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The promo blurb on Go3Fun’s front page confused me for a brief moment after the link slid into my DMs this morning. They call it “The Leading Dating App For Sexually-Free Singles and Partners to Meet Like-Minded People,” and maybe it was just the morning fog clouding my brain or the bong hits I had for breakfast, but I misinterpreted what they meant by sexually free. After rubbing my eyes and adjusting my boner, I realized they weren’t talking about asexuals who don’t fuck. No, this one’s aimed at exactly the opposite demographic.


I’m guessing you’re among that target audience, at least if you’ve got a pulse, a libido and a sense of adventure. is the home of 3Fun, a dating app aimed at adults looking for a threesome. I liked the premise right away, but having reviewed a fair number of enticing-sounding hookup apps without enough users to work well, I was a little skeptical. Once I looked at the traffic stats, though, I was a lot more excited; Go3Fun gets close to 125 million visits a month on their website alone, which is promising as hell. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to get inside and start browsing the local profiles.



Going Fun with Go3Fun

Since the website’s called, I just assumed the app goes by the same name. They’ve got mobile versions available for iOS and Android, and unlike some of the sketchier brands out there, this one’s a real app and not just a webapp with a custom icon for your phone. Look in either of those official stores, though, and you’ll realize it’s just called 3Fun. The website title is an instruction, encouraging visitors to Go 3Fun. It’s a little clunky and funky, but the good 3Fun domains were already taken.



3Fun is one of few dating apps I’ve reviewed that doesn’t have a web version. exists primarily as a promo page for the app, directing potential users to their relevant official app stores to download the thing. You’ll find some basic info like a FAQ, safety tips and the usual legalese filed away on the Terms page. Other than that, there ain’t much to see.


It’s an interesting choice, one that almost certainly would have been bad for business a decade ago. These days, it’s mildly annoying to me since websites are easier to review than apps, but I’m not sure it’ll matter much for most end users. With the exception of the oldsters in the audience, everybody’s pretty comfortable with mobile apps these days. Sorry, grandpa.


The website ain’t totally useless, though, listing some vital stats out front. As I mentioned in the intro, a dating app ain’t much use if nobody is using it, but that clearly ain’t the case here. When you Go 3Fun, you’ll be jumping into the pool for adult swim time with 2.5 million active members. It’s a nice, fat number, so big I might be ready to call bullshit if I hadn’t already seen the traffic stats. Hell, with odds like that, maybe even the uggos can find a 3-way in their neighborhood.


They’re also loud and proud about their inclusivity. 3Fun is for any adult who’s interested, so you can sign up as a single or a couple with any sexual orientation. Honestly, this is something I expect from any hookup platform in the 21st century, but perhaps it’s just a little more important for one designed to make threesomes easier. If there’s three or more of you, chances are a couple of you are going to share the same gender identity.



Getting Right into the 3Fun

Since there’s nothing to download and nowhere to login on, I grabbed the official app from Google’s Play store. Installation only took a few seconds on my Pixel 7 Pro. I didn’t realize it until the icon appeared beneath my YouTube app, but the logo looks a lot like a pair of panties. Make of that what you will.



There are a few intro screens on the app before you get to the signup process, mostly just listing the same perks I saw on the Go 3Fun website. The only new wrinkle I noticed was that they don’t allow screenshots. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you’re up to, but I imagine you already know that if you’re the screen-shotting type.


3Fun will let you log in with an email address once you’ve set up an account, but you can’t sign up for one with email alone. Currently, they’re accepting members using their phone numbers or Facebook. I opted to give them my digits, as Mark Zuckerberg already knows enough about me and my habits.


I told 3Fun I was a single male, gave them my birthday and said I was straight. They ain’t kidding about the inclusivity, with more than a dozen sexual orientations, including Polysexual, Heteroflexible and even Asexual, a weird option for threesome seekers. I’m guessing they mean Omnisexual in a different sense than GG Allin, who once boned a dead dog somebody tossed on stage.


After telling the app who I was looking for and writing a little blurb about myself, I uploaded a couple pics. Most dating apps will encourage you to upload face pics to start with, but 3Fun had some interesting advice for those testing the waters: “If you are feeling shy or want to be discreet, showing part of your face can be a good start.” This likely widens the pool, even if some of those members may be hiding their mugs initially, which works for me just fine.


They even ask you during the signup process if you’d like to block anyone from your phone’s contacts. This is a fucking awesome feature that I wish more hookup apps would implement. If you don’t want your friends, family, coworkers or other associates to see you looking for a threesome when you Go 3Fun, they’ve made it super easy to block them before you even get inside.



I Think I Might Have 3Fun Tonight

The Go3Fun website doesn’t really walk you through the app with baby steps, but the interface is dead simple with some tutorial tips as you get started. Instead of swiping, you’ll click an X or a heart to indicate whether you’re interested or not. You can’t set a custom location with a free account, so you’ll have to use a VPN if you’re trying to fool around outside the area where you’re currently tapping away at your phone.



Within minutes of perusing the local couples looking for a third, I had a notification under the Prospects tab. Somebody Liked me, so I clicked the button to see who it was. I was wondering when they’d ask me for money and, well, here it was. I’d had my account for less than five minutes.


It costs thirty bucks a month to fully Go 3Fun, which is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive hookup app I’ve seen. Given the sizable demographic using it and the tight focus on threesome encounters, I think it’s a fair price. They offer some serious discounts on longer plans, with a 6-month subscription that breaks down to just a tenner a month. Keep in mind, dating app prices are fucking weird and aren’t always transparent; these were the prices they gave me as a single straight dude, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see other prices for other user types. Unicorns, anybody?


The perks of paid membership are pretty much what you’d expect. Basically, it opens the app up so it’s a lot more useful. Paying members can Like as many people as they want, message without matching, see who Likes you, and can browse different locations. You also get increased visibility, which could be really useful considering how popular the app is. I never would have guessed this many people were using it in my area, but I’m fucking thrilled.


And that’s exactly why I’m going to wrap up this review right here. I’ve got some prospects I’d like to follow up with, which hopefully means I’ll have company tonight. promises a lot for a threesome-oriented hookup app, and they actually come through in a way you rarely see from apps promising horny local singles. It’s easy as hell to get signed up and you can start browsing without a paid membership, so I recommend starting there.

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