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Are you a POV Addict? Do you find yourself locking yourself in a subway bathroom stall for hours at a time, losing track of time as you masturbate yourself into a coma to first-person videos of your favorite pornstars getting fucked? Hey, I’ve been there, bud. Last time, the medics had to revive me because my body had lost most of its fluids from all the intense ejaculation. But, of course, that’s just the constant struggle of a POV porn addict, isn’t it?


The good news is that you no longer need to get your POV fix from the shadiest porn dealer on the sketchiest side of town. In fact, you can get your fill without spending any money or time by pointing your browser at, a free tube that focuses on fuck flicks shot with a first-person perspective. Around 1.5 million visitors come by every month to see what the luckiest porn studs see when they’re banging the world’s hottest pornstars. Today, I’ll be among that teeming crowd of masturbating deviates.



Are You a POV Addict?

POVAddict picked a solid name. It’s descriptive enough that you know exactly what you’re going to find there, but not so generic you’ll forget what the place is called after you bust a nut and your head starts to clear. Furthermore, it’s a moniker that refers to your insatiable desire for the format, or at least the mood you’re in right now.



Names don’t count for shit without a worthwhile product, though. Honestly, they could have caught my eye with a shittier name as long as they had the same stuff out on the front page. Beneath the relatively standard free tube header, this restaurant’s picture menu of perversion stretches out before the viewer. If you were expecting lame-ass amateur clips shot on iPhones for 12 seconds at a time, think again. It’s far more enticing than that. features POV porn scenes from some of the biggest and best studios in the business. As soon as I hit the front page, I saw high-end material from many of the sites I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude. Without even scrolling, I saw flicks from Brazzers, GotMYLF, MyFamilyPies, Nubile, and EvilAngel. There are more dirty movies from AllAnal, LifeSelector, TeensDoPorn, PublicAgent, and DadCrush. Christ on a goddamn cracker, I could name the included studios and paysites all day. This certainly isn’t amateur hour!


In fact, POVAddict has a Site menu with nearly a hundred well-known porn brands to choose from. I expected the big names like TrueAnal and OnlyFans, but I’m a little more surprised by some of the niche material in there. They’ve got a few movies from CzechHypno, for example, and a surprisingly big stash of HorrorPorn POV movies. So if you’ve been looking for some obscure POV shit you haven’t been able to find elsewhere, this one is worth a look.


It goes without saying that if they’re featuring material from the world’s most popular porn studios, they’re also going to feature many of the world’s most popular pornstars and hottest rising starlets. So again, without leaving the front page, I see babes like Kali Roses, Kyler Quinn, and Cory Chase. I’ve also got to toot my horn a little bit here because I also spot a few of the girls I’ve personally smashed over at PornDudeCasting, including Indica Monroe, Angel Youngs, Coco Lovelock, and Harlow West. Goddamn, it’s great to be a porn stud! (And the only one with a giant mascot head, for that matter.)



Long Movies with You as the Star clearly has a lot going for it, and you don’t even have to be a certified POV Addict to appreciate it. The big names will be a big draw, as is the focus on the first-person format. And do you know what else is really going to suck in the eager perverts almost as hard as these girls suck the hell out of a cock? They’re giving away full-length video samples.



The very latest film added to the collection is a MomDrips picture where Ophelia Kaan gets fucked for a good half hour. The shortest thing I see out front is 18 minutes long, but it’s a real outlier in a field of movies running 45 minutes or an hour long. If you like cranking it to longer movies instead of bouncing from scene to scene on one of the shittier tubes, you’re going to love this.


Do you want to know something wild? I’ve mentioned a lot of specific movies in this review so far, and almost all of them I found right on the front page. POVAddict has a tight focus on POV material, so it doesn’t get the non-stop uploads you see on the anything-goes tubes, but they still get a ton of new updates every week. The growth is rapid when you factor in the video lengths. They’re easily getting hours of new material every couple of days.


Here’s a question for the smarty-pants porn addicts out there: if started five years ago and has been growing ever since, how many movies do they have in the library now? There’s no need to bust out the calculator because I did the math for you. As of this writing, there are nearly 7,000 full-length POV pornos samples in the stash. Well, you stocked up on lube and gym socks recently, right?



Living Like a Legit Porn Stud

Where does a POV Addict even start with a collection like this? It’s a little overwhelming, like stepping into a dispensary for the first time as a stoner. So do I indulge myself with POV blowjob movies, first-person facials, or immersive interracial extravaganzas? These are the challenges of being a professional smut reviewer.



There’s plenty to choose from, though, so there’s definitely no reason to settle for anything less than exactly what you’re looking for. The Categories page lists dozens of POV porn subgenres to dip your dick into. So no matter what you’re into, you’ll probably find something to get you off.


The site’s big enough that all the major subcategories of smut are represented while maintaining the POV theme. You can fap to Anal movies or Arab chicks, BBWs, Blondes, or BDSM. There are huge selections of Hardcore and Homemade, thousands of Petite 18+ broads, and even a rich Fetish selection for the extra kinky perverts out there. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be well-served like everybody else.


I found a recent video of Natasha Nice filed under Blowjobs, Brunette, and BBW. I got to know her pretty fucking well over at PornDudeCasting, and she’s been one of my regular fap fantasies ever since. I loaded up the video and hit Play. Within seconds, I saw the beautiful Natasha blowing some lucky dude. The video started playing at 480p, but I didn’t have much trouble with buffering as I maxed it out at 720p. Natasha gave the guy a tit job, working her huge jugs in a nice clear resolution.


It’s a half-hour scene. And in case you were wondering, no, it’s not all shot in POV. In fact, most of the movie is shot with a couple of handheld cams. The camerawork is fucking excellent, though if you came for the POV moments, you’d have a bit of waiting or some fast-forwarding to do.


If you want to know the truth, I forgot all about the POV theme of the site as I watched Natasha blow this dude and then climb on for a ride, her huge tits in his face. It wasn’t until after the ass eating and the doggy style that I remembered I was trying to whack off to POV porn. Maybe I’m easily distracted by pretty girls and sex, but the setup might be a little frustrating to the fans out there specifically looking for the POV shots. They are in there, for sure, but you may have to do a little bit of digging.


I get the feeling that isn’t going to deter many of you, if any at all. The truth is, has everything you could want in a free tube. Every video has at least some of that POV action to meet the theme, and the whole collection consists of full-length movies samples starring some of the hottest pornstars in the world. It’s hard to find an actual fault with this site, making it an easy recommendation for almost any porn fan, whether or not they consider themselves a POV Addict.

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