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X Videos is one of the largest porn sites in the world. Specifically, as of July 7, 2018, it was the 43rd most visited website in the world with 1.6 billion monthly visitors. That’s a ton of sperm wasted every day, making semen-hungry sperm banks jealous. On the other hand, have a good trip! We don’t need the DNA of fucking genetic losers! was launched in 2007, so it’s already about 11 years old. Little is known about the French owner of “Stephane”. At least the mofo isn’t a gold digger like the original Pornhub owner. When an unknown source offered him $120 million, the son of a bitch said, “go away and let me continue playing Diablo II.” What heroism…! Of course, what an idiot! If someone offered that kind of money, I could say goodbye to my hairy ass, you fools!

It is one of those websites, just like its sister website XNXX, that hardly needs any introduction considering how famous they are and the recognition they have received from people so far. calls itself the best free porn site, and while that’s true, it’s quite a claim. I can’t objectively say that it’s the best free porn website out there, but in my personal opinion, it’s definitely in the top ten. However, I will be as objective as possible in this review and make sure to talk about the pros and cons of X Videos because I am feeling generous today.

Iconic and simple design.

Many of you have probably seen XVideos, especially in recent years, as the site has gained a lot of popularity recently for some reason. While I don’t know exactly what it is, it makes sense that a page like this would be famous, all things considered. First, let’s look at the home page and its design. Basically, there’s not much to do here. You will get a plain white background on which you will find a series of miniatures scattered. It’s pretty simple, but it gets the job done, and the website doesn’t need more than that, now it needs it.
So, as I said, there are many thumbnails spread on the home page, and you can see the number of views of these videos and the channel that uploaded these movies, you also have access to the duration of the porn movies (written). . below the thumbnail). When you hover over a thumbnail (with the cursor, I don’t expect you to levitate like Aladdin on his magic carpet), the video shows you a brief preview of what will happen in the video. The preview lasts only a few seconds, but it’s sure to show you enough action to let you know what cool stuff you’re getting into. So if you’re straight and watching gay porn, there’s no turning back, my queer friend.

A simple but useful video player

X Videos Player is one of the most popular video players in the world of porn. It has a small and elegant design and is very pretty. It doesn’t ask you to watch an ad before watching a video or to watch an ad while the video is playing. You know how annoying it is with other websites, right? You try to go back a little, click on the player and a bunch of ads pop up in your face. Sometimes this can really ruin your mood and I know it makes you feel bad. Fortunately, this is not the case at, so we are really lucky to have this page.

Creating an account can really be a blessing

If you decide to create an account on you won’t waste time, that’s for sure. While most websites will basically waste your time and convince you to create an account with the promise of “faster streaming servers” (which will often turn out to be a complete lie), comes straight to you and tells you. What’s happening.
The process of creating an account is quite simple. You must enter your email address, an idea for your profile name (yes, stonersatanist420666 will do), a password, and agree to their terms of service and privacy policy. After that you’ll be able to do some new things with your free account. First, the most interesting feature would be the ability to upload your videos to and download videos from the page. This is really cool considering many of the videos here are in HD. Most porn sites won’t let you download their material, especially if it’s in HD.

You can also create a collection of your favorite videos. Basically, a playlist. This playlist can be public or private. After creating an account, you can chat with other members and make more friends… but really, who the hell is talking on X Videos? Who wakes up in the morning and says, “Oh, okay, today I’m going to talk to my friends on Xvideos”? …besides your MOM!

Not categories, not problem

You’ll notice that this website uses exactly no categories, which would be surprising. Since the page has around eight million videos uploaded, you would assume that they are all ranked, but you would be wrong. This is not true. However, the site uses tags as an effective way to “differentiate” videos. At the top of the page you have the most popular tabs for your country, which is nice. Click on any of the tabs and the videos that are all, let’s say “Squirting”, will appear on your screen. So click on that tag and you’ll get videos specifically related to that thing. It’s simple and makes sense.


I mentioned earlier that this website is very, very simple and not overloaded with many features, but it still has features that many other websites can use, which is pretty cool. For starters, don’t you hate finding a good porn site but it’s not available in your language? It is wonderful! Most of the websites are available in English, as is, but if you want to watch in another language, they have the whole world covered (basically Chinese, Indian, Spanish and English), so you don’t have to. worry about not understanding things. You can also view this website in several other languages. There’s Czech, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, and even Hebrew when you want that Jewish porn. Yes, Jewish porn. Yes indeed.
There are many different languages, but English will be enough for most of us. You’ll also find an option that allows you to turn off the lights, which is a nice touch. You will find this option on many other websites such as 4chan, YouTube, etc. It seems like the people behind XVideos are well aware of how simple their page is and didn’t want to change anything, even though they’re probably drowning in cash right now. They added some new features and tried to translate the website into as many languages as possible, but they didn’t touch the basic elements that made this page so nice and “comfortable”. Oh yeah, and by the way, you can turn off video previews if you want to for some strange reason. Click the little white “gear” next to the “Liked Videos” button.

A little for everyone

You will notice a small red button that says “100% Verified” and after clicking this button, you will be taken to a section of where you can see it 100%. verified amateur porn. However, I doubt everyone is a fan. I mean, you’ll see some really weird movies, honestly I doubt these things happen in real life. Schoolgirls over 18 are not gangbanged by all their male teachers in the real world. It doesn’t just happen.
However, you can still find videos with this topic in the 100% verified section. Then we have the pornstar section and basically what you will find here are all your favorite girls. Click on a name and you will be able to see all the videos that this porn star of your choice starred in.

overall experience

Although this website does not have the exclusive content that the rich want, it still manages to provide a great experience. For starters, all the porn here is free, the site doesn’t shove thousands of ads in your face when you hover, the player is great, and the atmosphere is great. I have no regrets when I visit XVideos (often called “xvids”, “xvidoes”, “xvideoa”, “xvideis”, “xvides”, “x vedios” or “xvidos”).

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