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Porn is consistently at the forefront of technology. Human history has been affected by porn many times, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without it. Whenever new forms of print or digital media are developed, it’s porn that decides many of its features.


Porn is the reason VHS beat out Betamax, and DVDs still reign over Bluray. So, when smartphones began being developed, you knew they had to be porn friendly. At first, no one knew just how integral to society these phones would become, but it became clear pretty quickly.



Porn on the Move

Now here in the 2020s, more porn is watched on mobile phones than on any other medium. It’s just so fucking convinient. It’s always right there in your pocket, ready to be used at any time.



It also brought porn out into the public. As we speak, millions of men are watching porn at work on the shitter, at the grocery store on the shitter, or at the grocery store in the self-checkout line. It’s ready to go for you any time of night or day.


Men only a couple of decades ago would be so incredibly jealous of the modern age. They could never have imagined that it would be culturally acceptable to carry around a porn machine in your pocket. Well, it’s true, and all we had to do was convince bitches that it’s for work and games. What a bunch of dumb bitches.


If it weren’t for porn, I’m not so sure that smartphones would have been invented. I guess it’s fun to look up the weather in Paris, but in the end, who gives a shit? Without porn, smartphones are a curiosity at best.


I’ve actually been thinking of creating my own Porndude branded phone that only looks up porn, hook-up sites, and escort services. I’ll call it the Fapple phone, and it will become an immediate bestseller. Can you make a phone call on it? Yes, but only to phone sex lines. Can you play games on it? Yes, but only porn video games. Also, each phone comes with a copy of the original Leisure Suit Larry.


As watching porn on phones became more popular, sites had to start optimizing for mobile usage. While the previous designs worked on phones, it was clumsy and unintuitive. Much like the Million Dollar Man, they knew they could make the sites bigger, better, and stronger.


Nowadays, there isn’t a single porn site worth its salt that doesn’t optimize for mobile use. You might as well light the place on fire if you don’t because you’ll be alienating sixty percent of your traffic. You can’t make money on forty percent alone.


At this point, some sites skip optimizing for the desktop at all. Why bother? Sure, the site will be a little tougher to use on a laptop, but it’s not impossible. Besides, once a guy starts jerking off, he will be plenty motivated to figure out how to navigate the place.


That brings us to Fuxnxx. First off, I appreciate the name choice. Slipping in a reference to one of the most famous, or infamous, porn sites ever in your title is smart. They even take a couple of design cues from Xnxx, like the font and the boxy aesthetic.



Only Mobile

Fuxnxx is a tube site, and as I mentioned, it’s completely optimized for mobile use. You can get around the place on a laptop just fine, but it does look a little strange. There is a ton of empty space off to each side, and the content is displayed in only a single row.



They also keep the menu small so that it can fit on a phone screen in only one row. Honestly, it’s not even really a main menu. Instead, it’s links to sister sites that include Brazzers, HQ Porner, the mighty Xnxx, and finally Shoplyfter.


Down the center of the site is a single fat column of video thumbnails. Each is given a title and length. Finally, at the very bottom is a page counter showing almost four hundred pages of the stuff—that’s plenty of porn to keep you entertained. Just keep an eye over your shoulder to make sure no one busts you busting.


That’s it for site design. The place can’t get much more straightforward. Simplicity is bliss when it comes to watching porn on your phone. When you find the right bit of content for you, give it a click.



Pre-Fap Advertising

It’s here you will begin to notice the pop-ups. Unfortunately, Fuxnxx comes with no lack of advertising. Not only will you get pop-ups, but banner ads will appear in front of the viewer screen. You’ll have to click out of them to see your video.



Basically, anytime you click, ads are bound to propagate. Fortunately, the pop-ups generate on a separate window and do not remove you from Fuxnxx. That’s at least a small consolation. There are also ads that play before your content starts. After ten seconds, you are able to skip past it and finally see the video.


Scrubbing through videos can be made difficult by the ads also. If you want to skip to the good stuff, be prepared for some more click warfare. If you’re a whole porn kind of guy, it won’t affect you, though.


However, despite these advertising shortcomings, the site is still far worth beating off to. I’ll deal with a couple of intrusions to get to high-quality, world-class porn. I’m a fucking trooper. You can’t stop me with only a few Chaturbate ads.


With that said, let’s check out some of the awesome content on Fuxnxx. I’m sure my readers will love “Moms Teach Sex – Stepmoms First Mothers day Season 17 Episode 7.”


Things start with an absurdly large breasted milf in a blouse and skirt that have her tits and ass hanging all out. This did not go unnoticed by male co-star Juan Loco.


He can’t help but get himself an eyeful as Ms. Milf pulls some freshly baked cookies out of the oven. As she presents the cookies to Juan, she lifts her tits up with the baking sheet. I’m shocked she didn’t horrifically burn herself, considering they’re fresh from the oven.


After having some cookies, the milf makes her way to the bedroom for a change of clothes. This is the first time we get to see her gigantic tits. Good Lord almighty, would I love to pop one of those bad boys into my mouth.


Being the perv that he is, Juan followed the milf to her bedroom and watched her undress. Now he is hornier than he has ever been in his entire life. The fact that it’s mothers day has not been lost on the man, so he barges in and presents his stepmom with a certificate offering one free foot massage anytime she wants.


At first, the stepmom is upset that her son barged in, but who doesn’t want a massage, and she had already put on her sleepwear. So she decides to take the massage right away.


While the massage starts at the feet, it quickly moves elsewhere. He flips her over and starts to massage up her legs, and eventually makes his way to her ass. She has plenty of ass to grip onto, so he has fun lubing that baby up.


At this point, it’s obvious that Mrs. Milf is getting horny, so Juan makes his move. He pushes her panties to the side and slips a couple of fingers into her already wet pussy. She fucking loves it. Juan stays focused and keeps pumping away because he knows fucking this bitch is right around the corner.


Eventually, she can’t take it anymore and demands that Juan jam his cock deep into her guts, so Juan lifts her up into doggy style and start plowing into that pussy like the crops depend on it. She immediately starts letting out moans that tell him it won’t take much for her to cum.


Fuxnxx knows what men what, and they deliver it in spades. Men want to watch porn on their cell phones every minute of every day. Desktops and laptops are no longer kings, so they don’t even fuck with them.


My complaint about the place is going to be obvious. The ads can get fucking ridiculous. At times you have to skip past three ads before your shit plays. After ten seconds, they are all skippable, but that adds up to half a minute of waiting. That’s not fucking good Fuxnxx.


Despite those issues, I’m still a big fan of the place and recommend you head over right away.

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