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Porn 300…This is Sparta!!! Well, with so many god damned free porn tube sites on the web nowadays, it can be extremely easy for a site to get swept under the rug and forgotten about. Competition is stiff. Almost as stiff as I was when I fucked your mom in the ass. Sites really have to make themselves stand out somehow in order to survive the giant fuck pile of free porn tubes. Or else they will get crushed to death or suffocate under all the naked limbs and tits and cocks. You really have to have something special to make a mark these days.


Especially since there is a lot of distrust surrounding lesser-known porn tubes, due to a few instances of people setting up “free porn sites” that ended up being little more than marketing hubs, generating clickthrough ad revenue and not providing anything in the way of decent porn. A lot of people also seem to relate smaller never-heard-of free porn sites with viruses. And for good reason. You do have to be cautious when you’re browsing the web for a new free porn site. There’s a lot of sketchy viruses and malicious shit out there to be avoided by all costs. Check out the Useful Software section of my site to learn more about safe porn browsing!


In the past 10 years or so, though, the free porn tube has become the dominant model on which porn sites have based themselves. And you can’t blame them … it’s a great setup – provide a shit ton of free content to porn addicts (such as yourself) and sit back and collect on ad revenue. All you have to do as a site moderator from there is make sure you’re getting a substantial number of new video uploads every day, which makes for minimal overhead. And if you’re really smart, you’ll just relegate the work of uploading videos to your userbase. The Wikipedia model, but for porn.


Plus, everyone wins with a site that’s run in this way. You get endless free porn to senselessly tug yourself dry to, the people behind the site have minimal costs in manpower and time spent on oversight, and the sites that buy ad space get more exposure. It should come as no surprise, then, that sites like Porn Hub and Red Tube have become the industry standard. It just makes sense for everyone involved.


However, with sites that are as popular (and, frankly, well done) as Porn Hub and Red Tube out there, absolutely dominating the free porn tube market, it can be an uphill battle for a newer website to gain exposure and build a reputation for itself. Let’s face it, there is no fucking with any site of the Porn Hub Network, as it is backed up by a multimillion-dollar corporation, Mind Geek – an online porn conglomerate that owns, in addition to Porn Hub, Red Tube, Tube 8, Keez Movies, Spank Wire, You Porn, Porn MD, etc. also owns the most popular premium pay studios: Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Digital Playground (just to name a few).


What ends up happening, though, to smaller (but not necessarily inferior) free porn tube sites, is that they just get absolutely crushed, cut into fine lines of powder, and snorted by an oligarch with his dick in his hand. Your welcome, by the way, for that brilliant mental political cartoon. Some of these lesser-known sites, however, are definitely worth checking out. Today we will look into whether Porn 300 is one of them.



Spartan Site Design

Not unlike the classic story of 300 Spartan soldiers doing battle with the more powerful and exponentially larger Persian army, fighting for their lives against all odds, Porn 300 wages war against the Porn Hub army as a small, unknown free porn tube. Do they have any chance of survival? Well, judging by their home page, they certainly believe they do. It is highly stylized, with their logo showing a cartoon Spartan warrior who is holding in one hand an American flag (right, cuz that makes a fuck ton of sense…) and in the other, a smartphone with a white booty in a thong on the screen. To the right of that, you’ll find the site’s search and menu bars.



You can browse the site, utilizing the succinct and handy menu bar, by Videos, Porn Stars, Tags, or Channels. This is refreshing to see, since it is all too common for sites (especially smaller ones) to jampack their menu bars with excessive bullshit – like trying to cram three dicks in 18+ tight pussy – many of which just end up being hidden ads or links to other sites that are as useless as they are legit … which is to say, not at all.


Below that, you will see that Porn 300 has opted for a layout that is more commonly seen on porn aggregator sites than on tube sites. Instead of sectioning off a bunch of thumbnails of recently uploaded and popular and recommended videos (as is the custom of most porn tube sites), Porn 300 provides a sprawling list of categories that get more and more specific the farther down the page you scroll. And there are a fuck ton of them. I didn’t bother counting, but they could very well amount to 300. Ever been curious as to what Sri Lankan porn is like? Well, you’ve come to the right place.


Once you click into your favorite category – let’s go with 18+ Teen, since it is the first one in the list – you won’t be disappointed in terms of quantity, either, that’s for damn sure. Each category (even the more obscure ones) have a surprisingly high number of videos available for you to enjoy. Good fucking luck ever running out of fap material on this site. The apocalypse is likely to come sooner. Well, considering the retarded orange troll who is in the white house at the moment, that actually could happen any day now. So, let’s put it this way instead: you’re more likely to get a girlfriend before ever running out of porn on this site!



One Crucial Mistake

So, decent site design: check. Quantity of videos: check. The first place that Porn 300 begins to falter, though, is a crucial one. And that is that many (if not all) of the many videos available on this site are subpar in terms of video quality. I don’t know any of the technical bullshit that goes along with this … maybe they didn’t preserve the bitrate of the codec when they ripped their videos (or whatever the fuck you nerdy motherfuckers say). No matter the reason, a lot of the videos on Porn 300 are grainy, blurry, and, frankly, hard to wank to because of it! I mean, it’s not going to be so bad that you won’t be able to get the general gist of what’s going on, but you will be a far way from HD quality, that’s for sure.



And details will be a little fuzzy. Almost like watching censored JAV. Not quite as blurry as that, but close! And that is a huge strike in my book against a porn site. If nothing else, you need to make sure that your site has good quality porn videos. It’s a shame, too, because the videos all look as if they are pretty damn decent. If only you could make out their finer details to truly appreciate them.


The next problem I have with Porn 300 is definitely a much smaller complaint, but still a worthy one, nonetheless. None of the video thumbnails provide previews when you hover your cursor over them. This may seem like a small, nitpicky thing, but it really is annoying when you’re trying to peruse a site as large as this for the right video to fap to, but you have nothing but a grainy thumbnail to go off of. Plus, even if the chick is smoking hot, you never know (without such previews) whether or not the cinematography is going to be up to snuff or if she’ll be featured in your preferred positions. Or, what’s worse, for all you know a video you click on could end up being an all BJ scene! And who the fuck watches those anyway?


Again, it may seem like a small detail, but it makes all the difference in terms of convenience. Nobody wants to have to open 10 unnecessary tabs to find the right video for them, or waste time clicking on videos that look alluring but wind up being disappointing. So, that’s a big letdown for me as well.


I would like to end my review of Porn 300 (often misspelled as “300 porn” and “porno 300”) on a positive note, though, because I think that the site has a lot of potential and is designed well. I appreciate, for one thing, that their Porn Stars section is well organized and contains bios for each of the girls. It’s always nice to find a porn site that values the girls as something more than merely fleshy fuck dolls to fap to. Without these girls, don’t forget, you would have nothing to pleasure yourself to! So, that’s a plus. Also, the site is extremely well organized and archived with a comprehensive and useful tagging system – this makes browsing a little easier and allows you to get even more specific with your desires.

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