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You already voted!! Do you live the Swing Lifestyle, or have you ever considered swapping partners with other horny local couples? Before the Internet, it was hard to find like-minded swingers to fool around with, but we’ve come a long fucking way since the days of awkwardly asking your coworkers if their wife would be DTF. Why risk a sexual harassment accusation or an uppercut from a dude who takes it entirely the wrong way when you say you’d really like to bang his old lady? Today, we’re going to look at a site aimed at making the whole process a hell of a lot less complicated and painful. calls itself “one of the most active lifestyle groups on the Internet,” which is a fancy way of saying they’re a massive, globe-spanning online swinger community. It’s one thing to claim your site is big and set it up for anyone in the world to use, but it’s another thing entirely to make it real. One of the things Swing Lifestyle has going for it is that they’ve been around for decades, and they’ve managed to attract a fucking ton of swingers looking to hook up with each other. They get a couple hundred thousand visits every day, so this clearly isn’t a ghost town.



Where the Swingers At?

The domain was registered all the way back in 2001, and the copyright date at the bottom goes back even further to 1998. In all honesty, it kind of looks like it. The design’s a little old and crusty, from the plain-Jane layout to the Geocities-era background pattern to that awful logo. The motto is “Start Your Sexual Revolution,” but the rainbow people raising their hands in the logo look like a team of motivational speakers who make the rounds at high schools, offices and hotel conference rooms around the country.



I’ve spent years reviewing the web’s best (and sometimes worst) adult websites, and one of the things I’ve come to realize is that an outdated presentation isn’t always a bad thing, especially when we’re talking about a genuinely long-lived and popular site like this one. If SwingerLifestyle was a new site that looked like this, I’d have worse things to say. Instead, there’s a bit of old-school charm and a feeling of authenticity. A site that looks like this doesn’t survive this long unless they’ve got something good to offer, and the non-flashy presentation tells me these guys are more about keeping their users happy than raking in the dough.


Speaking of those users, they’ve provided some quick and current stats out front, and they’re frankly more enticing than any expensive, sparkly presentation. Any type of community site thrives on a big and active userbase, and it’s arguably more important when you’re trying to get laid and not just trading anime pics with other weeaboos. The Swing Lifestyle userbase is huge, active and growing. As I write this, there are currently 9423 swingers online right now, and 4855 have signed up this week, joining over 16,000 swinger groups listed around the world.



Swinger Resources, Clubs and Parties

As with any website built around a community, much of was designed to be used by registered members of the site. That said, there’s a fair amount of content available for lurkers who may not be ready to take the plunge just yet. These include a number of free swinger resources like articles, stories, and a blog.



The blog is admittedly a little stale; their most recent post was added around four months ago. Both the Swing Lifestyle blog and the articles section contain tons of useful and relevant information, like the benefits of morning sex for lifestyle swinger couples, tips and tricks for keeping your partner engaged while sexting, and dealing with jealousy in swinger relationships.


The swinger stories archive is way deeper than I would have imagined, with over 17,000 erotic stories posted so far. The most recent, added literally just hours ago, contains romance, swingers, exhibitionism, masturbation and MILFs, just to name a few of the tags. I honestly thought this section of the site was going to be something of a throwaway, but it’s a full-fledged erotic story library, organized with a rich set of tags, so it’s easy to dig through the pile.


Browsing around, I found that much of the site was accessible without signing up for an account. In fact, a couple of the most useful sections were loaded full of links to regional swinger groups, swinger clubs and swinger parties in every state and around the world. They’ve got listings from Canada, Mexico, the UK and half a dozen other countries, but there’s definitely a lot more action to be had in the states, at least on Swing Lifestyle.



Signing Up for a Closer Look

I’m reviewing SwingLifestyle shortly after the site underwent some downtime due to security issues, and they’re currently still in the process of restoring some sections of the site. There’s a message about it at the top of the forum area, which is currently one of the site’s more exclusive offerings to its members. There’s a lot of action on the forums. While non-members can see post titles, most of the content is blocked unless you’re a member.



To get in, you’ll have to sign up for an account. Basic accounts are free, but many features are limited for free users. For example, you have to upgrade to a paid subscription in order to actually post in the forums.


Signup is quick for a SwingLifestyle account. You choose a name and give them an email address, and then answer some quick questions about who you are and what you’re looking for. Naturally, since this is a swinger site, you can sign up as an individual or a couple. After hitting some dropdown menus spelling out preferences on smoking, drinking, and humping, you’ll fill out some boxes getting more specific about your personal info, desires, and fantasies.


There’s a quick confirmation email step, and you also have to wait for somebody to manually approve your profile. In the meantime, they try to upsell you the moment you finish filling out your forms. A checklist breaks down the membership perks for the free and paid memberships. If you spring for the big Life of Website plan ($179), you get some additional perks the regular members don’t get, like the ability to approve new members and new public images, and get first access to new upgrades. Regular memberships start at twenty bone a month, though you save money with a longer subscription. A year will run you seventy bucks.



Meet the Perfect Swingers and Local Couples

One of the biggest reasons for signing up for SwingLifestyle is that they’ve got thousands and thousands of swinger profiles. Free users are locked out of some of the more exciting and interesting features like nudity, private pictures and messaging. Essentially, you can look, but it’s a lot harder to play if you’re not willing to pay. At various places around the site, they place the blame squarely on new laws enacted by the US government. Thanks a lot, Uncle Sam! Apparently, they’ve only recently shifted this mostly paid business model, and I’m just ever so late to the party.



And what a fucking party it is! On a lot of sites, I pretend I’m in the nearest major city, which is actually fifty miles away. I’m technically in a suburb here, which makes it harder to find local fun on most sites if I’m typing in my real location. Swing Lifestyle isn’t fucking around, though, and it’s obvious they’ve built a strong reputation among the swinger community. Free users are limited to 50 search results, and mine easily maxed out until I used stronger, more specific search criteria, and that’s after entering my real location. I guess my neighbors are kinkier than I thought!


For most users, the profiles section of is definitely going to be the biggest draw for the site. It’ll cost you at least twenty bucks to really use the site, since free users can’t send messages, but your odds are arguably better than they are with a premium Tinder account. There’s also an app available for iOS or Android that’ll make the process even easier. Even if you don’t end up with a paid membership, though, the site has a ton of resources that’ll be useful and interesting to anybody interested in the Swing Lifestyle.

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