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Undertable intrigued me from the very moment I heard the name, which calls to mind sexy secrets passed beneath the dinner settings, unbeknownst to the rest of the diners. After taking a look at the site, I realized I wasn’t too far off. There’s a whole world of low-key liaisons going on right beneath our noses—or right beneath the table, as suggested by the title. If you’re looking to get into it, perhaps this site will be the key you’ve been looking for.


If you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about just yet, let me spell it out in clearer terms. calls itself Asia’s #1 Adult Community, but what exactly do they mean by that? The site’s a thriving message board for swingers in the Asian world. The site’s been around for a few years and currently gets around 150,000 visits every month. Any forum is only as good as its userbase, so I started getting excited as soon as I saw that high number of swingers swinging by. Let’s see what they’re yammering about.


Under the Table Somewhere in Asia

Before I go any further, it’d probably help to know what Undertable means when they’re talking about Asia. There are no sub-boards devoted to Chinese, Korean or Japanese swinging, so those of you in these regions should probably pick something else off my master list of Hookup Sites here at ThePornDude. Undertable is aimed at swingers in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. They used to have subforums for the Malaysian scene, too, but now the link to that section brings you to a sister site, SwingThat.



That said, the bulk of the action seems to be in the Singapore section of the site, which is broken down into 11 different subforums. Even on just the Women Seeking Men board, there have been nearly 50,000 posts so far. Most of the sub-boards are broken into classic classified ad styles, like Couples Seeking Couples, Men Seeking Women and Couples, and Transgenders/Crossdressers Seeking… There’s also a sub for General Chats, Hotwife, Kinks and Confessions, and a hopping board of original content in the SG Members Media Showcase.


By contrast, the other countries are noticeably underrepresented. I’m not sure if that’s a reflection on the hotwife/swinger scenes in those countries or just’s popularity in them. The Indonesia and Philippines Communities on Undertable are broken into two sub-boards each, Swingers Seeking and a Media Showcase. Thailand doesn’t even get the Media Showcase.


They round out the message board with an Introduce Yourselves board under Kinks, Fetishes and Lifestyles, plus a Trade Hub where members can try to sell each other vibrators, photography, pure honey and used lingerie. The marketplace was kind of fascinating in its sheer diversity, especially for something on a swinger forum, so I fell down the rabbit hole looking at the listings for a while. I came here to review an Asian swingers forum and ended up with a strong interest in Magical Arouse Water, which is “Strong and effective within 40 mins to an hour. Usage for lady and tested proven.” I may have to PM this dude.


Naked Asians and Swinger Porn Galore

Most of can be viewed without logging in or even registering an account. That said, you’re going to miss out on some of the best stuff if you’re just lurking. Those media galleries I mentioned are just lineups of blurry pixels until you sign up for an account. After I filled out the forms, they said my profile would be reviewed and verified shortly, but I was able to start looking at the pictures immediately.



As soon as I’d signed up and before they’d verified me, I also got an offer to upgrade to a lifetime VIP membership for $128 SGD. I hadn’t even realized there were premium accounts available, so I clicked the button to learn more. Weirdly, the supposed info/signup page was a dead link. The offer with the broken link would continue to pop up periodically as I perused the site.


Whatever, though. Personally, I was excited to get at all that free amateur porn posted all over the forums. Seriously, I think there are dirty pictures on every single sub-board, not just the media showcase subs. I first checked out the Women Seeking Men board for Singapore, where at least half the posts have a topless babe, a pussy close-up, or a full-on sex photo. The rest of them have cleaner shots that still hint at what these swingers are after, like lingerie pics, bikinis and tight dresses.


Sure enough, the SG Media Showcase is even better. There’s no way to filter by sexual orientation, so you’re going to see a lot of dick pics. They kind of come off like noise to me, because my eyes tend to go straight to the spanking GIFs, the titty shots, and the amateur BDSM. One fantastic thread, titled The Secret Life, contained upskirt photos, handjobs, creampies, and some fantastic MMMF orgy pics.


From time to time, I’d notice a blurred-out thumbnail, as if I hadn’t yet logged in to Undertable. Clicking my way into the threads, I was faced with bigger blurry pics, each with a message saying the user had made the photo visible to Premium members only. Again, I’d be presented with an UPGRADE TO VIP button that leads to a broken page.


One of Undertable’s biggest strengths is just the sheer size and enthusiasm of its userbase. This is a genuinely thriving online community of swingers in Asia, and they’re posting all the goddamn time. To date, there have been hundreds of thousands of posts across the site’s different message boards, and quite a few of them contain dirty photos.


On the same note, I wasn’t able to find a total count of users listed anywhere. A lot of forums proudly display the digits right on their front page, but Undertable has kind of an overall secretive vibe. That makes a lot of sense, given that swinging activity ain’t always smiled upon in these corners of the globe. Their privacy policy is fairly standard, and they don’t collect much personally identifiable information aside from your name or username, email and IP addresses.


There’s a forum for new user introductions, which they’ve placed under the Kinks, Fetishes and Lifestyles header for some reason. If you take a peek, you’ll see there are new members introducing themselves every day. I have to assume the userbase is actually growing a lot faster than that, because seriously, how often do you post on the Introduction board when you sign up for any forum, adult or otherwise? If it ain’t mandatory, most of you ain’t doing it.


Have a Chat While You’re At It

If the forums are too slow-paced for you, have no fear, because Undertable’s also got a live Chat feature that’s fucking full of users. I’m looking at it right now and there are hundreds of users with green dots next to their names, indicating their Online status. Today, it’s a very general and friendly conversation going on, with lots of Hellos and How-You-Doings, but not much sex.



Interestingly, I actually had to open in a different browser to access the live chat. My account still hasn’t been verified, so officially, I ain’t allowed in the chat. The funny thing is that I can still see it if I’m not logged in, which is why I can access it with another browser.


The biggest issue I ran into on the site is just the weird premium setup. As I browsed the site, they continuously begged me to buy a premium account, but the link led nowhere. I may have access to it once they finally approve my account, but I’m still waiting. They eventually rejected my profile photo, even though it met their given criteria, so I may not even bother trying again. While the aggressive advertising and locked content has been a bit of an annoyance, I felt like I still had access to enough of the site to make it worth my time. has a lot more to offer than I expected for an Asian swinger site. For one thing, they’re one of very few sites of this type serving these countries, so that’s going to be one of the biggest draws right away. On top of that, the users post so much amateur porn that it’s worth a look even if you don’t live in Asia or you’re not planning on swinging. Speaking of, I may need to book a flight to Singapore.

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