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The idea of a Whores Hub is immediately appealing to anybody with a hard dick and a taste for pretty 18+ girls. I mean, shit, it’s all right there in the name: one centralized hub where you can find all your favorite fap fantasy babes. Some might argue that the old and familiar Pornhub has you covered in that respect, but we’ve all seen the quality decline and our saved collections disappear off the tube giant in recent months. Sometimes it’s a great thing for a newer, smaller tube to come and shake up the scene, and I think we may just have ourselves a kickass contender in this next site.


You’ll probably have a pretty fucking good idea what is all about as soon as you hear the name. This one’s a new free tube with an emphasis on the up-and-coming Internet starlets, OnlyFans models, and other newly self-made pornstars. Even as a full-time pervert who watches a ton of porn and keeps up on all the masturbatory trends, it’s been incredible seeing this genre really explode over the last year or so. So many elements of our lives have changed thanks to that global pandemic. But this site is solid evidence that some things have changed for the better. Finally, I’m not the only one working from home with my ding-dong crammed into a silicone butthole all day!


Internet Celebs, Pornstars, and Other Hotties

For a site so devoted to whores that they put it in the name, Whoreshub has a surprisingly clean presentation. I can’t help thinking they’re going for that bright-white OnlyFans aesthetic, which works given the content and just feels right on a modern tube. It’s such a sparkly clean setup that I don’t see any spam at all out front, even when I take the risk of shutting off my adblocker. That’s nearly unheard of on any free site, and I’m certainly not complaining.



Now let’s get to the good stuff. Of course, that clean setup wouldn’t be worth a damn thing if it wasn’t full of absolutely filthy material, which is precisely what you’ll find in abundance. First of all, you’re going to see some of the hottest Internet celebrities, nudie models, and traditional pornstars. I love how much the lines have blurred as the genre has taken off, with so many big-name video whores and previously wholesome celebs getting in on the DIY porn game.


Solo Girls, Twerking, and Kinky Fetishes

If you’re into these chicks and this genre, you’ve probably already got a few babes in mind. Hell, even if you only have a passing familiarity with the OnlyFans phenomenon, you’re probably going to start recognizing girls right away. Some of the Top Rated Videos featured out front star attention-seeking and regular whores like Ellie Idol, LittleReislin, Ana Bianco, and Lisa Diamond. Athena Blaze is playing the sluttiest 18+ schoolgirl, Scarlet Chase is squirting goddamn fountains of girlcum from her pussy, and Purple Bitch is getting fucked from behind while stuck in a washing machine.



That Purple Bitch video is noteworthy because she’s actually getting drilled by a real dick in the scene. One of the biggest downsides to this new amateur smut style is that so many videos are solo shows. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as these chicks have made POV movies more popular than they’ve ever been, not to mention the kinks and fetishes that have really taken off thanks to the format. ASMR was unheard of a decade ago, but it’s easy to find on Whoreshub, and what nerd isn’t fucking thrilled by the newfound mainstream popularity of cosplay? has a beautiful, wide range of porno subgenres, kinks, and fetishes. You’ll find fewer hardcore scenes than the tubes that focus on paysite samples and amateur hookup videos, but these whores more than makeup for it with the diversity of content. On the front page alone, I see sexy cocksucking cop cosplay, a solo porn parody of Black Widow, and a MILF fingering herself with one of those pink Internet vibrators hanging out of her twat. An explicit taboo roleplay and a couple of different chicks dressed up as Velma from Scooby-Doo but masturbating instead of hunting ghosts and fighting crime. There’s also lesbian taboo, amateur hotel sex, an Asian threesome, and an interracial anal scene where this white girl gets her bunghole stretched by BBC.


The Categories section at is a three-page thumbnailed index of smutty subgenres like Creampie, Cumshot, Big Ass, and Brunette. These lists tend to be similar on most porn sites, which is why I’m more interested in the kinkier stuff you may not find elsewhere. There’s only one video in Whoreshub’s Bondage section, but it’s still ranked as one of their Top Rated Categories. There are just three Fisting videos and only 11 with Double Penetration, but the Cosplay aisle is 319 strong. BBW is as big here as the girls themselves, with nearly 700 fat-infused fuck flicks, and the POV section has no fewer than 1973 films. Melissa Moore is wearing a plaid skirt in the thumbnail for 18+ School Girl, but weirdly, she’s not in any of the three 18+ student-oriented videos I found in the collection.


All those numbers add up, you know. I like to give my readers hard numbers when it comes to content volume, but the setup at makes it challenging to find the exact number. I kept flipping through the pages, trying to get to the bottom of the pile so I could crunch the numbers, but it just kept going and going and going. Eventually, I gave up around page 160 with no end in sight. So it’s safe to say there are thousands upon thousands of free porn videos in the stash.


That’s the Stuff, and Lots of It!

You don’t build up a collection this big if you aren’t shoveling loads onto the pile at a damn near-constant rate. To that end, Whoreshub is getting tons of new additions to the catalog every single day. Since I started writing this review a little while ago, a half dozen videos of AdySweet have been added. I wasn’t familiar with her work before, but I’ve spent the last half hour acquainting myself with her boobs, femdom fantasies, voyeur dreams, and sexy boss lady outfits.



Today’s been a really fucking great day for the site. More than 50 videos have been added in just the past 5 hours, so you’ll have to flip through a few pages of updates before you even get to yesterday’s fresh content. Even if you’re the sort of deviate who doesn’t like to whack off to the same video twice, you’ll find more than enough to keep your hands busy for a long, long time. Be liberal with the lube if you don’t want to get scabs, callouses, and bruises all over your junk if you’re going to be working it for hours or days on end.


I say that in jest because I’m the kind of guy who appreciates a good joke about marathon masturbatory sessions. That said, I have a feeling some of you are going to spend the whole fucking day shaking your dicks at Whoreshub. There’s just so much to see and so many babes to fap to. Besides, you can download your favorite videos. That’s something you don’t even get on paysites or OnlyFans, but Whoreshub is just straight-up giving them away. Of course, you have to register for a free account to access the downloads, but that’s a pretty damn trivial requirement.


I turned off my adblocker when I first pulled up Whoreshub’s front page, and I actually forgot to turn it back on before I continued my fap test. To my absolute surprise, I didn’t see any spam at all, even with the plugin deactivated. My browser (Chrome) does have some baked-in spam protection, but I still expect to see some ads on pretty much any site on the Internet. These guys are killing it at every level.


What more do I have to say? If you’re into Internet chicks, self-made pornstars, and the whole OnlyFans thing, you’re probably going to love what has to offer. The collection is already huge, it’s growing at a crazy pace, and it’s hard to beat that ultra-clean presentation. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some PAWG videos to beat off to.

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