


These guys are so confident in their collection that the preview page doesn’t even have any images, just hard facts in black and white. is massive, they say, and mobile-friendly. They update 5 times a day with 1080p clips that you can stream or download. It’s an enticing offer, even without a video of a bitch spreading her pussy lips. As The Porn Dude, I felt it was my duty to investigate further.



That’s a Ton of Fucking

The main page of VideoBox is fairly subdued. Nothing is flashing and no videos are automatically playing. There’s a clean header and sidebar, but most of the page is dominated by movie links. Instead of the screengrabs, you see on most porn sites, each sex film is represented by its DVD cover. The only clips with screengrabs are a handful of Recently Popular Premium Scenes.



I tried clicking on one of those Recently Popular Premium Scenes, but it turns out my membership doesn’t include that premium content. The VOD section will work without entering my credit card again, though. If I watch any of the 100,000 videos on-demand or tip one of the “free” cam girls, the charges come through my regular VideoBox account.


There’s a VB On TV link that brings you to a page explaining how to watch VideoBox on Roku, AppleTV, or AirPlay. If you were hoping to stream lesbian cheerleader scenes to your TV via Chromecast, you’re shit out of luck for now.


My first real stop along my tour was the Studios page. I wanted to see what kind of players VideoBox was working with, and whose smut I was going to see. At nearly 400 studios, the list runs way deeper than I thought. I immediately see established names in the business like Elegant Angel, Platinum X, and Anarchy Films. VideoBox is clearly no repository of sub-par, half-baked porno flicks.


The Pornstars page has nearly 13,000 professional sluts listed. They’re listed by popularity, which is, unfortunately, the only way to sort them. You’ll see a lot of names you recognize on the first page, like Sasha Grey, Asa Akira, and Jenna Haze. Clicking any of these chicks goes to their profile, which includes links to all of their scenes on the site.


Next, I checked out the Movies, Scenes, and Clips sections. Their catalog includes more than 20,000 full-length pornos, more than 110,000 scenes, and more than 330,000 clips. That’s some stash. It may even rival the collection kept at the Vatican. You can sort them by Newest, A to Z, Most Popular, Recommended, or Rating.


Currently, the number one most popular video on VideoBox is actually a classic from their collection. Fucking Hot Chics #1 was uploaded all the way back in 2007. If it’s having a resurgence now, it’s probably worth a look, right?



Scene by Scene, Blow by Blow

I clicked through to the Fucking Hot Chics #1 page. At the top are links to the rest of the series, so I already know I’m going to have triple homework tonight. Clicking anything on the list of pornstars and niches or the studio name will bring you to other movies with the same tags.



The movie is broken down by scene, each of which is represented on the page by a handful of screengrabs. Hot Chics #1 has four scenes, each with a different chick going to town with some lucky motherfucker. Beneath each scene are options to download as a large or small MP4, see more thumbnails, add to the stash, or play the scene. Guess which one I clicked.


The embedded player on the video page is basic. You can play or pause, adjust the volume, slide around the timeline, or go fullscreen. That’s it. You can’t adjust the quality, which is about what you’d expect from a 2007 DVD. It’s definitely good enough to see why this gonzo flick is blowing up more than a decade later.


I wanted to see if the player was any different for higher-def videos, so I made my way back to the Latest HD Movies I saw on the main page. A new gangbang flick called Very Very Deep #4 was just added today. I knew it was what I wanted because the tags included Anal, Cumshot, and Gaping.


As suspected, this one includes two HD options in the video download section. The video player itself has an HD button that makes the whole image snap into crystal-clear focus.



What Kind of Smut Do They Have?

I find a site’s list of genre tags tells you a lot about what they’re peddling. VideoBox has almost 100 Niches on their list. Popular categories like 18+ Teen, Big Cock, and Cumshot have thousands of movies each.



There’s some kinky stuff, but it’s clear VideoBox focuses on your regular old hardcore porn with gangbangs, creampies, and lesbians. The fetish category has a couple of thousand movies, but there’s no deeper breakdown into specific paraphilias. If fetish clips are all you can beat off to, you’re probably not looking at sites like this anyway.



Roll Your Own Porno

Did you see a cumshot that really had you going? Or was it a double-penetration scene that you want to watch again? Maybe you’re thinking of two seconds of squirting that will make you cum buckets if you could just watch it on repeat. VideoBox has a pretty fucking cool feature that will let you do just that.



Below each video player, you’ll find a button that says Create Clip. Clicking it puts a little frame on the time bar of the video, allowing you to select a portion of the clip. Choose your scene, click the checkmark, and boom! You’ve now got a custom scene for your private collection on VideoBox.


In case you’re the type to hoard MP4s instead of streaming your blowjob scenes, there’s also a Custom Download button. Clicking this one brings up the whole scene as a series of thumbnails. You get to pick the start and end frames.



Masturbating on Autopilot

Another really kickass feature VideoBox has is the Flow Mode. It can theoretically save you a lot of clicking while you’re surfing porn, letting Rosy Palms and her five sisters stay busy with your little friend.



The Flow Mode page is as simple as it could be. There’s a list of categories and below it a video player. Check off a couple of your favorite categories and the player will serve up exactly the smut you’re looking for.


Fucking Hot Chics #1 had gotten my whistle really wet for more gonzo scenes with brunettes. I checked the applicable boxes and waited. The player said, “Slicing, dicing, and shuffling videos for your pleasure. Please wait for the flow to begin.”


I got pretty excited in the 5 minutes I waited, which was followed by another 5 minutes of disappointed sadness. I had to masturbate to cheer myself up. Thankfully, I was already logged in to a site with over 20,000 dirty movies to watch.


The Flow Mode seems like it would be a great way to waste a lazy afternoon, or maybe a whole week or two. It’s possible I just came on a bad day, because everything else on the site worked. It’s definitely the kind of thing I like to see, so I will be back.


VideoBox really does seem to have one of the better smut stashes on the ‘net. They’ve drawn their material from so many awesome studios to build one hell of a collection. While I was disappointed that Flow Mode didn’t work during my visit, the custom clip options made this horny fucker’s day.

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