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Let Taxi 69 take you on a free porn ride! It is true that most of the sites I review are from the United States. Moreover, the other types of porn platforms I review are based in China, Japan, Canada, the UK, Russia, or another Eastern European country.

But I rarely see websites operating outside of Spain. Hell, the Latino-oriented websites I look at are not from Spain or any of its former colonies. But I recently discovered a lamp powered by Dagos, and it’s quite nice.

It’s called Taxi 69, which is a great porn tube name by the way. It’s got all the basics covered and some bonuses you’ll love. What are they? Well, read on to find out.

Barebones site dedicated to gorgeous women flexing

First of all, this site is super minimalistic, but don’t take that as a bad thing. This website has everything you need and with a gray background, stylish black and yellow logo and yellow or white text it looks fantastic. The colors won’t blind or bore you, and their pop quality will give you visual energy.

At least that’s what the design did to me

Either way, the menu only has four links to the main sections (more on them later), and true to the basic design, each video on the home page is only represented by a static image, which I initially found disappointing. However, if you hover over the image, you’ll see the movie title pop up, and each promotional thumbnail is gorgeous.

Similar to the home page and category sections, when you click on a video you are taken to the video, which has a play button, volume control, and the option to switch between standard mood, mood movie mood, and full screen. Below you will find a link to other videos by the same user, as well as a series of preview photos and links to recommended videos.

Apart from that, there is nothing else. No comment section, no rating system and that’s it.

I usually don’t like it when a site doesn’t have a social aspect, such as a forum or an interactive comments section. However, when I consider that many tubes have them but no one cares about them, and that this lack of this feature is consistent with the Taxi 69’s design aesthetic, I have to admit that I really like it.

Porn stars of all colors, sizes and kinks

Anyone who watches porn regularly will often fall in love (or become obsessed) with a star or two for a while. But I think everyone, more often than not, loves to mix things up when it comes to a beautiful woman (or group of women) they are masturbating to. Unless you have a particular fetish for one type of girl, variety is the key to having fun.

Fortunately, another strong point of Taxi 69 is the large number and type of girls they not only have videos and direct links to on their Porn Stars page. Seriously, they have it all, from lithe teens like Alessandra Jane and Sabrina Banks to training MILFs like Peta Jansen and

You have a lot of busty girls like Olivia Austin and women with small tits. There are even relative unknowns like India, as well as industry legends like Asa Akira. In addition to the group of white girls, there are also many other “melanized” women such as Miss Rican AKA Alexis Rodriguez, Sharon Lee, Morgan Lee and one of my favorites, Skin Diamond.

If you’re looking for her, or rather that type of girl, they have her.

And if you’re looking for recommendations, apart from Akira and Diamond, Kendall Kayden would be a good featured girl to start with.

All kinds of research on this site

Like all good and excellent porn sites, has a full category section. Apart from the usual stuff like Anal, there are very specific sections like Blondes Anal and Teen Anal, so that’s it. But beyond the typical and unusual categories, there are many truly unique categories that I rarely, if ever, see on other tube sites.

To encourage you to visit this site, below are some quick summaries of each special category.

Rich – Who wouldn’t want to see that spoiled girl at school receive a plump penis as a gift? If these double negatives were confusing, the common premise in these films is to see a spoiled, spoiled, self-confident young man learning how to serve others for once.

Ebony Girls: For some reason you don’t see many of these girls on either premium sites or tubes (apart from some fetish sites), for some reason I’ve never understood. After all, what’s better than the combination of vanilla and chocolate?

Argentine – I have never seen a special section on any website, including Latin, dedicated to Argentines, which is shocking to me. These may be the sharpest and feistiest Latina women in the porn industry.

Girl: This is another porn premise that I don’t see as often, but should be seen more often. After all, we’ve all wanted to have hot make-up sex with an old girlfriend at least once… or a moment of furious butt slapping to ruin our feelings. Well, since something like this (usually) never happens in real life, fap content is perfect for indulging in this fantasy.

Defloration. Yes, that term confused me at first too, but the point of this category is to show the loss of virginity and all of its uncomfortable, intense, and sometimes confusing glory. Most of the girls (over 18) look quite young, which completes the illusion, and there are even a few accessories that add to the fantasy.

And I’m not just talking about the deliberately pedestrian costumes and sets, or even some… I would say extreme effects were used. Let’s give an example: simulated vaginal blood.

Aerobics – Fitness is fucking hot, and while all the girls on this site have fantastic bodies, some have unique curves in all the right places, as well as some toned figures. That’s what you’ll find in this section, as well as women who can take cock in all sorts of kinky configurations.

European orgies: what makes a European orgy better than one filmed in the United States, China or Japan? Seeing girls who have no limits become depressed? People with no prudish views on sex and nudity, fucking in all sorts of places? The foreskin of long cocks? Well, as far as I know, it’s all of these reasons! Try it yourself.

