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Passion HD

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Passion HD

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Let’s check out some passionate porn at Passion-HD! There are scores of porn sites available on the web that cover any and every hardcore xxx niche imaginable. There are sites dedicated to hardcore double penetration, extreme anal sex, BDSM rope play, and roleplayed taboo. But how many sites do you know of, just off the top of your head, that are devoted to intense, passionate lovemaking? Can you even think of any?


That’s where PassionHD comes in, offering tons of high definition scenes of the most beautiful girls in adult entertainment having their immaculate bodies showcased, appreciated, and sensually pleasured. The videos featured on PassionHD are not you’re average, run of the mill xxx wham bam, thank you ma’am kind of pornos. Instead, what you will find on Passion-HD are high-quality scenes that, as the name suggests, focus primarily on passion.


Passion is an aspect of sex that seems to go highly underappreciated in the world of online adult entertainment. Yet passion is arguably one of the most important aspects of fucking. We’ve all had passionless one night stands with chicks that we barely knew or maybe even actively disliked (okay, maybe not all of us … you nasty ass porn addicts with a stack of used jizz napkins likely have never experienced this and more likely never will). Sure, the fucking feels good enough, but oftentimes during these one-off (probably drunken) casual encounters, there is just something missing; it can feel superficial, false somehow.


It’s no coincidence that these quick meaningless fucks can feel somewhat plastic, manufactured, inorganic. The root of the problem likely lies with a lack of passion, I think, a passion that comes from either being crazy about your partner, a deep and firmly seeded sense of love and trust developed over time, or just an extremely undeniable, unadulterated, crazy lust. If you don’t have at least one of these factors at play during a hookup, the sex is probably going to be subpar.


The people at Passion-HD have taken this philosophy to heart and have chosen to try to capture and harness this fleeting and somewhat inexplicable element of sex in the filming of each and every one of their videos. I highly doubt, of course, that every actor in every one of their scenes truly does have a burning passion for their partner. But, hey, that’s the beauty of good ol’ movie magic for ya—they sure do a hell of a job convincing you that they do.

How Can Porn be Passionate?

Just how do they accomplish this? Well, for starters, a good half of their scenes seem to be dedicated to lingering in slowly building foreplay. The actress will suck a dick like she is in love with it; the guy will kiss her pussy like it is the only pussy in the world. And, then, once the fucking does begin, it’s eased into, slow and gentle at first, gradually growing and waxing and waning the way passion truly tends to. She will stare longingly into the camera (your eyes) and her facial expressions will show nothing but pure bliss.Before you start getting worried, though, that Passion-HD is full of just a bunch of lovey-dovey mushy romantic bullshit, not every video is set up to be between two lovers. As I mentioned before, passion does not necessarily need to be born out of love; it can just easily be sparked by an intensely lustful longing.



So, sure, while some of the videos feature scenarios reminiscent of your girlfriends sexy Valentine’s day surprise, many of them are about the naughty teen (18+) neighbor you’ve been fantasizing about for months who finally comes over to cut the sexual tension or fucking your hot nanny who you jack off to in secret after your wife falls asleep. Passion comes in many forms, and Passion HD does a good job of reflecting that.

Decent Site Design

As far as the site itself is concerned, I’m pretty impressed. From the moment you land on the member’s page, you will see that it resembles most other members-only paysites—black background (pink text here, though, which is a bit of a deviation from the norm), large thumbnails separated into sections (Latest Passion-HD Scenes, Top Rated Passion-HD Scenes, Latest Network Scenes, Top Rated Network Scenes, and Deals at the bottom), and a big banner at the top of the page advertising what the network offers.Oh, that’s another thing, Passion-HD is actually a part of a huge network of sites—including Tiny 4K, Lubed, Holed, POVD, Casting Couch-X, My Very First Time, and Spy Fam to name a few—but you do not get access to any of them (except, of course, Passion-HD) with a Passion-HD membership alone. You can, however, as they advertise in their banner, upgrade your membership and have unlimited access to every site in their network for a one-time payment of $70 (I believe you have to retain your monthly Passion-HD membership payments, though).

Impersonal Standout on a Site Dedicated to Passion

Let’s take a look at the rest of the site. Similar to most other premium paysites, they do have a section dedicated to nothing but their leading ladies. This always makes it easy to find the content you know you’ll like (especially if, like me, you have a few girls who you like to keep up with). Feel free to search girls alphabetically, click into their profile page, and conveniently find all of the scenes they have on Passion-HD.The only bummer here is that they don’t have any biographical information on the girls. Although this isn’t really necessary to enjoy the content, it is always a nice touch when sites offer a little bit of background info on the actresses. Not only is it interesting and informative, but it also shows that they care about their models; it implies that they might get treated well on set. The lack of this biographical information just makes it feel a little more impersonal than other sites, which, for a studio whose focus is passion, this stands out more than it probably would anywhere else.

Quality All the Way Around

As I said before, all of the videos on Passion-HD are of the highest quality (in terms of filming, acting, and hotness factor), and their media player is equally great. First of all, the space bar pauses and plays your video (as it should). Secondly, if you scroll down the page while your video is playing, a small video window will follow you, allowing continuous viewing while you browse. I don’t know why this isn’t just a standard feature for premium paysites, to be honest.Thirdly, hovering your mouse over the scrub bar gives you a preview of what’s to come in the scene (again, as it should), ensuring that you don’t have to do any blind faith jumping around the scene to try and find your preferred positions. I find myself so fucking annoyed by pay sites that do not at least have this feature built-in. I mean, what the fuck else am I paying you for? If nothing else, you should have the porn viewing experience perfected.

From Facebook to Face Fuck

Another really cool feature is one that it looks like Facebook inspired. It’s a common practice on similar porn sites to be able to “like” or “dislike” a video. Passion-HD, however, has extended your options, offering a few other “reactions” for you to choose from. Feel free to “like” a video (a hand giving a thumbs-up around a dick), “love” it (a dick shooting our jizz), “laugh” at it (a dick emoji that seems to be laughing), be “wowed” by it (a dick emoji that seems to be in awe), be “sad” about it (a dick emoji … well, you get the picture [side note: I’m not sure why in the fuck a porn movie would make anyone want to cry, but okay…]), or express that the video made you angry with a middle finger. So, not only has Passion-HD provided a grade-A media player to stream their incredible HD scenes, but they’ve found a way to integrate some pretty sweet community features as well. In addition to a range of reactions, users can comment on videos, and it appears as if many members take advantage of that.

Only One Real Boner Killer…

The only real downside of this site, the only thing about it that I’m not super passionate about, is that they do advertise. Well, kind of. I don’t know if I would consider what they do to be quite as heinous as the kind of advertising we are familiar with on porn sites. Their ads seem to be strictly for their own cam service, their network deal, or the discounts they offer for other paysites, but, still, I am not crazy about a site that I already give money to trying to talk me into more of it. Fuck that shit.All in all, Passion-HD caters to a component of the sexual experience that is underserved in the porn world, and they do so expertly. The videos are great, the girls are sexy, they have some cool community features, and the site is designed well. Again, don’t love the shameless plugs, but what are you gonna do? Will I be coming back to Passion-HD? Yeah, I think I’ll be cumming a few more times, for sure.

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