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What’s better than watching porn in the highest resolution currently available? Well, that’s a tough standard. Perhaps getting your dick ridden by one of the beauties starring in the content on 4KPorn could come close. But beyond that, it’s hard to imagine better things than watching immersive porn in crystal clear resolution.


But is that precisely what 4KPorn delivers? In most cases, yes (more on that later). Their videos make you feel like you are right there in the scene watching the performers go at it like a goddamn pervert. The only thing I can think of that could be better than this is strapping on a VR headset and watching the videos at this resolution. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a fucking PC strapped to my head while I’m jerking off. Put that shit into my eyeball instead!


Over 15,000 pages of listings

One of the most appealing aspects of 4KPorn is – as the name suggests – the fact that the porn you find here is mostly available in 4K. I say mostly for a reason. Once again, I will get to that in a moment.



For now, let’s look at just how much pornography you can watch on 4KPorn. There are over fucking 15,000 pages of listings available for you to watch on this tube site. And with 60 videos per page, you are looking at well over 360,000 videos available on the platform. Besides, you can expect to find a fuck load of content available for you to watch on 4KPorn as new content is added all the fucking time (more on that later).


My God, that is an enormous amount of fucking pornography! Do you have what it takes to exhaust this extensive library of great stuff? I doubt it, mother fucker! So much porn is added to this HD-centric tube site for you to possibly keep up. Well, that’s unless you want blisters on your penis when you can’t afford to buy any more lube.


Now that you know that there’s so much porn at your disposal here, just how easy is it to navigate the homepage? Well, the homepage is organized in several different sections. You can look at sections such as recommended porn videos, trending XXX porn in your location, and top-rated categories.


The top-rated categories section stretches over ten pages, and I think it should have been left on the categories page, which you can browse at the top. But then again, this section is at the bottom and out of the way. Frankly, it works decently well, so you won’t mind too much. But it gets in your way; it’s easy to ignore.


New content is added regularly

I made a point of getting to the last page on 4KPorn (FYI, it wasn’t easy and took a lot of time), and I learned an interesting fact. The oldest video on this platform was posted less than a year old (as of this review). Thus, with the number of videos they have, it can only mean one thing: content is updated regularly. And true to that, every time I refreshed the homepage, I noticed new content posted. 4KPorn is uploading videos all the fucking time, and that’s how they have created the vast collection in such a short time.



You seriously have to look at how often new videos go live on 4KPorn. It’s one of those must be seen to be fucking believed. To say that you will never run out of pornography to watch on 4KPorn is a fucking understatement. When you discern the frequency of the listings going live, it no longer feels like a stretch to say that 4KPorn has posted hundreds of thousands of videos within the last year alone. They post content in intervals of less than an hour, so there is always a new flick to shake your dick at.


Lots of amateur HD porn too!

If you thought you would find only AAA professional porn videos on 4KPorn, you would be dead wrong! Just because the content is in 4K does not mean that you won’t find amateur porn in HD! Come on, have you recorded a video with your phone in the last few years? Videos look pretty goddamn impressive now; expensive video equipment isn’t necessary.



However, considering that there is a lot of amateur porn available, it begs the question: is all of the porn actually in 4K? Well, no. While most of the amateur porn is in HD, not all of it is in 4K. Not a fucking chance.


This means that not every video is actually in 4K. Hell, some of the videos are not even in HD. Nonetheless, that’s the vast minority of the content that you will find on 4KPorn as you check out the video listings.


But that’s not to say that you cannot watch quality amateur porn that is in HD. Still, if you are hoping for crystal clear footage that rivals a Brazzers scene, think again! You best keep looking.


But how is the content? Well, it’s fucking amazing! The amateur categories section shows over 139,600 videos as of this review, and that’s a vast collection!


Granted, not every amateur porn video you watch is going to hit the spot just right. And just because amateur porn is raw and genuinely amateur does not mean that the porn is actually any good. If you have seen a lot of amateur porn like I have while reviewing for ThePornDude, then you already know that unfiltered porn does not mean it’s cum-worthy!


Overall, there’s a lot of great content on 4KPorn – the few mediocre scenes do not make this website not worthwhile. Besides, 4KPorn makes it easy to sift through their collection and get to the great videos. It does that by availing an abundance of good info in every listing.


Helpful information in all listings

All listings on 4KPorn include the title, duration, date posted, rating, view count, an HD icon for HD videos (most videos have this), and a stunning thumbnail to get your attention.



If you want to look at the best on 4KPorn, go through the different sections (at the top of the homepage) that act as sorting options, such as newest, top-rated, and most views. If you click on ‘top rated’ or ‘most views,’ there’s an option to sort content further by a timeframe. You will see a drop-down menu at the right of the homepage that allows you to sort content by today, this week, this month, or all time.


4KPorn also allows you to browse by channels and models, and the same sorting options can be applied in these sections. Thus, you can find the most viewed and top-rated channels and models with fucking ease.


There’s also evidence that 4KPorn’s excellent information within each listing works its magic in these sections. For example, both the models and channels sections show the channel’s name, rating, and the number of videos. You can then click a channel or model and sort it appropriately on the proceeding page. It’s easy to find the best on 4KPorn, so try it out and see how simple it can be to find the perfect wank video for any occasion!


Huge list of tags

If you want to jump into a specific niche or genre on 4KPorn quickly, it’s easy to do that. Go to the bottom of the page and select ‘show all tags.’ There, you will find an enormous list of tags that you can browse. I suggest using your browser’s ‘find’ function to type in a keyword that will really get you off.



That’s the bottom line when it comes to 4KPorn. No matter what kind of porn you want to watch, 4KPorn has the kink you are craving. And with so much content added to this unique tube site, there is bound to be something that gets you off posted just about every fucking day. This is an exciting tube site that has a seemingly never-ending supply of porn – it’s the place to jerk off when you want to watch a little something of everything in glorious HD!



4KPorn is a tube site with an amazing collection of HD pornography waiting for you to jerk off to. Some of the content is not in HD, but it’s few and far between. 4KPorn needs to continue adding new content all the time (and leaving out poor quality porn when applicable) to keep visitors coming back for more!

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