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Do you feel like finding a porn site that turns you on? And I’m not talking about a porn site that only mocks the content of the trailer. Instead, I’m talking about a tube site that hosts all kinds of amazing videos that will keep you coming back for more. It’s the kind of place on the subway you want to visit. Maybe this is the kind of site you will be satisfied with.

If this sounds like the perfect place to visit (and it should), I invite you to visit Yes Porn VIP. This is where you will find a wide range of porn videos that are sure to make you cum in your damn pants right where you are sitting. I know it sounds great and that’s how it should be! Check out Yes Porn VIP today and find something to dry your balls off!

More than 20 porn sites.

When it’s time for you to check out all the damn videos you can watch on Yes Porn VIP, I invite you to visit the site’s home page. You know, starting over and all that shit. There you will discover that there is indeed a large amount of content waiting for you.
What content can you expect on Yes Porn VIP? Honestly, it’s a decent amount. And I know you want honesty. That’s why you read all my reviews on ThePornDude first! As they say, honesty is the best medicine. Although some will say it tastes suspiciously like my semen. At least that’s what I heard.

When you visit the Yes Porn VIP homepage, you will find that there are over 20 porn sites that you can visit. With over 25 videos on the site, you can expect over 500 videos in this review.

This may not seem like a fucking ton. But let’s be fucking fair here. Yes Porn VIP is a growing tube site. They also don’t want to clutter their tube site with tons of shitty porn. They want to give horny bastards like you the kind of content you want, including short content or just plain shit.

Less means more. Quality over quantity. These are all mantras that Yes Porn VIP follows. Additionally, a tube site also makes it easy to stream content on the site, even if you need to host your content on a file hosting service. However, you won’t have any problems viewing this content like you would with another file hosting service. Yes Porn VIP makes it easy to view all content without the buffering issues found on other tube sites that have to use file hosting services.

That in itself is pretty amazing. I like the fact that when you watch content on Yes Porn VIP you don’t have to wait for anything to buffer. It just works. Plus, you can even download content from a file hosting service. However, to download it, you must be a premium member of the service. However, if you are currently a member or would like to become a member just to download the content on Yes Porn VIP, downloading the content is as simple as selecting the “download” button. It’s incredibly easy and a great way to take your favorite movies with you.

It would be much more convenient if Yes Porn VIP implemented some kind of “favorites” option that would allow you to add a video you like to your favorites list. Yes, Porn VIP doesn’t have this feature, which makes sense considering you can’t sign up for a free account. Yes, Porn VIP would need to add this feature for everything to work.

Maybe they will get it in the future. There are so few videos currently (which isn’t a bad thing either, because Yes Porn VIP is growing) that there’s no need to add them now. But in the future? Absolutely!

A random section that really works.

Those of you who have visited tube sites that use the “random” feature know that this is a hit. Sometimes the random function works very well. Every time you use the “shuffle” function, new videos are shown. On other tube sites, videos are shown randomly the first time; click again and the same videos will appear.
Metro sites that fall into this second category don’t actually have a “random” feature. But I’m happy to say that Yes Porn VIP actually falls into the first category. Every time I clicked on the “random” section of the tube page (which appeared as a separate page), I noticed that the videos were really random. I refreshed the page again and new random videos appeared again. I clicked on it a third time and you didn’t notice? The videos were completely random again!

Of course, you will notice that some random videos appear here and there on the home page. This is because, at the time of writing, there are only a few hundred videos listed on the tube site. As your library grows, you’re more likely to see more random videos appear on your home page rather than just a few repeated appearances.

Decent tags to browse

One of the things that really impressed me about Yes Porn VIP was also that there were so many damn tags to explore on the tube site. It’s definitely very impressive. You’ll find that there are so many different types of tags to look for that you may not know where to start.
I say start with the label that catches your attention the most. You’ll find that there are tags you can search for, such as ass licking, cumshot, hardcore, titjob, and many more. And that’s just the damn beginning! There are so many other labels you can look through and choose from that it can be difficult to decide which one to choose first.

That’s totally fine! Open a few tabs, search for videos related to that tag, and find the videos that will make you cum the most. Because that’s what browsing Yes Porn VIP is all about: exhausting those balls!

There are almost no categories

While there are tons of fucking tags for you to explore on Yes Porn VIP, one thing sucks: there are barely any categories to explore on this fucking tube site. There is really a need to add more categories as there are only categories like BangBros, Brazzers, Massage, PureTaboo, Reality Kings, Vixen and Uncategorized. We hope Yes Porn VIP allows you to explore niches and issues instead of maintaining a categoryless section in your category lists. Or at least they should add new studies and remove the “uncategorized” category altogether.

Explore longer and newer videos

Yes Porn VIP also allows you to explore all the content in a variety of ways. One of these methods is to enable navigation using sorting options. Yes Porn VIP gives you the opportunity to browse videos sorted by longest or newest. It’s pretty simple and makes it much easier to view new, long-form content.
With informative lists including title, views, duration, thumbnail, and whether the content is in HD quality, there are more than enough videos waiting for you. Check out all the videos you can see on Yes Porn VIP. This is a wide range of content that is sure to make you cum, especially for those of you who enjoy AAA porn that turns you on so much that you can’t help but tell your mother about the mess you made.


Yes Porn VIP is a tube site with a wide range of AAA movies for you to explore. With so much content to watch, you’ll have more than enough content to get you excited. Unfortunately, there are few categories. This needs to be fixed if the categories section is to remain a functional and relevant section to explore for the foreseeable future.

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