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If you’re craving Trans Sex Dates, there’s a decent chance you’ve found the local Tinder listings lacking. Sure, if you’re in a big enough city, you can find all kinds of adult fun and games on those hookup apps, but the pickings can be slim if you’ve got niche interests but prudish neighbors. I’ve covered a number of different trans-oriented dating platforms here at NoLimitsFun, and today I’m going to check one out that lays their whole theme right there in the domain name. Based on the traffic alone, I’m guessing there’s at least a little more action than I found at the highway rest area. is, you guessed it, a dating and hookup site aimed at transgender folks and the people who love them, or at least those who lust after them. Maybe you’ve got a cisgendered wife at home whose cock just ain’t big enough for your liking, or maybe you’ve just had enough of dating traditional women, but whatever the case, these guys aim to hook you up with the dick-girl of your dreams. I’m always looking for exciting new ways to get my dick wet, and I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to meet someone who likes to swallow. Let’s see who’s sucking cock around here, shall we?


Trans Sex Dating with Trans Sex Dates

Like a lot of other dating sites, they don’t tell you much about Trans Sex Dates on the front page. Loosely speaking, I feel like the sites with less on the front page are aimed more at horny people looking for casual sex. Sites for committed relationships tend to talk up that aspect on the tour page, and the “cheating” sites tend to have their own particular style and flavor, too. TransSexDates does set the tempo with some full-frontal nudity right from jump, which I certainly appreciate. I know this ain’t going to be some platonic bullshit for asexuals, at the very least.



Besides the naked shemale showing her boobs and ding-dong on the tour page, the only other thing I really knew going in was that is built by the same fine people who built Fuckbook. I’ve reviewed that site here at ThePornDude and there were a few elements I thought were real winners, like the karma system, the wide range of babes in my area and the slick interface. As soon as I figured out it was the same company, I hoped I’d see some of the same features.


Obviously, as a full-time smut reviewer, horny porn stud and respected expert on the adult internet, I was bound to sign up for an account pretty much as soon as I heard about the site. That said, I do wish offered a little more to entice potential users on the front page. Every single dating/hookup site thrives on membership numbers, and I have to wonder how many potential users they’re losing by not offering better peeks inside. There’s no shortage of similar sites, so why should you spend the time making an account here instead of elsewhere?


That’s something of a rhetorical question, but personally, I’d say the most important factor is user demographics. Features are great, but don’t count for a goddamn thing if nobody’s using them. With that in mind, I gave them an age and an email address, clicked the Sign Up button and in I went. I got in instantly with just a bit of popunder spam, no email validation necessary, at least not right away. It was time to play!


But Are These Real T-Girls or Bots?

“Hi NoLimitsFun, how are you today?” TransSexDates asked me immediately after clicking the Sign Up button. They only ask for a few bits of info to start with, and I obliged, offering up a birthday, location, selfie and a very brief bio. It’s all pretty standard stuff, so you’ll be checking off checkboxes in the first minute of your visit. I agreed to the privacy policy and terms of service, then clicked the Find Matches button to really begin my quest for girl wiener.



The process to get a free account took literally just a couple minutes, and it will go even faster for those of you who aren’t typing up a review of in another window. By the time I got inside, I already had two new messages from other users, sent through their Icebreaker service. As I typed up this paragraph, another one slipped through. “Hey PornDude, you seem to be new here…”


I have mixed feelings about this. While high activity is something I look for on any dating site, I’m a little bit skeptical of any joint where I get a bunch of messages even before I’d fully filled out the profile. I know that adding a profile pic puts me a step above the anonymous randos who won’t show their faces, but it feels a bit like I’m just getting spammed by bots. One “user” even wrote that she’s not too far from me, though Google maps says there’s an 8-hour drive between us.


Of the half-dozen messages I got as soon as I signed up, one contains a nice bikini selfie, which is certainly a solid little perk. Two of the messages I can’t even read until I upgrade to a Premium Trans Sex Dates account. I am able to reply to messages without a paid account, which was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, the auto-response I received back only confirmed my suspicions about bots. does seem to have a ton of users, which is always a good thing. I just wish it was easier to figure out which users are legit and which are bots. I also wish you could dial in your own location easier, because the current setup is going to be a dealbreaker for a lot of users looking to get laid in their own neighborhood.


I made my way to the search page, where they laid out a selection of trannies all over the fucking place. The default search results don’t seem to be localized at all, showing me shemales everywhere from Michigan to Texas to fucking Canada. I tried to dial in my location as Chicago, but kept coming up with zero local results. They’ve actually got a nice range of search filters, letting you set everything from ethnicity to income to a couple dozen fetishes. All the filters are of limited use, though, when you can’t accurately set your location.


And What Do I Get for a Few Bucks?

Trans Sex Dates does offer more messaging capability to free users than most dating sites. I was able to chat a bit with some of those users blowing up my inbox, though their automated responses typically outed them as bots. At some point, though, users will reach their free message limit. When that happens, it’s either time to hit the road or sign up for a premium account.



Memberships will run you thirty bucks a month for the standard plan, or there’s a quarterly rate that breaks down to about $15 a month. I’m always hesitant to sign up for a longer membership on a site like this until I’m confident there are plenty of real users, so I wasn’t ready to splurge for the quarterly plan just yet.


Paying members on Trans Sex Dates also get a Premium badge and a karma boost. That’ll bump you to the top of the search results, which once again draws attention to their busted search function. I’m sure this has to be a temporary glitch, but goddamn, it’s a pretty serious dealbreaker when a dating site won’t let you search for users in your own local area. Let’s hope they get that sorted out in the very near future.


In the meantime, though, at least there are a lot of free shemale nudes to gawk at. Honestly, the user uploads here might be a big draw even to those who weren’t planning on hooking up to begin with. The platform does have a nice social media interface, with a feed of fresh user content served up first thing in the member’s area. Even if you don’t get laid tonight, you can always rub one out while enjoying the pictures. is a gorgeous site, but still has some little quirks that they need to iron out. I do see the underlying potential within. The folks at Fuckbook haven’t quite polished Trans Sex Dates as well as they’ve got their straight hookup platform, but it’s shaping up to be a worthwhile site for trannies and their horny fans. Signup is quick, free and easy, so it wouldn’t hurt to get in there and start poking around.

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