Gypsies: Some people idealize travelers. Others hate them fiercely. No matter what you think of Gypsies as a group, you’ll love the Romani ladies represented here. After all, when you’re talking about girls traveling the world, applying their craft and learning new tricks along the way, you know they’re going to have skills that even the most experienced Gorga girls won’t have.

Parodies x – In the 1990s, porn studios built a brand by parodying popular movies and TV shows. And after winning tons of legal battles with professional wet blankets, the number of parodies spread like herpes in a cheap tit bar. So if you want to stay up to date or catch up, check out this section.

In addition to these sexy sections, there are also exotic ones like Glamcore and Luxury Whores, which even I found difficult to classify. All I can say is click on the site and check them out.

As well as a complete special collections section

One of the features of this site is that it not only has a proper category section but also a mixed group of videos that are favorites on the site in a section called Collections.

It is not available via the menu. Instead, you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click there. While some may think this is a sign of poor design, I think it adds to the sense of uniqueness and exclusivity of this part of the site.

And the variety of films is eclectic, to say the least, catering to even more specific tastes. For example, there is a section called Asian Massage, along with several other massage categories, another one called Van, and even a section called Jacuzzi.

There’s even an entire section dedicated to porn provocateur Mia Khalifa, aptly named Arab Mia Khalifa. And like the bastards from Taxi 69

Each section has between nine and fifteen videos each, which is not much compared to the main categories, but since each category is special, you will enjoy higher quality content that makes up for the lack of quantity.

Of course, there are even more videos, some simple, some extreme. Check it out to see what I mean.

Live cams are delicious

To keep up with the rest of the (good) metro sites, Taxi 69 has a link to a webcam page. But it’s not just any cam site; rather, a branded cam platform owned and operated by Taxi 69. And in keeping with Taxi 69’s aesthetic, this cam site has the same eye-catching color scheme and design. Of course, the girls performing on this site will also blow your mind.

There are artists online all the time and according to user reviews, they are worth every penny during a live show. In fact, I spent some time browsing the model page and couldn’t find a single girl with a rating lower than 90%; That’s how attractive they all are.

Plus, there are girls who fit every fetish descriptor and category, and you can watch and chat on the site in several different languages.

Like other cam sites, you can watch public shows for free, and after throwing in some coins, you can get a private penis pumping show. And yes, you get free coins when you sign up. Unlike other sites that only give you enough free coins for a few minutes of fun in a private show, Taxi 69 cam gives you ten minutes for free!

“What are these other links?”

As I mentioned above, there are more links located at the bottom of each page. In addition to a link to the Collection page, there are many other interesting pages you can access through Taxi 69. Of course, some of them are typical things you’ll see on any website, such as user terms, privacy policy and a link to a “contact us” page.

But in addition, there are several links to other pornographic sites that are part of the Taxi 69 network.

Bier69 – Similar in design to Taxi 69, but even more informal and written in German, the Bier 69 homepage is just a series of categories. The good thing is that there are tons, but there are literally no search options. Actually, this site is only for those who want to masturbate while working.

Forzaprono – This site is the same type of site as Bier 69, but is aimed at Italian speakers, although there are some unique categories.

Kiwi69 – Another clone site, but written for English speakers and, I’m guessing from the title, has the kind of porn that New Zealanders like.

Pulpo 69 – Same as the previous three sites, but for Spanish speakers. However, unlike Bier 69 and Forzaprono, the designers of this site had the decency to include a search engine. The only orgy section is average (non-European), but the beautiful eyes section is exceptionally wank-worthy.

PlacerTV HD – This is a paid porn site, which sucks since you’ll have to pony up some coins, but it’s all filmed in HD, so it’s great. The web design is not spectacular, but it is not horrible either. The girls are beautiful and there is also gay porn if you like that too.
Don’t worry about clickbait spam
One thing to be careful with is the link to a website called Pills More Ereccion, also known as pleasureTV. While it links to a fantastic site that promises to increase your sex drive, enlarge your penis, or provide you with fun lube, I’ve seen enough sites like these to guess that it’s a scam or at least a product page that promises more. .

After all, how could a pill make your penis bigger? Then again, why would you want to? I’ve certainly never had any problems using my large, practically perfect pack.

Should you access this porn platform?

Overall, this site has everything you need in a free tube, as well as a few things you want. There are thousands of videos available for free and it’s easy to use. There are all kinds of women and fetishes to choose from, and a lot of specialized sections that even I haven’t heard of.

In addition to hosting profiles of girls from all over the world on the brand’s cam platform, the fact that you get not one, not two, not three, but ten full minutes free just for signing up.

Of course, there are no membership features or membership form. But of course, it is not necessary to have one. After all, with such a quiet site, it’s perfect for popping in and out after a few seconds of searching, without connecting with other anonymous guys as perverted as you.

All in all, I give Taxi 69 (often misspelled as “Texi69”) three out of five and recommend you

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